In Memory of Joshua

Profile of Joshua

Joshua, '03 Scholar, passed away on May 31, 2008. He lived his life full of positive energy as he battled cancer for sixteen months. Josh cherished his family and friends and enthusiastically engaged in sports, including basketball, swimming, and baseball. He also excelled in academic studies at Cascadia Community College and Landmark College where he was pursing a degree in education. He received an honorary degree from Landmark College in 2008.

We will always remember Josh's positive attitude and enthusiasm in everything he did. He worked tirelessly as a DO-IT Intern during Summer Study 2006 and was always focused on making sure that the new Scholars felt welcome. Josh showed a genuine interest in developing friendships and serving as a mentor for younger Scholars, and he will be missed by the DO-IT family.

Demon On Wheels

by Joshua Niklason

What image would you want permanently etched on your body?

Piercing pictures with individual sacred histories.

Scrawled figures concealing special tales only you can tell.

Iconic affections, personal characteristics, abstract illustrations, unique nicknames.

"Demon On Wheels" Fierce, hellish beast abundance of boiling frustration.

Fiery red eyes staring devilishly at surrounding emptiness.

Hideous fangs hidden within an evil smirk of death.

This monster creates fresh skid marks teasingly tickling your sense of smell.

Growing ferocious flames follows fresh tire tracks formed by a manual wheelchair!

This creature is eternally triumphant at any task disregarding limitations and other opinions.

The greatest fuel feeding this animal's infatuation for endless achievement is energetic determination willingness to try anything.

This is the design I would want stamped to my skin forever.

Visually depicting my soul.

"Demon On Wheels"

This silent symbol constantly echoes evidence of infinite physical strength everlasting enthusiasm.