2017 Scholars

Group photo


Alex, ‘17 Scholar

Hello, my name is Alexander. I have been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy for 14 years. My time in DO-IT gave me the confidence to go into the Running Start program, and I graduated from high school with an associate degree. I attend Middle Tennessee State University. I intend to pursue a future in law and public administration.

Anna, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Anna. I graduated from Issaquah High School, where I participated in the National Honors Society and Strong4Sam Club. I want to start a club to support Camp Goodtimes, a pediatric oncology camp. I hope to pursue a career that allows me to help people. I also like to play the piano and have learned to play by ear. I am attending Brown University. I did an internship at the Center for Neurotechnology (CNT) at the University of Washington in the summer of 2019.

Camilo, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Camilo. My life goal is to work for a successful company, like Microsoft or Google, and to live as luxuriously as possible. I graduated from Spanaway Lake High School and have been working post-high school. I am a substitute paraeducator for Bethel Schools. I like sports, specifically basketball and football. My favorite basketball player is LeBron James.

Desmond, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Desmond. I graduated from The Center School. I enjoy watching films and skateboarding. I have issues with speech and language. Last summer, I worked at All Together Skatepark and went to Portland to work for Skate Like A Girl.

Emma, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Emma. I am from Seattle, Washington. I graduated from Ballard High School. I have dyslexia, apraxia of speech, right sided hemiparesis, strabismus/amblyopia, and Scheuermann’s Disease, which causes chronic back pain. I use assistive technology for reading and writing text. I attend Western Washington University. I am pre-majoring in manufacturing engineering. I also play for Western’s ultimate frisbee team, The Nyx. When I am not studying, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, camping with my family, playing card games, and hanging out with my friends.

Hayley, ‘17 Scholar

Hello, my name is Hayley. I graduated from Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, Washington. I graduated from cosmetology school and will be attending Western Governors University to earn a degree in special education. I had surgery at the age of six due to cerebral cavernous malformation. I enjoy dancing, creating choreography, tumbling, and listening to music.

Jane, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Jane (Janey). I graduated from Middle College High School. My favorite subjects are art and theater. I hope to become an actress, singer, or teach children to ride horses. I love to draw, sing, and dance.

Jono, ‘17 Scholar

I’m Jono, and I have lived in Seattle my whole life. I graduated from The Northwest School, where I enjoyed studying the humanities. I now attend Seattle University. I love sports and cats. I have cerebral palsy.

Jordan, ‘17 Scholar

Hello, my name is Jordan. I graduated from Mount Si High School. I hope to work as a game developer when I get older. I used to dream of being a pilot, though that dream would have been really difficult to follow due to being deaf. However, I will keep holding on to that dream, and I don’t let my disability stop me.

Miles, ‘17 Scholar

Hello, my name is Miles. I graduated from Bellevue High School and now attend Western Washington University. My favorite subject is math. My hobbies are playing card and board games. I have obsessive compulsive disorder.

Myles, ‘17 Scholar

Hi, my name is Myles. I attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and I major in hospitality management with a concentration in professional golf management. It’s been great to take a sport that I enjoy as a hobby and explore all the different career opportunities. I graduated from Auburn Riverside High School.

Nathan, ‘17 Scholar

My name is Nathan. I graduated from Kamiak High School. I like history, politics, psychology, music, coding, math, and science. I had a spinal stroke at birth. I hope to work with computers in the future. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and watching YouTube videos.

PJ, ‘17 Scholar

Hello there! My name is PJ. I graduated from Mount Rainier High School and did Running Start. I enjoy playing video games. I have limb girdle muscular dystrophy, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Ryan, ‘17 Scholar

Hello, my name is Ryan. I graduated from Yellow Wood Academy, and I now attend Western Washington University. My favorite subject is math. I have Stargardt disease. I love playing video games.

Tycho, ‘17 Scholar

My name is Tycho, and I am deaf. I graduated from Chief Sealth International High School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I enjoy economics, Chinese, and chess, which are all logic-related things that come naturally to me. For fun, I enjoy playing chess and Dota 2, solving Rubik’s cubes, and reading.