Department of Comparative Medicine

Rates 2019-2020

The 2019-20 Rates can be viewed on a PDF here. They are effective July 25th, 2019.

For projected 5 year rates, please view the PDF here.

The chair’s letter regarding our rates can be viewed here.

A. Animals
Direct vendor purchases: These expenses should be covered by the F&A, per NIH & MAA. Invoice processing fee, to cover purchase expenses, labor = benefits
Vendor invoice per line item 0.00


B. Per Diem (Animal Maintenance, Centralized Facilities)
Cats 26.20
Chicken Brooders 27.60
Dogs 29.84
Ferrets 11.45
Finches 3.44
Frog Cage 10.36
Mice ABSL 2 1.66
Mice ABSL 2+ 1.78
Guinea Pigs 16.82
Rats/Hamsters/Gerbils (Standard Cage) 2.93
Mice (Standard cage) 1.187
Pigs 37.92
Rabbits 4.02
Rats ABSL 2 3.26
Rabbits ABSL 2 4.31
Sheep 17.17
Chicken brooders, frogs, gerbils, hamsters, finches, mice, and rats are charged on  a per cage basis.  All other animals are charged individually (unless otherwise noted).

Mice (Standard)    = 1 – 5 mice per shoebox cage

Rats (Standard)    = 1 – 3 rats per shoebox cage(depending on weight)


C. Per Diem (Animal Health Maintenance, Decentralized Facilities)
Aquatic Species (per system) 0.94

Aquatics can be fish, frogs, or salamanders


D. Veterinary/Research Services
Vet. Tech. Consulting (non-clinical) 46.25/hr Clinical Vet Tech Assistance, 30-minute increments, 30-minute minimum, charged when part of experimental protocol.  Includes technician salary & benefits, and standard charge for materials; materials not separately charged for most procedures.  (The cost of the preventive medical program and the diagnosis and treatment of non-experimentally induced disease is included in the per diem charge, and not charged separately.)
Clinical Vet Tech. 78.93/hr
Veterinary Consulting (non-clinical) 115.64/hr
Clinical Veterinarian 151.02/hr
Processing Fees Initial health screening and identification upon entrance into the facility and supplies is charged via clinical vet tech assistance or animal tech assistance, depending on the species. Animal tech assist. will charge for the ferrets, frogs, rabbits and chick/brooders. Veterinary tech assist. will charge for pigs, dogs, sheep and cats.
Animal Tech Assist 48.02/hr
Clinical vet. Tech 78.93/hr
Central Animal Surgery Fees Full surgery station, includes basic pack, anesthesia, one CAS Vet Tech, and animal prep, 30-minute increments.

Surgery station only, 30-minute minimum includes basic pack, anesthesia machine.

Note: Set-up & clean-up time will be billed separately via CAS Vet Tech Consultant labor.

CAS Station & Labor 136.54/hr
CAS Station Only 64.55/hr
CAS Vet Tech Anesthesia 74.72/hr
CAS Veterinarian Anesthesia 143.50/hr
CAS Vet Tech Consultant 40.76/hr


E. Miscellaneous
Animal Resource Assistance 48.02/hr Animal tech salary plus benefits; 30-minute increments, 30-minute minimum. This is for special requests & updating cage cards.

Driver salary plus benefits and vehicle expense; per hour, 30-minute increments, 30-minute minimum, wait time will apply. There is no charge for transfer of UW animals from one UW facility to another UW facility.

Actual vendor price (cost of item, sales tax, freight) plus 20% for admin fee

Transportation Services 56.79/hr
Supplies Cost + 20%
F. Rodent Health & Biological Monitoring
Import / Export & RHMP Services – LABOR ONLY
Import without Quarantine 100.02 Imports & Exports are very labor intensive and are only used by a small portion of researchers, so this service will no longer be supported by the per diems. Tier I is for domestic and Tier II is for International Export documentation.

RHMP Tech & Vet Assistance are for sample collections. Testing charges will be billed separately.

For RHMP diagnostic tests contact for current pricing. 

