Department of Comparative Medicine

To retrieve invoices from January 12, 2020 back and the current invoices for HIC services with invoices numbers that have an alpha character after the “CM”, please follow this link and login with your UWNETID: Invoices

  • Department of Comparative Medicine now provides source documentation for per diem and services to departments and units electronically through AOps to their PI and Lab Staff listed on the related animal use protocol.  We do this because the PI and Lab Staff have the knowledge of the nature of the invoice details and are able to explain what the invoiced costs are.  Additionally, as invoices are generated each month, the AOps system provides notice to all PI and Lab Staff that invoices are ready for their review.
  • PIs and/or Lab Staff should review all invoices monthly in AOps as soon as they are notified that they are ready for review by the system.  For billing errors, please contact Comparative Medicine’s billing unit ( no later than 45 days of month-end close.
  • We want to make sure that you understand that the AOps system complies with UW budget reconciliation guidelines.  Since AOps is a UW system and source, PIs and Lab Staff can reproduce invoices in the system at any time, and AOps stores invoices for the length of time required by the UW records retention schedule.  As with other UW electronic systems meeting the criteria outlined in the UW budget reconciliation guidelines, transactions may be reconciled without physically matching supporting documentation.  This means that you no longer need to request and store paper or electronic copies of invoices outside of the AOps system.
  • In order for departments and units to complete budget reconciliation, they should communicate with their PIs and Lab Staff to obtain confirmation that the invoiced charges have been reviewed and either are correct as billed or billing errors have been reported to Comparative Medicine’s billing unit.
  • If departments or units choose to keep paper or electronic copies of AOps invoices for their reconciliation purposes, their PIs and Lab Staff listed on the animal use protocol already have access within AOps to provide additional copies of invoices to their administrative staff.  Department of Comparative Medicine does not provide additional copies of invoices beyond providing invoices to PIs and Lab Staff electronically, which are stored in AOps and accessible at any time to them within the UW records retention schedule.
  • If you have any further questions, or need further assistance with an invoice, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at