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Grounds and facilities

For general information and links to appropriate resources, please see the Guide for Events on the Grounds of the University of Washington.

Grounds & Facilities Event Planning

Reserving an Outdoor Space on Campus

At least two weeks notice is required to reserve an outdoor space on campus. You will also be required to submit a Use of University Facilities form. For a complete list of locations and information, please see the University Guide for Events.

Tents/Canopies- Now Being Handled By Seattle Fire Department

Effective January 1, 2015, UW’s Environmental Health and Safety Department will no longer issue tent, occupancy, or flame permits! It will all be handled by the Seattle Fire Department. See this page for rules and regulations. See this page for fees.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to apply long in advance and pay fees. Give yourself plenty of time because the SFD is not as lenient as EFS when processing late requests. Occupancy permit applications are due 30 days in advance and cost $225, and tent permit applications are due 10 days in advance, and cost $248.

EHS is happy to assist you with questions regarding planning and safety requirements in advance of your event, or review plans prior to submittal to the SFD. They can be reached at (206) 543-7262 or via their website.


Contact Elizabeth Berridge, Special Events Parking Services at 206-616-8710 to help with your parking needs. To arrange reserved parking, see Special Events Arrange Parking Form.

Garbage & Recycling

For complete information, see the Garbage and Recycling Website. You can also email or call 206-685-2811 if you have recycling or garbage questions. To request extra containers, please use the Garbage & Recycling Request form.

Serving or Selling Alcohol

For step by step information please see the alcohol page here. You can also visit Frequently Asked Questions from the Special Programs Office, or contact Mei-Chun Woo at 206-543-9233.

To apply for a Banquet Permit online, see Authorization to Apply for a Banquet Permit.

Food Service Permits, Off Campus Caterers

Abebe Aberra  at 206-616-1623 or Charles Easterberg at 206-543-7209 if you are having a barbecue or food not catered by the University. See the Online Application for Temporary Food Service Event for information.


For general questions and assistance, contact Roberta Bustamante, Program/Events Coordinator, Facilities Services/Grounds Operations. Phone: 206-221-7819.

If you’d like to make the campus grounds look nice for an event (leaf blowing, pressure washing, tree trimming), contact Clarence Geyen at 206-685-3931 or Howard Nakase at 206-685-1407. Please allow plenty of time before the event. A budget number will be required for services to be performed.

Custodial Services

If you need extra cleaning for your event, you can contact the Venue Coordinator, or contact Custodial Services directly at 5-1500. For more information, visit Custodial Services. You will need a budget number to pay for services when ordered.

Signage, Sandwich Boards, Bike Barricade

To post signage, or to reserve sandwich boards or barricade for your event, contact Roberta Bustamante, Program/Events Coordinator, Facilities Services/Grounds Operations at 206-221-7819.
See Signs and Banners Guide for information and permit applications.

Power, Electricity Outdoors

To get power to your event, start by contacting Roberta Bustamante, Program/Events Coordinator, Facilities Services/Grounds Operations at 206-221-7819. She will point you to the right electrician. Please have a university budget number available for extra electrical services. Red Square has power available at the brick towers, in the tree wells near the food trucks, and in the wall of Kane behind the obelisque. Contact a university electrician before using any outlets.


FOMS (Facilities Operation Maintenance Specialists)
Emergency line 206-685-1480