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2018 Scholars

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Phase III Scholars are completing high school or transitioning to college. Some become Interns at DO-IT Summer Study and participate in other work experiences. Phase III Scholars have attended multiple Summer Studies and shared in many classes, events, and activities.

Abby, ‘18 Scholar

Hello! My name is Abby Sanderson, and I am from Seattle. I am part of the business leadership program at the University of Puget Sound. I am a huge dog lover and massive fan of LEGO. My disabilities are dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, severe food allergies, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder.

Cheyann, ‘18 Scholar

Hello, my name is Cheyann Purjue. I really like to learn about technology. In the past, I have studied computer applications and worked with programming LEGO MINDSTORMS. My favorite sports are power lifting and ballet. I am very interested in music, and I play ukulele, guitar, and piano. I love to sing and dance. I love cats, horses, Disney, toys, and sparkles. I want to become a tech support worker for Apple, radio broadcaster, or language interpreter. I participated in Running Start and graduated this year.

Dean, ‘18 Scholar

I’m Dean Hussey, and I attend Central Washington University’s theater design and production program. My disability is an autism spectrum disorder—an obstacle I work hard to get around and a gift that helps make me uniquely creative. My primary hobbies are creative writing, drawing anime-style art, and electronically composing music (check out Razorrekker on SoundCloud). I also enjoy being a sound tech for the local community theater and creating glitter tattoos. With luck, one day you’ll see my name in the film credits for composing a fantastic musical score! In 2019, I graduated from Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School in Winthrop, Washington

Dillen, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! My name is Dillen Fullagar. I graduated from Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie. I have cerebral palsy. My favorite pastimes are reading about current events, talking with friends, and playing computer games. I’m very social so don’t be afraid to talk to and give me a high-five! I’ve taken multiple Advanced Placement level classes in my major of computer science. I plan to attend college online.

Finn, ‘18 Scholar

Hello, my name is Finnegan Kurtz. I am from Bellingham, Washington and attend Western Washington University. I am majoring in history, and I am also interested in film and journalism. My other interests include writing, piano, and drawing. I have a neuromuscular disorder called Nemaline Myopathy. I returned as an Ambassador during Summer Study 2021.

Ian, ‘18 Scholar

I am Ian Shea, and I am deaf. I attend the University of Washington Bothell. I am striving to graduate with a degree focused on aerospace. The majority of my free time is spent keeping in touch with my close friends and sketching technical armored and aerospace concept vehicles; this mostly includes my idea of what a vehicle and its performance would be like with technologies of past eras between 1941 and present day. I enjoy doing this while blasting excessive amounts of music by Groundbreaking.

Iris (Torin), ‘18 Scholar

I’m actually going by Iris Petke now. This past year, I attended Seattle University. I placed first in a public speaking competition with a speech on universal design. My disability relates to the after-effects of cancer. 

Izzy, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! I am Izzy Hammett. I graduated from Port Townsend High School and attend Seattle Pacific University. I have dyslexia. My favorite classes are English and science. I play basketball and volleyball. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and exploring our town. I also love long walks on the beach. I hope to be a mental health counselor or a sports psychologist.

Jeremy, ‘18 Scholar

Hi, my name is Jeremy Diez-Luckie. I have autism, epilepsy, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, a heart murmur, and am pre-diabetic. I am working full time. My dream in life is to become an auto mechanic. I also want to become famous with my rock band.

Josh, ‘18 Scholar

My name is Josh Anderson, and this year I’ll be a sophomore in the Colorado University Boulder Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering partnership program at Western Colorado University. I’ve been super busy, but I’ve been working on a few personal projects to keep me active when I’m not stressing out about exams or homework. Currently, I’m working on converting a rubber band-powered wood airplane into electric remote control power. When not making something or studying, I’m usually either reading or going to the gym. If you have any questions about college or mechanical engineering with or without a physical disability, feel free to reach out to me!

Kade, ‘18 Scholar

My name is Kade Getzinger. I graduated from Stanwood High in June 2020. I attend His Hill Bible School in Texas. After finishing at His Hill, my plan is to be part of the electrician apprenticeship program at Skagit Valley College. For three years I lived in Sumatra, Indonesia, where my parents were teachers. Spending time in other parts of the world has given me an appreciation for pursuing adventures, exploring new things, and interacting with different cultures and people. Even though I love traveling outside of the United States, my favorite place to travel is Disneyland during the Christmas season. My favorite sport is tennis, but I also like to play basketball. I like working with my hands and being creative. I also have a strong faith and am active in my church youth group. I have gone on several mission trips back to help children at an orphanage in Sumatra. My favorite school subjects are science, creative writing, and storytelling.

Maribel, ‘18 Scholar

Hi, my name is Maribel Rivera. I attend community college and was Omak High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) treasurer. I enjoy math classes. I have cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

Nathan, ‘18 Scholar

I am Nathan Templeman. I graduated from Edmonds-Woodway High School and am now attending college. I live in Seattle. I am a deaf person, and my favorite subjects are English and history. I am currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology, improving in my skill in drawing, which will be an essential skill for my future potential career. I am applying to interior design for the fall.

Oksana, ‘18 Scholar

My name is Oksana Buntylo. I graduated from Lindbergh High School and currently am attending Green River Community College. I am working on earning an associate degree. I like hanging out outside, going on walks with my family, camping, playing with my dog Max (an American Eskimo), socializing, and going on vacation. When I graduate from college, I want to become an administrative assistant.

Rebekah, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! My name is Rebekah Solis. I graduated from Zillah High School where I enjoyed studying language arts and math. I have studied at Heritage University. I hope to be a counselor. I have a learning disability.