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FAQS – Updated (1/28/2021)

AOps Cage Card Usage lesson

How to Initiate an Animal Order

How to Anesthesia Machine Rental (Video) – UWNETID Login Required

How do I get more Reserve Cards? – Newly Added (10/23/2020)

How to Transfer Financial Accounts – Newly Updated (04/09/2024)

How to Wean

How to Wean with a Non-Standard Cage Card

How to Move Existing Animals to a New Cage (Separate Animals)

How to Remove a Cage from the Room and Off the Census (Deactivate)

How to Submit a PI to PI Transfer – Newly Updated (1/25/2021)

How to Submit an Export Request– NEWLY UPDATED (04/15/2021)

How to Submit a Facility or ABSL Status Transfer – Newly Updated (10/23/2020)

How to Submit a Protocol Transfer – Newly Updated (10/23/2020)

Invoice Access for PIs – Newly Updated (10/23/2020)

Parts of a Cage Card

UW Rodent Shipping Checklist – Updated (10/17/22)

Veterinary Service Request: Guide to Isoflurane Machine Rental

What do the Different Colors of Cage Cards Mean?