'06 Ambassadors

Group photo of 2006 Scholars

DO-IT Ambassadors are pursuing postsecondary studies and careers. They share their experiences with DO-IT Scholars and Pals, encouraging them to pursue their goals in college and employment.

Image of Brandon
Brandon, '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm Brandon. I will be a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology where I plan on earning a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. I enjoy math, science, and computer aided design, which is architectural and engineering design on computers. I am hard of hearing and have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes it hard to concentrate. I also have dysgraphia, which makes it difficult for me to write. I do very well on a computer. I like to play video games, design things on the computer, eat, and hang out with friends.

Image of Brittany
Brittany, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Brittany. Writing and photography are my favorite things to do, and I want to pursue them on a professional level. I also like hanging out with friends, spending time with my animals (two cats and two rats, which I consider my children), and listening to music (my music library has a wide variety of genres). I will be a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology pursuing a degree in communications.

Image of Ryan
Ryan, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Ryan. I have a mobility impairment and get around in a power wheelchair. I am continuing my career as a DJ.

Image of Alex
Alex, '06 Scholar

Hi! I'm Alex and I am studying library sciences at Highline Community College. I have Turner syndrome and a nonverbal learning disorder. I like listening to music and playing on my computer in my spare time. I love working at the library and going to school. DO-IT has been a great help to me.

Image of Jenny
Jenny, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Jenny. I live in Kennewick, WA. I have already graduated from high school, but I am going back and attending Tri-Tech Skills Center to take part in an Early Childhood Education course. I plan to be a physical therapist or work with children, so this class should help out. I enjoy scrapbooking and hanging out with my friends. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Maria
Maria, '06 Scholar

It's me, Maria I will be a sophomore at Western Washington University in Bellingham. I love Western! This year at school I was involved in M.E.Ch.A., in an independent study class called Research Seminar Latino Education, and as president of a new club I started on campus called Student Coalition for Immigration Rights (SCIR). In SCIR we are dedicated to bringing awareness to the community about the struggles of U.S. immigrants. Our goal is to help them obtain a higher education and build a better future through workshops and community involvement. I am not sure what I am going to major in yet. I am interested in studying special education with a focus on autism, Spanish, and law. Whatever I major in, I know I will work with people and advocate for their rights. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Daniel
Daniel, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Daniel. I will be a sophomore at the University of Washington where I may study engineering. I have only one finger on each hand, but this does not stop me from doing anything. I enjoy math; playing the trombone, soccer, and basketball; making movies; and hanging out with my friends. DO-IT has been a good experience for me, and I think I will continue to learn a lot from it.

Image of Oscar
Oscar, '06 Scholar

Hello. My name is Oscar. I will be a sophmore at George Fox University in Oregon. I plan to study political science and music. I have big plans for the future. I plan to join a swim team and train to swim in the Paralympics. I would also like to coach a swim team and open it up to kids with disabilities. My goal is to coach at a level that will take me to different national and world competitions! I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Jennifer
Jennifer, '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm Jennifer. I attend Green River Community College. I hope to transfer to a four-year college to study psychology. In my free time I like to listen to music, explore the Internet, play on my computer, and hang out with friends.

Image of Jesus
Jesus, '06 Scholar

My name is Jesus. I'm from Mexico and I speak three languages: Purepecha, Spanish, and English. I'm attending Renton Technical College, where I am learning about computers and studying network technology. I plan to get an associate's degree and transfer to a university. I enjoy technology, and I see my future working in the field of computers. Music is my biggest passion. I like to listen to most kinds of music, but my four favorites are ballads, country, cumbias, and nortea romantica music. Some day I will have those four styles with my own songs. When I listen to music, or when I play the guitar, I'm in a different world. I would like to combine my love for music with technology.

Image of Joey
Joey, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Joey. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy and use a wheelchair to get around. I have a service dog named Brigs who goes most places with me. I attend Cascadia Community College. I participated in a language immersion program in Costa Rica last summer. I like reading and playing video games. Someday I would like to start a program similar to DO-IT to work with students with disabilities.

Image of KJ
K.J., '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm K.J. from Mt. Vernon, WA. I have a learning disability. I am a student at Skagit Valley College. I hope to become a meteorologist. I have been interested in weather my whole life. I once saw a funnel cloud almost touch down when I lived on Camano Island, which was pretty cool. I enjoy drawing maps, comics, and traveling.

Image of Tony
Tony, '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm Tony. I will be a sophomore at the University of Idaho in the fall. I have dyslexia. I love sports, especially skiing. I have been involved in track and cross-country running. One of my favorite things to do is just hang out, but, unfortunately, I rarely have the time.

Image of Taylor
Taylor, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Taylor, and I will be a sophmore at the University of Idaho. I have Asperger's syndrome, which makes it difficult to interact with people. I enjoy geography and math. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Amrit
Amrit, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Amrit. I have attention deficit disorder (ADD). I will be a sophomore at Haverford College (outside of Philadelphia) in the fall. I love playing jazz piano and listening to NPR's the Swing Years and Beyond radio music program. I'm glad to be part of DO-IT because it offers me connections that will help me in my future. I did an internship at the Department of Defense this summer.

Image of Gabe
Gabe, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Gabe. I will be a sophomore at the University of Washington. I would like to become a history teacher. I enjoy music, English, and history. I am missing the radius and ulna in both arms and the fibia and femur are fused together in both my legs, so basically I cannot straighten them. I am also 45% deaf. I have been featured in many news and television shows over the past five years. DO-IT has helped me advocate for myself and increase my communication skills with professors and other people in general. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Zachary
Zachary, '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm Zachary. I attend Seattle Central Community College. I have cerebral palsy, and sometimes my body does not respond the way I want it to and my motor skills do not always work as well as I would like. I enjoy history and mathematics. In college I am studying teaching and hopefully one day will become an elementary school teacher. I also like to read and play video games. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Sam
Sam, '06 Scholar

Hi. I'm Sam. I graduated from Shoreline Community College. I would like to become a therapeutic riding instructor. Horseback riding has been my hobby for many years. I am an active Eagle Scout with several Palms. I am in the Sea Scout program in the Mount Baker Council, and I volunteer at the Seattle Marathon every year. I also love to travel. DO-IT has given me a support system for help when I need it. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Kaitlin
Kaitlin, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Kaitlin, but people call me Katie. I have a learning disability and a seizure disorder. I graduated from Kamiakin High School in Kennewick. I am interested in math. I plan to go to college to study accounting. I like to play video games, listen to music, go to movies, write fan fiction, and watch TV. One of my biggest accomplishments is completing my first fan fiction work. I have also done community service at the demo dog park for the Tri-City Dog Park Society. I was a DO-IT Intern at Summer Study 2008.

Image of Nicole
Nicole, '06 Scholar

Hi. My name is Nicole. I lost my sight when I was four, and I am hard of hearing. My favorite subjects in school are computer programming, math, and science. I was an intern at Microsoft last summer and am an intern again this summer. I will be a sophomore at Stanford University studying computer science. I have a dog named Lexia, who is my first guide dog.