Career Preparation Tools

Matching Skills with Interests

Online resources containing activities and information that can help you match your skills and interests with a career. Your school career center or local library may also have printed resources and/or software that you can use to discover your skills and talents.

Resumes and Cover Letters

A strong resume and cover letter can open the door to an employment opportunity. Many employers ask you to first send in a resume and cover letter. Then they select candidates to interview from the letters and resumes they receive. Without a well-written application package the chances of you getting called for an interview are low. The following resources can help you write an effective resume and cover letter.

Interviewing Tips

The following resources can help you develop interviewing skills.

Legal Issues

People with disabilities are often confronted with barriers to education, employment, and other aspects of their lives. State and federal laws have begun to break down these barriers. A key to developing effective self-advocacy skills is knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student and/or employee. Below are some resources that can help you gain this knowledge.

Labor Statistics

See which careers are trending with the Employment Projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Finding Jobs Online

Learn more about occupations, careers, job networking, internships, how to network, salaries, and more on our Job Resources page