“Yoga and meditation have brought me balance, physical strength through the poses, and mental strength through the tools mindfulness has given me.”

UW Recreation offers yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and special events designed to support body, mind, and heart. Get ready to experience more moments of reflection, clarity, empowerment and connection in your daily life.


Our classes are open to everyone regardless of yoga/meditation experience, flexibility, or current fitness level.












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Mindfulness at the IMA

“I like the price and the instructors. I am new to yoga but it makes my body feel so great, I love it!”

IMA Logistics

Spring Schedule

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purchase Mindfulness classes

  • Student Options:
    • Purchase a class series for the quarter (all enrolled students automatically get an IMA membership).
  • Faculty/Staff Options:
    • Purchase a F/S IMA membership ($87.53) AND
    • Purchase a class series for the quarter.


Class Pass on Central Campus

“Having yoga and meditation classes all around campus makes it so much easier to invest in my wellbeing!”

To purchase your Class Pass follow these simple steps:

  1. purchase the class PASs  
  2. Click on the “Memberships Icon” and login using your UW NetID.
  3. Add “Student or Faculty/Staff Quarterly Class Pass” according to your eligibility to your cart and check out.

Class Pass Logistics

Spring Schedule

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All passes provide access to unlimited weekly yoga and meditation classes offered on and around central campus (not at the IMA building).
  • Class Pass (Quarterly) $35. The price of two drop-in yoga classes at most local studios.
  • Class Pass (Autumn, Winter, Spring) $90 ($15 savings off quarterly). ONLY SOLD at start of AUTUMN Quarter.
  • Class Pass (Discounted). $17.50. Please fill out this short application to be considered. You will be notified on April 10th if you have received a discounted pass. Please DO NOT purchase a full price pass in the meantime, as we will not be able to switch you to the discounted pass after the fact.
  • *If you are a Bothell or Tacoma student taking academic classes on the Seattle campus you will need to purchase an IMA membership ($58) to be able to purchase a class pass.


All passes provide access to unlimited weekly yoga and meditation classes offered on and around central campus (not at the IMA building).
  • Class Pass w/IMA Access (Quarterly).
    • Access to state of the art weight training and cardio equipment, pool, and a wide array of fitness classes.
    • Purchase an IMA membership at Member Services in the IMA ($87.53) AND
    • Purchase the Class Pass at the IMA or online ($50).
  • Class Pass NO IMA Access (Quarterly) $90.
    • To purchase the Faculty-Staff Class Pass (with NO IMA Access) please email normanje@uw.edu
  • **Spouses,+1, retired F/S, and alumni are not eligible for the pass at this time.

Signing Up for Weekly Classes

For specific building direction and room logistics view classes through our google calendar.
*For up-to-date schedule changes, FAQ’s, or to post a question join our Facebook Group


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Electrical Engineering Building Room 303