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Phase 3: Program Observation

The third phase of the YPAI is designed to assess your implementation of APS 10.13 via observation of activities, discussion with personnel, and a review of relevant program policies, procedures and guidance. 

What’s involved in Phase 3 of the YPAI? 

You will arrange a time for OYPC personnel to visit your program and observe it in action. This site visit will last approximately 90 minutes. As part of the site visit we’ll take time to have a conversation about APS 10.13 and to answer any questions you have. 

Additionally, in preparation for the site visit, you will submit relevant documents related to your program operation for review by OYPC. The goal of this step is to give you the opportunity to evaluate your existing policies, procedures, training, and communication practices. This step should take approximately 20 minutes. Do not create new documents to submit that are not used in your current practice. Responses that accurately reflect your current practices will allow OYPC to better engage in deeper and more constructive dialog with you. 

Step 1: Scheduling the site visit


The site visit must be scheduled by no later than May 31. Keep in mind that OYPC needs 45 days advanced notice, so if your program occurs in Fall or Winter, for example, scheduling must be finalized earlier in the year. The site visit itself must take place by September 30, the end of Phase 3.

Complete this form to start the scheduling process. You will provide OYPC information about your program schedule and identify potential dates for a site visit. Include only those dates which will help OYPC see your program in action while not impeding your program activities. 

Once the site visit form is submitted, OYPC will contact you to finalize a date and time, discuss the site visit and how to prepare, and answer any questions you have. 

Step 2: Submission of documents 

You may choose who among your team participates in the YPAI, although it is expected that program leadership will be involved throughout the process. At minimum, program leadership must review content prior to submission. You may also want to involve authorized personnel or others who have a role in youth protection. 

When you are ready, log into the Youth Program Registration System and upload your documents. You may complete the document submission all at once, or complete part of it, save it, and return to complete and submit at a later date.

You can also see a list of the documents that reflect what OYPC will look for when reviewing your documents, here. Feel free to use this information as a planning tool or in discussions with your team. 

Documents must be submitted at least one week prior to your scheduled site visit. Please submit your documents to the Youth Program Registration System here

Step 3: Site Visit

We estimate needing up to 90 minutes to observe program activities and talk with program leadership (and, in some cases, staff).

Prior to the visit, prepare your staff by informing them of the reason for the visit, and who will be coming. Inform youth participants as well if appropriate. 

On the day of the site visit, if it will not disrupt your program activities, take a moment to introduce us (or allow us to do so) when we arrive so program staff and youth participants know who we are and what we’re doing. We are happy to observe activities, or, if appropriate, participate! You can see a list of the things we’ll be looking for here

Following the observation period, we hope to have time to talk with program leadership about your program, APS 10.13, the YPAI and any questions you may have. You can see a list of some questions we may ask here. We will not ask all of them, and may ask questions you don’t see reflected on the list.

Step 4: Feedback from OYPC

Within 45 days of the site visit, OYPC will provide comprehensive, individualized feedback (via email and in the YPRS) on your program’s implementation of APS 10.13. This feedback will encompass all three phases of the YPAI and may identify opportunities for future growth, resources of interest and other suggestions to help strengthen your program.

Following the conclusion of Phase 3 of the YPAI, you will enter Phase 4, a year without any new assessments that will allow you to integrate OYPC’s feedback and your own learning from the YPAI into your program operations before beginning the YPAI cycle again the following year with Phase 1.

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