'97 Ambassadors

Group photo of 1997 DO-IT Scholars

The following Ambassadors began participating in DO-IT as Scholars in 1997. They continue to pursue college and career goals and encourage younger DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors.

Andrew, '97 Scholar

Mobility impairment
Attended the Rochester Institute of Technology to study physics.

Amanda, '97 Scholar

Graduated with honors from the University of Great Falls with a major in communications and a minor in computer systems integration. Works as a freelance writer.

Jennifer, '97 Scholar

Graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of North Dakota. Owns a health and wellness business. Taking a braille proofreading course through the National Federation of the Blind.

Cynthia, '97 Scholar

Graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in economics. Works at NOAA Fisheries Science Center.

Trent, '97 Scholar

Attended Bellevue Community College.

Brad, '97 Scholar

Studied business at Northern Arizona University. Worked at Pima Community College as a business mathematics tutor.

Ben, '97 Scholar

Earned an associate's degree in design drafting and a mechanical design certificate from Green River Community College; working towards an architectural and civil drafting degree.

Justin, '97 Scholar

Attended college.

Michael, '97 Scholar

Spina bifida with upper motor neuron dysfunction
Graduated with a doctorate from the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies in political theory and international politics.

Alexi, '97 Scholar

Profoundly deaf
Graduated from the University of Connecticut with English and publishing degrees. Works for a survey sampling service supporting market research companies.

Karyn, '97 Scholar

Sales manager at Verizon Wireless. Married.

Shakethia, '97 Scholar

Mobility impairment
Earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from Mississippi State University.

Steven, '97 Scholar

Severe hearing loss
Earned a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Connecticut. Earned a master's degree in business and policies from the University of New Haven. Currently a management and funds accountant for a growing hedge fund.

Laura, '97 Scholar

Ischemic spinal cord injury
Earned a master's degree and doctorate in micro-electronics and photonics at the University of Arkansas. Received Walton Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship.

Keaton, '97 Scholar

Attended University of Utah and was pursuing a career in engineering when he died in 2001 after a battle with cancer.

Veronica, '97 Scholar

Earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard. Worked in the United States Senate. Graduated from Georgetown University Law Center. Currently an attorney at a large New York law firm.

Sharon, '97 Scholar

Visual impairment
Graduated from Portland State University (PSU) with a bachelor's degree in social science and teaching credentials to teach students with visual impairments. Teaches at the Utah School for the Blind and is pursuing a master's degree in special education at PSU.