Department of Comparative Medicine

Requesting a Budget Change

PLEASE NOTE* As of January 14th Budget Changes are now requested through AOps system. Please login to AOps to submit a budget change. The below information is outdated and will be updated to reflect the new changes to the billing period.

  • Current and Future Budget Changes

Budget change requests must be communicated to Animal Billing by the 24th of the month for processing during the current billing period

Please review the Budget Change Training

  • Already Billed/Past Period Budget Changes

                -The lab must contact the appropriate fiscal person in their department to do budget changes or adjustments for past billing periods.

  • Budget Changes for Per Diems

It is the lab’s responsibility to perform the following steps when requesting a budget change on for per diems:

  • Submit a request via AOps to Animal Billing
    Follow the instructions on the form. A copy of the request is sent to the requestor’s email.
  • Wait for approval.
    An email is sent by Animal Billing with approval to change the budget. Please follow all instructions in Budget Change Approval email.

It is the lab’s responsibility to update the cage cards and verify per diem sheets with information regarding the change

If the new budget does not have a per diem sheet, the Facility Supervisor will create a new per diem sheet. The new per diem sheet will be added to the per diem clip board in the animal room.  A copy of the budget change approval form will be attached, do not remove this copy.

**NOTE** The effective date is very important.


If the budget ends on 12/17, mark it ‘out’ on 12/17 on the old per diem sheet, and ‘in’ on 12/18 on the new per diem sheet. This is so you do not get billed twice for the same cages.

  • Animal Orders Not Yet Delivered

For Approved Vendor and Non Approved Vendor orders, contact Animal Purchasing  For Animal Imports, contact and cc Animal Billing for all requests.

Please include the following information:

                -Order Requisition Number assigned to the order by Animal Purchasing

                -The Budget to be used

                                -specify if this change applies to order budget, per diem budget, or both

Animal Order Charges

To change a budget for an animal order that has not been delivered yet please contact Animal Purchasing  and cc Animal Billing.

Please include the Comp Med Order #.

Animal Service Charges

To change a budget for any services, please contact Animal Billing.