2008 Ambassadors

2008 DO-IT Scholars

The following Ambassadors began participating in DO-IT as Scholars in 2008. They continue to pursue college and career goals and encourage younger DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors.

Yomara, ‘08 Scholar

Spinal muscular atrophy type 2
Graduated from the University of Washington (UW) Bothell.

Mack, ‘08 Scholar

Studying personal training at Highline Community College. Works at the YMCA.

Erica, ‘08 Scholar

Erb’s palsy
Graduating from the UW next June with a double major in biology and public health. Pursuing a career in medicine; worked as a research assistant at Seattle BioMed. Interning at Harvard University during summer 2014.

Russell, ‘08 Scholar

Asperger syndrome
Graduated from Seattle University. Aspires to get a job in law or law enforcement and currently hoping to intern at a law firm. Plans to pursue unemployment law.

Sam, ‘08 Scholar

Studies architectural design and drafting and plans to graduate in August 2014. Would like to pursue a career as an architectural draftsman.

Collin, ‘08 Scholar

Graduated from Shoreline Community College with a two-year degree. Now attends The Evergreen State College.

Emily, ‘08 Scholar

Earned an associate’s degree from Bellevue College. Studying to be a graphic designer at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Volunteers for the National Ski Patrol.

Derek, ‘08 Scholar

Nonverbal learning disability and dysgraphia
Attends college and is interested in political science. Went to Olympia to lobby a bill for financial education in math classes. Worked as a youth camp counselor and soccer referee and wants to be a band teacher.

Nejowa, ‘08 Scholar

Plays basketball for the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Plans on being a youth counselor.

Marco, ‘08 Scholar

Earned an associate’s of arts degree in chemistry and associate of science degrees in chemistry and biology. Plans to pursue bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, and a master’s degree in biochemistry.

Chris, ‘08 Scholar

Graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in history and minors in Spanish and religion. Considering a job in business or government.

Carolyn, ‘08 Scholar

Cerebral palsy and specific learning disability
Earned an associate’s degree in applied science in business from Spokane Falls Community College. Plans to attend the Baking Professional Pastries and Specialty Cakes program at Spokane Community College.

Christine, ‘08 Scholar

Cerebral palsy and learning disabilities
Received an associate’s of applied science in business from Spokane Falls Community College and a certificate in social media. Plans to attend the Baking Professional Pastries and Specialty Cakes program at Spokane Community College.

Nate, ‘08 Scholar

Learning disability
Graduated from California State University, Chico, with a degree in business information systems with an emphasis in management. Accepted a job with Hewlett-Packard.

Aaron, ‘08 Scholar

Interested in computer programming, math, science, and choral singing.

Wesley, ‘08 Scholar

Attends Everett Community College and plans to study psychology.

Erik, ‘08 Scholar

Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Attends Western Washington University pursuing a degree in political science and business. Has participated on Western’s debate team.

Brianna, ‘08 Scholar

Cerebral palsy; visual and hearing impairments
Attends Cascadia Community College. Hopes to transfer to UW Bothell for fall 2015 and major in Community Psychology. Would like to work with children or adults with special needs. Getting a service dog.

Shelby, ‘08 Scholar

Attends Western Oregon University, working to earn a bachelor’s degree and become an American Sign Language interpreter. Considering pursuing a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and eventually working with individuals who are deaf. Currently works at Ross Dress for Less.

Jeremy, ‘08 Scholar

Working towards an associate of arts degree. Interested in pursuing a career that involves working in early childhood education or development.