1993 Scholars

Group photo of 1993 DO-IT Scholars


Anna, ‘93 Scholar

Earned a bachelor’s degree in cell and molecular biology at the University of Washington. Was an artist, Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant, and black belt in Aikido when she died from cancer in June 2004. Received a DO-IT Trailblazer award the same year.

Eric, '93 Scholar

Visual impairment
Completed an associate’s degree in computer applications at Mt. Hood Community College, bachelor’s degree in marketing/information technology at Portland State University, career pathways certificate in computer information systems at Portland Community College. Working as contact representative at the Internal Revenue Service in the Portland, Oregon call center. Graduated from classroom training and on-the-job training.

Hollis, '93 Scholar

Cerebral palsy
Starting own business selling assistive equipment for wheelchairs.

Katie (Bonner), '93 Scholar

Hearing impairment
Earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington State University, and a master’s degree in physical therapy from Eastern Washington University. Works at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, as an inpatient physical therapist. Received second bilateral cochlear implant. Mother of two.

Lloyd, '93 Scholar

Hearing impairment
Earned an associate’s degree in electronics technology from Crowder College Electronics Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. Working on a bachelor’s degree, and double majoring in computers and forensics at Missouri Southern State University. Currently working as a front desk clerk in a 3 star hotel and has been working as a volunteer firefighter for 8 years.

Mark, '93 Scholar

Attended Big Bend Community College and Eastern Washington University. Was developing plans for an internet-based business when he died peacefully in his sleep in 2001.


Earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and computer science and a bachelor of arts degree in international political economy from University of Puget Sound. Is a software engineer for a startup in Denmark. Married and has three children. Living in Minnesota.

Mitchell, '93 Scholar

Spina bifida, Homer’s syndrome, thalamic pain syndrome
Earned an associate’s degree from Wenatchee Valley College and has worked as a professional recording artist.

Nadira, '93 Scholar

Mobility impairment
Graduated with an associate’s degree in computer information and technology. Works as a court interpreter for the Punjabi language.

Nhi, '93 Scholar

Multiple sclerosis, visual impairment
Works for Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind.

Rachel (Allen), '93 Scholar

Stroke resulting in right side weakness
Earned a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in applied psychology from Eastern Washington University. Earned a master of social work degree through an online program at the University of Southern California. Works as a crisis mental health therapist. Married and a mother.

Randy, '93 Scholar

Earned a bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College and a master’s degree in technology management from City University of Seattle. Works as a senior systems analyst at Transaction Network Services. Married with children.

Rodney, '93 Scholar

Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
Studying software engineering and psychology. Engaged in computer projects.

Ryan, '93 Scholar

Learning disability
Earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Seattle University. Founded Fleming’s Holiday Lighting, a holiday lighting company. Married and has two kids and owns a home in West Seattle.