Study Abroad

Funding sources

For basic information on program revenue types, see the At a Glance table below. For more detailed information, see the sections on funding types below.

At a Glance

Funding Type Administered By Application to Program Funds
Program Fees Study Abroad F&A Program fees charged by Study Abroad F&A; students pay directly in lieu of tuition.
Past Program Balance (surplus or deficit) Study Abroad F&A Automatically applied to program funds. Contact your Program Manager or Study Abroad F&A for amount.
Global Innovation Fund Awards Study Abroad F&A/Office of Global Affairs
or Departmental Administrator
GIF awards for program development administered solely by Departmental Administrator. Program enhancement GIF awards administered by Study Abroad F&A.
Departmental or Other Contributions Study Abroad F&A and Departmental Administrator Have Departmental Administrator contact Study Abroad F&A to coordinate application of funds.

Program Fees

Self-sustaining Programs

Study Abroad faculty-led programs are intended to be self-sustaining. Our goal is to end your program with as close to a zero balance as possible. Work with your Program Manager to choose a program fee amount that will generate sufficient revenue to pay for all desired program expenses without leaving an exorbitant surplus.

Program Reserve

In order to account for fluctuations in exchange rates and any unanticipated expenses, your Program Manager will work with you to include a reserve fund equivalent to 5% of your total program expenses. Half of this will be included in your field advance to assist with any emergencies you encounter in the field.

Student Charging

SAFA will charge your students their program and study abroad administrative fees via the Student Database. Refer any questions regarding charging to us at or 206-221-4404.

If your department is sponsored by CHID or the Foster School of Business, be advised that an additional fee will applied by your department for administrative support.

Program Balance

Past Program Balance

As long as the Program Director who led your program last has completed all post-program requirements, SAFA should have provided your Program Manager with the budget balance going into the current iteration of the program. If you do not know the balance of the last iteration of your program, ask your Program Manager or Study Abroad F&A Contact.

Program Surplus Policy

If you have a surplus balance at the end of your program, up to $10,000 will roll over to the next iteration of the program. Any surplus above $10,000 will be re-directed at the discretion of the Vice Provost of Global Affairs to promote new program development, provide student scholarships, or to contribute to the Global Emergency Contingency Fund. For more information on this policy, click here.

Program Deficit Policy

If you have a deficit balance at the end of your program, up to $5,000 will be applied to the budget of the next iteration of your program. . If you have a deficit of over $5,000, your Program Manager will work with you to strategize solutions for making your program budget whole. For more information on this policy, click here.

Global Innovation Fund (GIF) Awards

GIF Application and Administration

The Office of Global Affairs gives a certain amount of grants from the Global Innovation Fund to Program Directors developing new programs or augmenting existing programs. Applications are accepted each Fall. Access the application here.

GIF awards to be used for program development are administered by a Program Director’s department. Those used for existing program development/innovation will be administered by SAFA. Contact us with any questions about the application of your funds.

Other Funding Sources

Additional Funding Administration

Be sure to notify your Program Manager of any additional funding you will receive for your program, such as payment of salary/benefits or travel expenses. These will be factored into your budgeting.

If other grant funding will be applied to your program, please let SAFA know and provide us with contact information for the grant administrator. We will work with them to transfer the funds.