Department of Comparative Medicine

Approved Vendor Orders

Ordering from Approved Vendors

General Information

Approved Vendors are generally the larger commercial companies, which perform frequent testing and guarantee that their animals are free from a list of potential pathogens, including zoonotic agents.

Orders must be submitted by 11:59pm on Mondays in order to be received, at the earliest, the following week. Please review How to Initiate an Animal Order for instructions on this system.

Large Animal and NIA orders require more time to be processed and confirmed. Orders or changes for pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc, should be requested AT LEAST TWO WEEKS in advance. Vendors charge extra for any late changes made to large animal orders.

For the Financial Account in the smartform, list only the ‘Order Budget. The Order Budget # is used to pay the invoice for the animals. If a different budget is needed for per diem costs, you will need to request a budget change on the cage cards once they are generated in the system. Labs are more than welcome to contact the vendors for animal information and shipping costs. The animal cost, in most cases, can be found on the vendor’s website.

Any vendors not listed below are considered a “Non-Approved Vendor”.

When you are ready to order, please submit the request via the AOps system. The same “Order Animals” command is used for both Approved and Non Approved Vendors.

Please note: you MUST have a quote for costs and the health reports prior to submitting your request. These are required to be uploaded to AOps system when “ Submit” command is selected.

Overview of the Ordering Process
1. Requester submits the Order Form via email.
2. A reply email is sent with the order requisition number. Please reference this number on any future correspondence. If you submitted your order on time and you have not received a reply email by Wednesday morning, please contact Animal Purchasing as your order may not have been received.
3. If you have been asked to resubmit your order, you have until 9am Wednesday to resubmit. Any orders that have not been resubmitted by the deadline will not be processed.
4. Animal housing is approved by Husbandry.
5. The protocol, budget, and animal ordering allowance is verified.
6. Animals are ordered from the vendor Tuesday afternoon.
7. If there are any problems with animal availability, the requester is notified via email.
8. A PDF order confirmation will be emailed to the requester once the delivery date has been confirmed by the vendor.
If you have not received your PDF order confirmation by 1:00 pm on Thursday, please contact Animal Purchasing.


Approved Vendors List 



Approved Species


Phone # Delivery Day
Aquatic Research Organisms


Zebrafish 800-927-1650 T, W, Th
Charles River Laboratories


Gerbil, mouse, rat, guinea pig 800-522-7287 W
Charles River Avian Products and Services (SPAFAS) [] Fertilized eggs, day old chicks 800-SPAFAS-1 W

[ ]

Hamster, rats, mouse, rabbit 800-793-7287 T
The Jackson Laboratory


Mouse 800-422-6423 W
Marshall BioResources


Canine, Ferret 315-587-2295 T
Murray McMurray Hatchery


Day old chicks 800-456-3280 ~Th, F
Nasco West


Xenopus 209-545-1600 T, W
National Institute of Aging (NIA) Mouse, rat 301-496-0181 W
Pete’s Hatchery


Day old chicks, fertilized eggs 844-307-4777 W (available JAN-JUN)
Progressive Pig Farm Pig 425-481-0938 M
Rana Ranch Bullfrogs Bullfrog 208-734-0899 T, W
R&R Rabbitry (housed at HRT only)


Rabbits 360-652-7157 W
S&S Farms


Pig, Yucatan minipig 760-788-7007 W
Taconic BioResources


Mouse, rat 888-822-6642 W
Western Oregon Rabbit Company Rabbit 541-929-2245 W
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)


Zebrafish 541-346-6028 T,W


To find out about animals or vendors not listed, please contact Animal Purchasing.