Department of Comparative Medicine

UW Animal Operations (AOps)

How to Login to AOps

  • Access Link:  AOps System
  • Login Credentials:  Use your UWNETID and Password.
  • Navigation:  After logging in, select the ‘Animal Operations’ tab at the top of the page.

Overview of AOps

AOps is a web-based animal management system that is integrated with the IACUC system (HoverBoard).  It supports the management of various animal-related activities, which include:

  • Ordering:  Submission and tracking of animal orders.
  • Census Collection:  Electronic tracking of cages.  Activation cards are provided and tallied daily.
  • Animal Transfers:  Facilitation of requests for changes in facility or ABSL status.
  • Imports/Exports:  Coordination and tracking of animal import and export requests.
  • Budget Changes:  Direct adjustments of budgets within AOps.
  • Protocol Transfers:  Management and tracking of protocol transfer requests.
  • Isolflurane Rental:  Scheduling of isolflurane rental directly through the system.
  • Veterinary and Husbandry Special Service Requests:  Submission and monitoring of special service requests.

System Support

  • Direct Assistance:  If you encounter any issues with the system, please contact for support.