DO-IT Mentors

Mentors encourage DOIT Scholars, Ambassadors, and Pals as they pursue academic programs and careers. Most Mentors have disabilities themselves. They share valuable experiences, insights, and resources with younger participants. Mentors communicate with each other by sending messages to The entire group of Mentors, Pals, Scholars, and Ambassadors are reached by sending messages to

Adanna Abakporo
Youth Summer Program Coordinator
Open Doors for Multicultural Families

Elita Baldridge

Kevin Berg
Cerebral palsy
Fouder and Head Tech
CompuPane, LLC 

Anindya “Bapin” Bhattacharyya
Coordinator of National Outreach Technology Development and Training Program
Helen Keller National Center
CEO of Bapin Group, LLC

Martha Bosma
Professor of Biology
University of Washington

Karen L. Braitmayer
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Architect, business owner
Karen Braitmayer, FAIA

Gina Ceylan
Visual impairment
Ph.D. candidate
University of Missouri

Wendy Chisholm
Senior accessibility strategist

Rebecca Cory
Learning disability
Associate dean of instruction
Bellevue College

Frank Cuta
Electrical engineer
Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs

Don Daughtry
Visual impairment
Assistant professor
University of North Dakota

Imke Durre
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climatic Data Center

Sal Edwards

Kings Floyd

John Gardner
President and CEO
ViewPlus Technologies

Kajari Ghosh Dastidar
Computer scientist 

Molly Gilmore
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

John Goettle

Marni Goldman
Spinal muscular atrophy
Educational director

Julie Grant
Paraplegic, L2 spinal cord injury
Ocupational therapist

Roger Harris
Stroke, kidney failure
Associate professor emeritus, retired
University of Washington, School of Medicine

Morgan Hiraiwa

Erich Ho
Cerebral palsy

Mamoru Iwabuchi
Associate professor
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
University of Tokyo

Sungeeta Jain
The Orphan Project, India

Abid Kapadya
Project manager

Joshua Lessing
Founder and director
Soft Robotics, Inc.

Karen Liu
Statistical research associate
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Sara Lopez
Program administrator and lecturer
University of Washington, Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Program

Kevin Lybarger
University of Washington

Jennifer Mankoff
Computer science professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Robert F. McKellar
Spina bifida
Author of An Accident of Birth, educator, and counselor

Theresa Mina
Learning disability
Academic advisor

Stephanie Moore
Project scientist
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Jennifer Mundl
C1-ventilator dependent, quadriplegia
Assistive technology specialist
Courage Center Rehabilitation Facility

Tuan (Brandon) Nguyen

Monica Olsson
Cerebral palsy
Coordinator of disability support services and academic counselor
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Ray Parker

Bruce Parks
Hearing impairment
School improvement coordinator
Vermont Department of Education

Gay Lloyd Pinder
Program director and speech language pathologist
Children’s Therapy Center

Tracy Rackensperger
Cerebral palsy
Outreach coordinator
University of Georgia

Charity Ranger
Friedreich’s ataxia
Independent Living program staff
Alliance of People with disAbilities

Sally Richards
Workforce specialist, disability program
Northwest Employment and Training Center

Michael Richardson
Northwest Americans with Disabilities Act Center

Keith Routley
Museum curator/division chief

Tracy Schramm Peterson
Mobility impairment
Computer science, Spanish major
Southwest State University

Eva-Marie Seeto
Director, Student Life and Learning
University of the Sunshine Coast

Marcia Sipe-Dan
Post traumatic stress disorder and brain damage
Vocational rehabilitation counselor
OSC Vocational Systems

Greg Smith
C-5 quadriplegia
Principle research software development engineer

Carole Snyder
Cerebral palsy
Software developer engineer

Val Sundby-Thorp
Dean for social science and business
South Puget Sound Community College

Aimee Verrall
Research coordinator
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Washington

Jennifer Weisbart-Moreno

Vasanth Williams
Software engineer

Paul Zaveruha