Writing Thank You Letters

Sending a thank you letter to a potential employer, mentor, or an individual who may help you obtain an internship, is an opportunity to express your appreciation for their time and remind that person about you and your job interests. The letter can reinforce your qualifications, mention something that you forgot to say in an interview, and show that you are very interested in a position. It also demonstrates that you are also considerate and appreciative of the time they spent with you. The following information can help you draft a thank-you letter to someone who interviews you for a position.

What is the purpose of the thank you letter?

  • To thank the person for his or her time and for providing you with information about the job and the organization.
  • To demonstrate you know something about the company by complimenting the employer on the organization's plans, programs and any thing else that was interesting to you or that impressed you. Be sure to be genuine about this. This requires you conduct research about the organization, be attentive in an interview, pay attention to your surroundings, and take time to checkout display, signs and if you liked what you saw, say that in your thank you letter.
  • To highlight your qualifications that make you a good candidate for the position.

What format should your letter be in?

  • If your letter is very short you may hand write it. You could buy a simple thank you card and write a short message.
  • You could write a formal letter. Use standard, professional business letter format.

When should I send a thank-you letter?

  • Thank you letters should be sent within 24 hours of an interview, when it is still fresh in your mind and the employer's mind.

Example of a Thank-You Letter