DO-IT Volunteer Career Mentors

Mentors encourage DO-IT Scholars, Ambassadors, and Pals as they pursue academic programs and careers. Some Mentors are still in college; others are pursuing careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Most have disabilities themselves. They share valuable experiences, insights, and resources with younger participants.

Sue Yasuko Abe
Cerebral Palsy
Youth Services Coordinator
Center for Independent Living

John Armstrong
Post-Polio quadriplegic

Sean Barrett
Mobility impairment
Independent Living Center Manager
Washington Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities

Kevin Berg
Cerebral Palsy
Motivational Speaker

Arthur Blaser
Hemiplegia, brain injury, impaired speech from stroke
Professor of Political Science

Karen L. Braitmayer, AIA
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Architect, Business Owner
Studio Pacifica, Ltd.

Roger Bruland
Emergency Medical Technician

Ben Brynildsen
Learning disability
Career Advisor at Boeing

Len Burns
Computer Consultant
Sasquatch Computer Services

Wendy Chisholm
Web Accessibility Engineer
World Wide Web Consortium

Frank Cuta
Electrical Engineer
Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs

Don Daughtry
Visual impairment
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Diedrich
Spina Bifida
Technical College (student)

Thomas Dreschel
Biologist/Science Education Coordinator
Kennedy Space Center

Dr. Imke Durre
Physical Scientist
NOAA National Climatic Data Center

John Gardner
President and CEO, ViewPlus Technologies

Marni Goldman
Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Education Director for Science Research

Julie Grant
Paraplegic, Spinal Cord Injury (level L4)

Roger Harris
Stroke, kidney failure
Associate Professor of Neuroanatomy

Ted Henter
President, Henter Math, LLC

Dr. Todd Heywood
Hearing impairment
Computer Specialist
IBM Power Parallel Systems

Dr. Mamoru Iwabuchi
Asst. Professor

Sungeeta Jain
Law Clerk
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Ed Keller
Diabetes, mobility impairment
Professor, Biology Environmental Science

Mark Koontz
Traumatic Brain Injury, asthma
Writer, Artist

Douglas Lefever
Cerebral Palsy
Life Instructor

Dean Martineau
Math Tutor, Internet Resources Assistant

Robert F. McKellar
Spina Bifida
Author, Educator, and Counselor

Jennifer Mundl
C1-Ventilator dependent quadriplegia
Assistive Technology Specialist
Courage Center Rehabilitation Facility

Bruce Parks
Hearing impairment
School Improvement Coordinator

Dr. Gay Lloyd Pinder
Program Director and Speech Language Pathologist
Children's Therapy Center

Ed Pottharst
Neighborhood District Coordinator

Tracy Rackensperger
Cerebral Palsy
Prentke Romich Company

Michael Richardson
Hearing impairment
University of Washington
Human Resources

Andrew Riggle
Cerebral Palsy
Graduate Student

James Ryan

Will Schell
Low vision
Disabled Student Services Support Staff

Greg Smith
C-5 quadriplegia
Software Design Engineer

Carole Snyder
Cerebral Palsy
Software Programmer/Technical Writer

Keith Stegbauer

Vicki Stemper-Allen
Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator

Virginia Stern
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Bill Taylor
Retired Software Engineer

Aimee Verrall
Research Coordinator
Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center

Dr. Paul Zaveruha