Department of Comparative Medicine

Non-Approved Vendor Orders

General Information

A Non-Approved Vendor is any vendor not on the Approved Vendor List.

Please review How to Initiate an Animal Order for instructions on this system.

Non-Approved Vendors require special processing and will take longer to process and order, 2-8 weeks standard processing time. Please make sure all forms and information are complete when you submit your request to avoid delays. Please be patient as we process your order.

Examples of Non-Approved Vendors include smaller commercial vendors such as the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center (MMRRC) or the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The difference between an Approved and a Non-Approved Vendor designation has to do with frequency of pathogen testing, quality and security of facilities and transport methods, in-and-out traffic of animals (and people), history of outbreaks, etc.

If you are not purchasing the animals, or will only be incurring freight or shipment charges, please see the Animal Imports page.

Overview of the Ordering Process
1. Requester submits the Order Form via email.
2. A reply email is sent with the order requisition number. Please reference this number on any future correspondence. If you submitted your order on time and you have not received a reply email by Wednesday morning, please contact Animal Purchasing as your order may not have been received.
3. If you have been asked to resubmit your order, you have until 9am Wednesday to resubmit. Any orders that have not been resubmitted by the deadline will not be processed.
4. Animal housing is approved by Husbandry.
5. The protocol, budget, and animal ordering allowance is verified.
6. Animals are ordered from the vendor Tuesday afternoon.
7. If there are any problems with animal availability, the requester is notified via email.
8. A PDF order confirmation will be emailed to the requester once the delivery date has been confirmed by the vendor.
If you have not received your PDF order confirmation by 1:00 pm on Thursday, please contact Animal Purchasing.

Initial Required Paperwork to Submit: These should be submitted on the last page of the AOps request, in “Supporting Documents” once “Submit” command has been pressed.

  • Current health monitoring reports
    • Must not be older than 3 months
    • Delays can occur if the health reports are incomplete and must include Serology and Parasitology.
    • Please contact sending institution directly for these report
  • Quote or Invoice of the Animals to be purchased
    • Must include remit to address for sending institution for PO creation
  • Legal document (if required by sending vendor) such as MTA, TTA, Service agreement
  • All legal documentation must be endorsed by CoMotion. Please contact James Lowry at the Center for Commercializaton for questions regarding legal documents.

Incomplete or missing information will delay the processing of your order or lead to order cancellation.