Faculty Senate & Governance

Academic standards

Sarah Stroup, chair of FCAS

Sarah Stroup, chair of FCAS

Faculty councils serve as deliberative and advisory bodies for all matters of University policy, and are primary forums for faculty-administrative interaction in determining that policy. Faculty Code, Sec 42-33

FCAS shall be responsible for matters of university policy relating to the academic affairs of the university, such as admissions policy, scholastic standards, university graduation requirements, and inter-institutional academic standards. Faculty Code, Sec 42-34

Chair:¬†Sarah Stroup, classics. Sarah Stroup’s research agenda centers on the textual and intellectual culture of the final years of the Roman Republic, especially as negotiated through philosophical dialogues and dystopian satires. Further interests include ancient spectacle and violence, advanced technologies of the ancient world, Mediterranean archaeology, and the epistolographic habit of learned communities. She also builds high power rockets.

President’s designee: Philip A Ballinger, associate vice provost for enrollment

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