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Teaching as outside professional work for compensation

Teaching at other institutions is not categorically prohibited. A determination is made based on the value proposition that the faculty documents in their 1460 form, as well as ensuring the activity is allowed under the University’s Executive Order No. 57 Outside Professional Work policy and supported by the faculty’s Department and School or College. Form 1460 requires signatures by the department chair and dean or chancellor first, then it is forwarded to the Office of Research for review. Approval should be obtained before engaging in the outside professional work.
The determination of approval is not based solely on the titles that faculty members may hold at other institutions, but also depends on the nature and circumstances of the proposed work. Faculty’s scholarship and research may support a request for teaching at another institution when it shows benefit to the UW. An example of an acceptable case with such support would be a situation where the faculty proposes teaching a diverse or a unique student population (that can’t be accessed at UW) in their field of interest and bringing back with them new student perspectives to inform their future UW teaching.
The outside work may not duplicate the appointment at UW, per the Washington State Ethics in Public Service Act (“State Ethics Act”), RCW 42.52. For instance, teaching similar content or subject matter at the other university that is offered at UW would be considered duplication. It is also necessary for proposed outside activities to occur within the time parameters allowed by the Outside Work policy and without using UW resources. Such factors support the principle of non-duplication of University responsibilities.