Phase I Scholars

Group photo of 2007 DO-IT Scholars

Twenty-one Phase I Scholars attended their first DO-IT Summer Study session at the University of Washington in July 2007. They learned about college life and prepared for college and careers. Throughout the year, they communicate with each other, DO-IT participants, and DO-IT Mentors. They use the Internet to support their academic studies, and they complete projects in exciting fields that include science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and business. After completing Summer Study 2007, these participants graduated to Phase II.

Image of Peter
Peter, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Peter. I was born and raised in Walla Walla. Although my disability can limit me, it gives me strength in computer skills. I am a high school senior. My career goal is computer technology.

Image of Blake
Blake, '07 Scholar

Hello. I am Blake and I am a junior at River Ridge High School in Lacey. I have Cerebral Palsy. I am a percussionist in my school's band. I mostly play bass drum but have played other instruments, such as the gong and triangle. I am in Boy Scouts. I am the rank of Life and am working on my Eagle rank. I have a sister who is going to be a sophomore at Washington State University this fall. I have a dog named Krystal. I enjoy going to Starbucks Coffee and getting a Mocha Frappuccino, camping, and using the computer. My plans after high school are to go to either South Puget Sound Community College or the University of Washington to study forensic science.

Image of Dylan
Dylan, '07 Scholar

My name is Dylan. I have left-side hemiplegia, which primarily affects my left hand and arm. I go to South Whidbey High School and am a junior. I like technology and art classes. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and using the computer for Internet, chatting, and music. My main hobby is drawing; I'm a very good artist. In the future I hope to have a job that includes art, technology, and/or sound engineering.

Image of Robyn
Robyn, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Robyn. I am a senior at Shorecrest High School. I have high frequency hearing loss and wear hearing aids. My disability affects how I hear words and pronounce them. For example, I have a hard time differentiating between plural and singular words in a spoken sentence. In school, my two favorite subjects are math and science. I am graduating this next year, and I hope to continue my studies at a four-year college on the West Coast where I hope to study sports medicine or physical therapy. My dream is to work with athletes, to prevent and help rehabilitate injuries. During my free time I enjoy playing sports. For my high school, I play soccer, basketball, and golf.

Image of Stefani
Stefani, '07 Scholar

Hello. My name is Stefani. I am a junior at Sprague High School. My favorite subjects are music and German. I like learning how to play instruments and sing different songs. I also like challenging classes. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, play and/or listen to music, read, and doodle a little, and during the summer I love to swim. I hope to attend a four-year college and major in music. I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Image of Joshua
Joshua, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Joshua and I am a senior. I enjoy reading and playing video games. My career goal is to be a video game designer.

Image of Sam
Sam, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Sam. I am a junior at Nathan Hale High School. I am an insane sports fan who has also raised a guide dog. I have a recently-diagnosed mobility impairment, but I still love to play baseball, basketball, and football, as well as downhill ski. I hope to go to a four-year college and do something with sports. I went to Japan this summer for two weeks as part of a student exchange program through my high school.

Image of Ashlee
Ashlee, '07 Scholar

Hi, my name is Ashlee. I am a junior at North Kitsap High School where my favorite subjects are English, social studies, science, and music. I play the drums and enjoy reading, swimming, and eating ice cream. My career goal is to become a psychotherapist.

Image of Sam
Sam, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Sam. I am a junior this year in the PAL (Parent Assisted Learning) Program of Poulsbo, and I live in Kingston, WA. My favorite subject is art, because I like to create. I would like to go to college and study engineering, particularly aeronautical engineering, as I am interested in building and flying aircraft. In my spare time I like to kayak, write, draw, and experiment with art. I have strengths in math, though it is not my favorite subject. I enjoy music, playing the guitar, and would very much like to be in a band in the future.

