Department of Comparative Medicine

The Department of Comparative Medicine’s (DCM) Animal Resources Program is the central provider of laboratory animal care and husbandry services within the University of Washington’s AAALAC-accredited animal care program.

The Animal Resources Program maintains over 200,000 assignable square feet of animal facilities across numerous vivaria throughout the Seattle area  and provides care to over 100,000 animals of multiple, diverse species (e.g., rodents, rabbits, swine, and zebrafish).  The Program is supported by more than 75 individuals who provide a comprehensive range of animal husbandry as well as facility operations and management services.

Researchers can reserve use of select animal procedure rooms and biological safety cabinets here:

Tables outlining personal protective equipment (PPE) required for use in each vivaria are accessible here:

Complete this Special Service Request form to communicate necessary changes to standard husbandry procedures that have been approved by the IACUC for your animals.

DCM-Managed Vivaria

Seattle Campus

Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF)

Center for Human Development and Disability (CHDD)



Health Sciences Building (HSB) 6th floor

HSB T-Wing

HSB K-Wing


Life Sciences Building


Adjacent to Seattle Campus

Northlake Diesel



Downtown Seattle


Harborview Research and Training

Southlake Union (SLU) 3.1

SLU 3.1 ABSL3 Facility

SLU 3.2