Phase III Scholars

Group photo of 2002 DO-IT Scholars

Phase III Scholars are completing high school or transitioning to college. Throughout the year, they communicate with other Scholars, Ambassadors, and Mentors, and participate in DO-IT activities. Some become Interns in DO-IT Summer Study and participate in other work experiences.

Image of Ian
Ian, '02 Scholar

My name is Ian. I recently graduated from Coupeville High School on Whidbey Island. This year I will be a college frosh at the University of Washington. I'm interested in software engineering image processing, and other computer-related occupations. I hope to learn several programming languages including C++ and Java at the College of Engineering. The DO-IT program will assist me in world domination or in getting a steady job working at Microsoft, where I had an internship this summer.

Image of Saroj
Saroj, '02 Scholar

Hello! My name is Saroj. I will be a freshman at Bellevue Community College this fall. I have a learning disability. I am interested in becoming a social worker. I am thankful to have my mom (Fransing) in my life. She helps me be successful. I like working out, listening to music, dancing, hanging out with friends, and snowboarding. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004. DO-IT has been a really good experience for me.

Image of Leon
Leon, '02 Scholar

Hi. I am Leon. I go to Bellingham High School in Washington. I will be in the 12th grade this fall. I like to play on the computer, hang out with friends, read, and watch TV. My favorite subject in school is English. I'm interested in criminal psychology and working for the federal government.

Image of Mackenzie
Alexandra, '02 Scholar

Hi. My name is Alexandra and I have a visual impairment. I enjoy swimming, working with computers, knitting, scrap booking, and other crafts. I will be a freshman at the University of Washington this fall. I plan to major in biology. My career interests lie in medical laboratory work and, if I'm still feeling ambitious after four long years, medical research.

Image of Rima
Rima, '02 Scholar

My name is Rima. I will be a freshman at the University of Washington this fall. I have Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. I love reading, watching movies, and playing on the computer, especially on the Internet. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004.

Image of Chris
Chris, '02 Scholar

My name is Chris and I live in Carnation. I will be a freshman at the University of Washington this fall. I plan on studying engineering and aeronautics and living on campus. This summer I worked as an intern at Microsoft on the Redmond campus.

Image of Carson
Carson, '02 Scholar

Hi. I'm Carson. I have a reading disability and use assistive technology to compensate. I am looking forward to attending the University of Washington this fall. I will be taking pre-engineering and honors classes. I'm also planning to take lessons and play in musical groups at the University on my french horn. My major accomplishments this year are playing solo concertos with my school band and youth symphony and graduating as the top male in my high school class. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004. If any Scholars have questions about college life in general or specifically relating to disability issues please feel free to email me.

Image of Dale
Dale, '02 Scholar

I'm Dale. I have Cerebral Palsy. I have just graduated from Kiona-Benton High School in Benton City, Washington. I was a football manager for four years and also enjoyed choir. My favorite subject in school is law, and I hope to be a lawyer someday. I will be attending Washington State University in the fall and seeking a degree in Political Science.

Image of Angela
Angela, '02 Scholar

Hi! My name is Angela. I will be a freshman at Edmonds Community College. I plan to study psychology and music. I am interested in being a high school counselor and attending the University of Washington. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004. DO-IT has been a great experience.

Image of Amy
Amy, '02 Scholar

My name is Amy. I graduated from Burlington-Edison High School and attend a school for dental assistants. I love to go out with my friends and see everything there is to see in life. I have a learning disability that interferes with my reading and writing. I also have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which interferes with many things at school and home. I love to help other people.

Image of Silvia
Silvia, '02 Scholar

My name is Silvia. I was born in Mexico and I have lived in Royal City, Washington for 13 years. I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone or glass bones), which means that my bones break easily. I'm currently attending Eastern Washington University and pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in business. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers. I enjoy traveling, watching sports, playing on the computer, and talking to friends.

Image of Rebecca
Rebecca, '02 Scholar

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I live on Camano Island with my mom, dad, and little sister, Lisa. It is a really pretty place. I have a dog named Buck. He is a Golden Retriever—Blue Healer mix. I have a learning disability. I really like Anime/manga (Japanese cartoons and comics). My two favorite subjects are Japanese and Culinary Arts. This fall I will be going to Skagit Valley in Mount Vernon, Washington to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. Other interests I have are reading, writing, music, and playing on the computer.

Image of GImmie
Gimmie, '02 Scholar

Hi. My name is Gimmie and I have a learning disability. I live in Vancouver, Washington and just finished my first year of college at Clark College in Vancouver. I'm working on getting my Associates degree in business administration. I want to be in business, but I also love animals and I'm thinking of becoming a vet. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004.

Image of Scott
Scott, '02 Scholar

Hello my name is Scott. I am attending my second year of Cascadia Community College this year. The campus is shared with the University of Washington—Bothell campus in Bothell, Washington. I am interested in computer science and politics. I enjoy attending Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments in my spare time. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004.

Image of James
James, '02 Scholar

Hi. My name is James. It will be my second year at Evergreen State College in the fall. I'm going to focus on law classes next year.

Image of Jared
Jared, '02 Scholar

Hi. My name is Jared. This past year has been exciting. I was operated on twice and got a new lead for my heart. The doctors placed it right inside the center of my heart. It has increased my oxygen levels from 67% to 81%. I use my DO-IT laptop in all my classes at Columbia Basin College. I'm interested in science the most.

Image of Andrew
Andrew, '02 Scholar

Hi. My name is Andrew and I attended Cornish College of the Arts last year. I found that I am more interested in fine arts than graphic art. I have painted quit a bit this year. I enjoy being with friends and watching wrestling on TV. This summer I swam, went boating, floated the Yakima River, and visited the Oregon Coast.

Portrait of Ryan
Ryan, '02 Scholar

Hi, my name is Ryan. I participate in the Youth Leadership Forum. I completed my first year at Bellevue Community College. I am working on my communications degree. I hope to someday be in human resources. I am looking forward to some good job shadowing experiences. I was an Intern in Summer Study 2004.