Department of Comparative Medicine

Off-Campus Billing

Off-Campus Billing (22-XXXX Budgets)

A 22 Budget is a dummy budget which is used to charge off-campus budgets or POs for services or expenses incurred.

There is an 18.6% UW Institutional Overhead fee that applies to all billing to outside customer budgets or POs

If a non-UW budget needs to be used for payments or expenses, please use the following steps:

Off Campus Customers Include:

  • Any budgets that are not UW owner or operated. UW budgets are in the format XX-XXXX
  • Institutions such as Fred Hutch and Benaroya Research Institute
  • All institutions that are not located on UW campus or South Lake Union Campus

We recommend that off campus clients pay with a credit card when setting up the 22 budget to alleviate collection issues or late fee charges.

Questions? Email Animal Billing