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Faculty councils serve as deliberative and advisory bodies for all matters of University policy, and are primary forums for faculty-administrative interaction in determining that policy. Faculty Code, Sec 42-33. In accordance with Executive Order No. 8, the Faculty Council on Research (FCR) is responsible for reviewing classified, proprietary and otherwise restricted research.

FCR shall be responsible for all matters of policy relating to research and scholarship. Faculty Code, Sec 42-37.

Holistic Mentorship and Creating a Positive Research Climate

Hosted by the Faculty Council on Research (FCR) on March 27, 2024. This one-hour event will feature a panel of UW faculty, staff, and researchers, with a focus on the importance of holistic mentorship in research and higher education, as well as UW resources for supporting trainees and faculty. With grounding in panelists’ perspectives and experiences, the session will touch on creating an inclusive research environment, challenges in mentorship, and wellbeing. This event is sponsored by the UW Faculty Advancement Initiative.

Export control and security compliance

Classified, proprietary and restricted research