2018 DO-IT Summer Study Schedule

Thanks for making Summer Study 2018 a success!

The following guidelines will help you move through the Summer Study program and gain the maximum benefit from the activities. This schedule lets you know what is planned, when to be ready and where to meet!

  • Plan ahead for rest, personal care, and other needs so you can arrive promptly and participate in all activities. If you require a schedule change, request approval from a DO-IT staff member.
  • Show your appreciation for the people who are contributing their time and talents to this program by keeping an open and respectful attitude.
  • Practice self-advocacy! If you require special disability-related accommodations in order to participate, request them from the presenter or a DO-IT staff member.
  • Complete assigned individual/group projects. Use time available during breaks and open computer lab to complete newsletter articles and other assignments.
  • Abide by all curfews and gather only in designated campus locations. In Lander Hall. The main Lander 4th floor lounge is reserved for us, but the main floor lobby is open to everyone except on evenings of designated DO-IT events.
  • Be aware of your personal safety during the program, both on campus and off. Always travel in groups of 3 or more that include an intern or staff member. Keep track of your roommate or "buddy." Let staff know if you notice your roommate, “buddy” or member of your small group has not arrived to the destination. Please follow accessible routes noted in your schedule.
  • Wear your (1) nametag/lanyard and carry your (2) room keys and fob, (3) meal card, and (4) Summer Study schedule with you at all times. In case of emergency, staff contact information is found inside of your nametag.
  • On your schedule look for the following major areas of focus for each activity:
    • Academic/College Preparation: Planning for college, securing accommodations, and exploring different fields of study.
    • Career Preparation: Exploring new and exciting career fields, and participating in work-based learning.
    • High-Tech Skills: Developing technology skills, learning about assistive technology, and designing a website.
  • If you have suggestions for additional activities to add to the schedule, share your ideas with any DO-IT staff member.