What is UWild Adventures?

Live curiously. Experience nature. Be wild.

There is no setting like the wilderness to inspire the wild in all of us. To be wild is to experience life outside of the comfort zone. To push, believe, and accomplish something previously thought impossible, or never thought of at all. Engaging in adventure enriches the human experience. The raw, natural landscape drives curiosity to understand the unknown, develops the willpower to take one step further, and inspires thought of travel, place and purpose.

There are many paths you’ll take in life, we will make sure a few of them are made of dirt.

UWild Program Tenets

(pronounced U-Wild)

  • Education
    • We offer instructional classes for the disciplines of: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, White Water Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Bike Touring, Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding, Wilderness Medicine, and much more.
  • Access
    • Equipment Rental – We offer a ever growing inventory of rental equipment for many different types of advventure.
    • Resources – Our knowledgeable staff can help plan your next adventure.
  • Activity
    • UWild offers a variety of activities to satisfy your thirst for adventure. From single day rock climbing trips, to multi-day bike tours. We are here to help you experience all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
  • Community
    •  Join one of the various student clubs associated with UWild Adventures:
    • Current Clubs: Climbing Club, Kayak Club (UKC), Northwest Women, Hiking Club
    • Interested in starting a UWild club? check out the clubs page for more information

Gear Garage Rental Center

Located at the Waterfront Activities Center, the Gear Garage has a large selection of outdoor equipment for rent. See the “Equipment Rental” page for more details

The Climbing Program

Facilities on Campus

  1. Crags Climbing Center – One of the largest climbing facilities on a university campus, The Crags serves as the hub of the Climbing Program. It houses many of our classes, rentals, and competitions.
  2. Husky Rock – The first climbing structure on a university campus, built in 1975. Located outside on the south side of Husky Stadium.
  3. The Climbery –  A space for classes, training, and competitions.

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