Staff Mentors

Sheryl Burgstahler

My name is Sheryl Burgstahler and I am the Director of DO-IT. I have a husband, Dave, and a son, Travis, who are both dedicated DO-IT volunteers (especially Travis, who considers himself a "Phase XIV Scholar"). I have a Master's degree in mathematics, with a strength in computer science and a Ph.D. in higher education. I am an Assistant Director within Computing & Communications and an Affiliate Associate Professor in Education at the University of Washington. My personal and professional experiences with young people and adults with disabilities have taught me that low expectations and negative attitudes of others are the greatest barrier to success for people with disabilities.

Scott Bellman

I'm Scott Bellman. I work as a Program Counselor/Coordinator for DO-IT. I help students find challenging internships and jobs throughout the year. I completed a Master's degree in 1996. I am currently a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State. My discipline is cognitive behavioral psychology. I enjoy my work at DO-IT, which includes career counseling, writing, planning events, coordinating projects, supervising interns, mentoring, and of course Summer Study! My interests include performance art, camping and hiking, carpentry, and travel.

Dan Comden

I'm Dan Comden. When not serving as a technical nerd for DO-IT, I manage the Access Technology Lab (ATL) at the University of Washington. At the ATL we work directly with students, faculty and staff with disabilities who need to access computing resources.

Rebecca Cory

I'm Rebecca Cory. I am a Research Consultant for DO-IT. The focus of my research is on experiences of college students with invisible disabilities. I work on creating systemic change for accessibility on campus and evaluating how effective the DO-IT programs are. I have a Master's degree in learning disabilities and a Ph.D. in cultural foundations of education and disability studies.

Lyla Crawford

My name is Lyla Crawford. I am a Counselor/Coordinator for DO-IT. I work in the Spokane office supporting DO-IT efforts in Eastern Washington. I have a Master's degree in developmental psychology. I have a husband, Shawn, and a son, Joshua.

Profile of Marvin

My name is Marvin Crippen. I help with technical support, work on the DO-IT World Wide Web home page, and support the UW Access Technology Lab.

Doug Hayman

My name is Doug Hayman. I'm the technology specialist for the DO-IT Scholars, Pals, and Campers in Washington State. When not at work, I play guitar, hike, and hang out with friends.

Carole Isakson

My name is Carole Isakson and I am a Research Consultant with DO-IT. I've worked at DO-IT for the past few years while completing my Ph.D. in Education. My research focuses on literacy and academic success for individuals with physical and speech disabilities. In my free time, I love sailing, gardening, and spending time with my family -- especially my new granddaughter, Lily!

Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis

My name is Mike Lewis and I am working with the DO-IT staff this summer. I have a Master's degree in special education and I just accepted a teaching position working with high school students that have severe disabilities. My hobbies include traveling, cooking, and doing anything outdoors!

Michael Richardson

I'm Michael Richardson, Program Manager at DO-IT. I have spent my professional life serving people with disabilities, working in the field of vocational rehabilitation, human resources, and program coordination at DO-IT. I have a severe/profound hearing loss and use a cochlear implant. I received a Bachelor's degree in health science from California State University, Northridge, and am pursuing a Master's in public administration here at the University of Washington. My free time is spent with my wife and three children and riding vintage British motorcycles.

Lisa Stewart

Hi. My name is Lisa Stewart and I am a Counselor/Coordinator for the DO-IT program. I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I got my degree in psychology. I enjoy working in the human service field, where it is a privilege to meet and learn from all the amazing youth and young adults that I have crossed paths with over the years. I enjoy a good conversation, music, traveling, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Val Sundby

My name is Val Sundby. I've worked for DO-IT for the last few years on a variety of projects. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2002 with a degree in cell and molecular biology. Outside of work, I enjoy horseback riding and spending time with family and friends.

Terry Thompson

My name is Terry Thompson. I am a Technology Specialist for DO-IT. Prior to my work with DO-IT, I served as Coordinator of Assistive and Information Technology at North Carolina State University and as Coordinator of the Computer Learning Center at Independence, Inc., the independent living center in Lawrence, KS. When I am not working, you can usually find me hiking in the mountains, playing my guitar, or spending quality time with my family.

Tami Tidwell

Hi! My name is Tami Tidwell. I work as Program Coordinator/Counselor for DO-IT. My main role is to help students find and employers create quality work-based learning experiences. I look forward to working with the DO-IT Scholars during Summer Study. I was born and raised in Cowtown (a.k.a. Ft. Worth, TX). I have my Bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas Christian University. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with friends, taking in live music, shopping, reading, gardening, spending time with family, and generally relaxing.

Debra Zawada

My name is Debra Zawada. I started working at DO-IT in January 2004. My background is as a high school teacher and transition counselor. Outside of work, when not spending time with friends and family, I love to garden, create things, and take my dog Lena for walks.