Import with Quarantine 308.97
Export: Tier I 81.13
Export: Tier II 199.55
Technician Assistance 94.85/hr
Veterinarian Assistance 126.84/hr
RHMP Pass through tests – No Labor Included

NOTE: Animals, services, and supplies sold to off-campus budgets are subject to an additional 18.6% University of Washington institutional overhead fee added to their invoices. All rates are subject to change without notice and final administrative review.


Necropsy UWVDL Histology
Group 1 Animals (routine group) 80.10/ea Please contact the laboratory manager for available tests, Consultations and fee schedules:
Group 2 Animals (intermediate group) 119.32/ea
Group 3 Animals (large group) 284.48/ea Kerrie Allen 206-685-3040
Routine Histopathology Exam 190.82/ea
Pathology Consult – Internal 224.77/hr
H. Other Recharge Center Services that DCM provides
Transgenic & In Vivo Services Rates In Vivo is for colony management and experimental testing for research labs.
In Vivo services 61.45/hr
Embryo Microinjection Services 4,358.97 Transgenic prices are per session.
Embryo Rederivation 1,201.32
Gene Target/ES Cell Electroporation 4,655.38
Embryo Cryopreservation 1,244.20
Sperm Cryopreservation 992.61
In Vitro Fertilization 2,221.15
Consultant fee 153.90/hr
Gnotobiotic Services Rates
Isolator per diem 5.60/care-day
Tecniplast per diem 6.04/care-day
Isolator set-up fee 781.19
Tecniplast extra cage 14.35/ea
GF Rederivation Service 6,790.75/ea
Swiss Webster GF mice 103.35/ea
Technical Serv. Support 37.36/hr
Advanced Tech service 61.26/hr
BSL3 & ABSL3 Services in SLU 7th floor
Facility room use fee 19.65/daily
Personnel entry fee 8.64/ea
General Technical support 35.22/hr
Advance Technical support 65.91/hr
ABSL3 per diem 4.70/care-day
Room decontamination 528.31/ea
Animal room use fee 19.65/daily
Autoclave processing waste 14.77/ea


G. Histology and Imaging Core Services
HIC Immunohistochemistry Cost Center Routine Histology
IHC <20 34.03/slide Routine H&E Slide 15.05/blk
IHC Bio Tech 45.26/slide Routine H&E Slide w/Decal 20.95/blk
Routine H&E unassisted 6.32/blk
Routine H&E unassisted w/Decal 10.73/blk
Routine H&E Bio Tech 21.35/blk
HIC Imaging Center Tissue Processing 12.83/blk
Imaging – Nanozoomer 53.32/hr Tissue Processing w/Decal 19.63/blk
Imaging – Nanozoomer (Bio Tech) 70.92/hr Tissue Processing unassisted 5.04/blk
Imaging – Deltavision Core 57.27/hr Tissue Processing Bio Tech 17.07/blk
Imaging – Deltavision Core (Bio Tech) 76.17/hr Paraffin Sectioning 8.35/slide
Imaging – Nikon 90i 24.68/hr Paraffin Sectioning –(+) 9.17/slide
Imaging – Nikon 90i (Bio Tech) 32.83/hr Paraffin Sectioning unassisted non-charged 0.53/slide
Imaging – Visiopharm 29.54/hr Paraffin Sectioning unassisted charged 1.33/slide
Imaging – Visiopharm (Bio Tech) 39.29/hr Paraffin Sectioning Biotech non-charged 11.10/slide
Paraffin Sectioning Biotech charged 12.20/slide
Cryo Sectioning 9.19/slide
HIC Labor Stain H&E 10.30/slide
HIC Labor Scientific Assistance 77.88/hr Stain H&E unassisted 1.41/slide
HIC Labor Technical Assistance 47.90/hr Stain H&E Biotech 13.70/slide
HIC Labor Biotech 103.58/hr Special Stain 18.26/slide
HIC Pathologist Consulting Please call lab for specific needs.
HIC Miscellaneous
Slide Box 50 16.27/ea
Slide Box 100 26.13/ea
Formalin/Decal Disposal Fee 5.75