Faculty Senate & Governance

Tri-campus policy

Marcy Stein, chair of FCTCP

Marcy Stein, chair of FCTCP

FCTCP shall be responsible for matters of academic and non-academic policy between and among the campuses of the University of Washington. Faculty Code, Sec 42-46.

Chair: Marcy Stein, education – uw tacoma. Marcy Stein is a founding faculty member of the School of Education on the UW Tacoma campus. She specializes in the area of literacy and mathematics instruction for students with high incidence disabilities and for students who may be at risk for academic failure. She has been active in faculty governance both on the Tacoma campus as former chair of the Tacoma Faculty Assembly and as Tacoma’s representative for many years on the UW Graduate Council and Faculty Council for Tri-campus Policy.

Voting faculty:

President’s designees:

  • Anita Krug, interim vice chancellor – uw bothell
  • Patricia Moy, associate vice provost for academic and student affairs – uw seattle
  • Jill Purdy, executive vice chancellor for academic affairs- uw tacoma

Ex officio:

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