Image of Cory
Cory, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Cory. I live in Poulsbo, WA. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and, because my dad is in the Navy, I have lived many different places, including Hawaii; San Diego; Rota, Spain; and La Maddalena, Italy. It was in Spain that my Asperger Syndrome began to greatly impact my life. In San Diego, I had made friends and had been popular among other students up until third grade when I moved to Spain, where I was bullied and teased because the other students could see that I was different. This made my years of school in Spain and Italy very difficult and lonely. Apart from my social life, my years in Europe were the best of my life, because of the places I got to go and the cultures in which I lived. To this day I still consider myself a European. By the time I came to Poulsbo, I had retracted into a shell to protect myself; but in my junior year I made two friends who helped me open up. They welcomed me into their group, and I was able to learn social skills I needed to function in society. I came out of my cocoon. I am now respected and admired by many of my classmates. I enjoy listening to metal music. I enjoy long distance running. I plan to study political science and work in politics.

Image of Melissa
Melissa, '07 Scholar

Hi! My name is Melissa. I am a junior at Woodinville High School. My favorite subjects are math and English. I have Spina Bifida, which affects my mobility and my motor skills. In my free time I like to watch television, use the computer, read books, and write. I plan to go to college to become an English teacher so I can put my love of books and reading to good use.

Image of Scott
Scott, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Scott from Anacortes, WA. I am 17 years old and am a senior at Anacortes High School. My hobbies are hanging out with friends and playing sports. My favorite subjects are math and phyiscal education. My extracurricular activities are tennis, soccer, and cross country. I have a learning disability called Dyspraxia, which makes it hard for me to take notes when my teachers are speaking or writing on the board or an overhead, so they make a copy of those materials just for me. I am planning to go to Skagit Community College to be a park ranger, because I like the outdoors and I like working with my hands.

Image of Megan
Megan, '07 Scholar

Hello. My name is Megan. I live with my loving family in Bellevue, WA. My favorite subjects are English and art. I enjoy English because I love writing and reading. I enjoy different types of art such as drawing, painting, origami, singing, dancing, theater acting, and Chinese calligraphy. I plan to go to the University of Washington, where both my brother and sister graduated from. I am not sure what I want to major in. DO-IT is a great opportunity and a fun experience for everyone.

Image of Corey
Corey, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Corey. I am a senior and live in Snohomish. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which makes my muscles not work very well because they don't get the protein they need. I enjoy using computers whenever I am at home-I usually play computer games. I also enjoy watching sci-fi movies or shows. I would like to go to college and become a video game developer.

Image of Shyla
Shyla, '07 Scholar

Hi. My name is Shyla. I'm 17 years old and am a senior at West Valley High School in Yakima, WA. I like to ride my horse, go on vacations to lakes and the woods, scrapbook, and hang out. I also regularly show my horse, Royal. In a car accident in 2004, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury. I missed a year of school and worked hard to catch up. I will be able to graduate on time with my class. I am still relearning how to walk. I use a wheelchair at school and the mall, but at home I use a walker or arm band crutches.

Image of Luke
Luke, '07 Scholar

My name is Luke. I am a junior at Curtis Senior High School. I have an organizational problem, but, mostly, I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). My favorite classes are algebra and biology. I am planning to go to Tacoma Community College after my senior year. I am usually shy. I do socialize when I know someone but am usually nervous when using the phone or doing something that is not very comfortable for me.

Image of Sara
Sara, '07 Scholar

Hi, my name is Sara and I am a senior at Mountlake Terrace High School. I have a visual impairment. I love to write stories, and I am into poems. I am not as good at math, science, or computers. I am here at DO-IT to learn more about all of these areas and improve my skills.

Image of Heidi
Heidi, '07 Scholar

Hi, my name is Heidi. I live in the Woodinville/Redmond area. My favorite subjects are English and history, and I plan to study library science in college, as well as take English, creative writing, and comparative literature courses. I would like to become a published writer and/or a librarian. I enjoy running track and cross country for Redmond High School. I have a disability called Asperger Syndrome. It is part of the autism spectrum, which is rare in females. I had one poem published in sixth grade. My interests include Asian culture, comedy, writing of all kinds, and anime. I am looking forward to DO-IT helping me to increase my technical proficiency, which will help me achieve my literary aspirations.