'00 Ambassadors

Group photo of 2000 DO-IT Scholars

DO-IT Ambassadors are pursuing post-secondary studies and careers. They share their experiences with DO-IT Scholars and Pals, encouraging them to pursue their goals in college and employment.

Image of Tasha
Tasha, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Tasha. I graduated from high school. My favorite hobbies are playing games, shopping, talking on the phone, boys, animals, and collecting cards. I have Cerebral Palsy.

Image of Jeff
Jeffrey, '00 Scholar

My name is Jeffrey. I graduated from high school. I attend a college for the deaf. My favorite sports are bowling, baseball, and skiing.

Image of Ryan
Ryan, '00 Scholar

I have Cerebral Palsy. I will be a junior next year at a state university. I am interested in political science and economics. This summer I returned to the Defense Contract Management Agency for a second internship. I was an Intern at Summer Study 2002.

Image of Raleigh
Raleigh, '00 Scholar

My name is Raleigh. I graduated from high school and now attend a private college, where I play football. My hobbies are singing in the school choir, at church, and in the community. I draw, build, mold, and dance. My goal is to become a professional singer. I have a learning disability. I thought that my disability couldn't be helped, but DO-IT showed me the light and opened doors for me.

Image of Nora
Nora, '00 Scholar

My name is Nora and I finished my third year at a state university. I am an education major and plan to teach E.S.L. or E.S.O.L. at the middle school level. Some of my other interests are computer and video games, horses, and the Magic the GatheringTM and PokemonTM trading card games. I enjoy talking to others who share my interests, so write to me. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Israel
Israel, '00 Scholar

Hi, my name is Israel. I moved from Mexico to America eight and a half years ago. I graduated from high school in 2002 and am currently attending college. I plan to transfer a state university in 2006 and major in computer programming. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03. I am blind and like to use computers, ride bikes, play guitar, hang out with friends, and listen to music. My favorite music is soft rock, and my favorite subject is English. I like navigating the Internet with my computer and chatting with friends on MSN MessengerTM. I use JAWSTM, a screen reader program that helps me access other computer programs.

Image of Brian
Brian, '00 Scholar

My name is Brian. This fall I will be attending a state university as a junior. I am considering majoring in communications or ethnomusicology. I had an internship at KISW FM Radio. My future career goals revolve around becoming a professional DJ and running my own nightclub.

Image of Ben
Ben, '00 Scholar

My name is Benjamin. I am entering my senior year at a state university. During my time there, I have participated with student government organizations, minority student organizations, and student academic/advisory boards. Also, I serve on a youth board for the Institute for Educational Leadership working to advance the position of people of disability. My undergraduate degrees will be in Political Science and Economics and will come with honors distinction. This summer I am interning at the Environmental Protection Agency through DO-IT's AccessSTEM program and the Washington Center working to improve and enforce environmental compliance in Indian Country.

Image of Jamie
Jamie, '00 Scholar

My name is Jamie and I graduated from high school. I attend community college where I am studying to become an x-ray technician. I like to play softball, watch baseball, and hang out with my friends.

Image of Andrea
Andrea, '00 Scholar

Hi, my name is Andrea. In the fall, I will be a senior at a state university I will graduate in June with a B.A. in Architectural Studies. I was an Intern in Summer Study '04.

Image of Corinna
Corinna, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Corinna. I work as People First Coordinator at the ARC. I have Cerebral Palsy. I was an Intern at Summer Study '02.

Image of Kasey
Kasey, '00 Scholar

Hi. I am Kasey. My favorite classes are history and science. My hobbies are playing football and basketball. I plan to attend a university, major in psychology and early childhood development, and get a medical degree in psychiatry.

Image of Susanna
Susanna, '00 Scholar

Hi, my name is Susanna. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power wheelchair. I will be in my fourth year at a state university this fall. I am majoring in Communications and getting my minor in Disability Studies. My hobbies are reading books by Diana Gabaldon, playing with my dogs in Spokane, playing The Sims 2 on my computer, and spending time with my boyfriend. I was an Intern at Summer Study '02.

Image of Deke
Deke, '00 Scholar

Hi, my name is Deke. I will be a junior at a state university. I went snowboarding over break. It was great. During the summers I have been working at Hungry Belly but this summer I completed an internship in Washington DC. I worked in the Department of Transportation and Security with the IT Department.

Image of Stephanie
Stephanie, '00 Scholar

My name is Stephanie. I am attending a state university for my fourth year this fall. I am interested in a career in Vocational Rehabilitation for persons who are visually impaired and blind. I have been working for the Bridge program three years. This is a program for future blind college students to experience life during their university years the summer before they enter their chosen college or university. I am visually impaired and use a yellow lab as a guide.

Image of Nick
Nick, '00 Scholar

My name is Nick. I attend community college, which has been terrific. I am in the culinary arts school where I am now working on my business plan after earning my certificate. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power chair. I am an avid Mariners fan and a Spencer mystery book fan. I am also an N64 addict.

Image of Nathan
Nathan, '00 Scholar

Hello. I am Nathan. I am a Boy Scout. My favorite academic subjects are science, history, and technology. I graduated from Cyber-school and attended college last year. I enjoy bike riding. I have Dyslexia.

Image of Nohemi
Nohemi, '00 Scholar

My name is Nohemi and I am Hispanic. I attend college currently. My hobbies are shopping, listening to music, surfing the Internet, and chatting with friends. After college I would like to get a job at Microsoft as a computer programmer, go to Mexico to visit the rest of my family and meet the famous Mexican wrestler, El Santo.

Image of Crystal
Crystal, '00 Scholar

Hey ya'll I'm Crys and I'm going to be a senior at a state university. I'm hearing impaired. I live in with my husband and one year old son. I'm majoring in social work with a minor in Alcohol and Drug Studies, I will also have a certificate in Suicide Prevention. I love music, drumming, running, and horseback riding. Take care and God bless!

Image of Gretchen
Gretchen, '00 Scholar

Hi. My name is Gretchen. My hobbies include mountain biking, volunteering at the YMCA, and rock climbing. I am outdoorsy with a knack for laughing and having fun with friends. I attend a state university. I am interested in science, specifically medical biology and athletic health. I am a volunteer firefighter. I am concentrating on becoming a paramedic or a rescue technician. I plan to complete college with a doctorate in medicine and education. I have a bilateral profound hearing loss.