2012 Scholars

Group photo


Aaliyah, ‘12 Scholar


Attending Gallaudet University to get a degree in elementary teaching and deaf education. Competed in the Miss Teen Washington Pageant and made it to the top.

Alex, ‘12 Scholar

Cerebral palsy

Graduate of Western Oregon University with a major in theater and a minor in asl. Has a passion for acting. Takes acting classes and is a part of many productions. Hopes to become an ASL interpreter and an actor.

Alicia, ‘12 Scholar


Graduated from the University of Washington with a medical anthropology and global health degree. Worked as a program assistant in the DO-IT Center. Currently works at Seattle Children’s Hospital as a pediatric mental health specialist.

Allison, ‘12 Scholar

Thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome

Starting second year at Western Washington University studying biology with an emphasis on ecology, evolution, and organisms.

Cody, ‘12 Scholar

Cerebral palsy

Graduated from Tacoma Community College and is now working on a bachelor’s degree in communications at the University of Washington Tacoma. Played power soccer from 2006 to 2018. In the fall of 2018, got a service dog, Liam, after being on the waiting list for nine years!

Colton, ‘12 Scholar

Becker’s muscular dystrophy

Earned an associate degree. Volunteered as a tutor for students learning Spanish and English. Hopes to continue volunteering and open up opportunities to become a translator or language teacher. Also interested in journalism.

Dominique, ‘12 Scholar

Dwarfism SED/Kniest syndrome

Graduated from Art Instruction Schools in 2016. Works as a freelance illustrator and digital media artist. Recently helped publish and illustrate a children’s book called Princess to the Rescue! by Carol Caldwell. Has worked as a graphics and web designer for a political campaign. Working on her own book as well! Visit her website at djsartstudiodesign.com.

Eric, ‘12 Scholar

Unspecified learning disability and attention deficit disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder

Enrolled at Shoreline Community College to pursue a certificate and maybe a degree in film and acting. Enjoys watching movies as well as building and upgrading computers with different equipment.

Grace, ‘12 Scholar


Graduated with degree in mechanical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York. Hopes to work in the aerospace and environmental fields after graduation, and potentially help design engines that can run on renewable energy. Volunteered with various organizations at RIT.

Hannah, ‘12 Scholar

Legally blind in right eye

Graduated in 2019 from Central Washington University with a degree in business administration management. Works as an accounting specialist at Boise Cascade, Building Materials Distribution Center in Woodinville.

Jennifer, ‘12 Scholar

Spastic cerebral palsy

Interested in the field of broadcasting and communications. Takes classes to learn about new computer software and plans to take broadcasting classes online. Enjoys making slide shows of famous people; they’re on YouTube under the user name Jenn Bress. Hobbies include cooking and baking.

Jessica, ‘12 Scholar

Spinal muscular atrophy

Graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s of science in biology. Working in a immunology-based flow cytometry lab.

Lindsay, ‘12 Scholar

Autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Graduated from Pacific University with degrees in creative writing and German. Studied abroad in Germany. Enjoys tutoring.

Lucas, ‘12 Scholar

Goldenhar syndrome, a hearing impairment

Attending the University of Washington and planning to major in speech and hearing sciences. Hopes to become a pediatric audiologist. Completed an internship at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) during the summer of 2015.

Mikayla, ‘12 Scholar

Learning disability, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder.

Attends Washington State University and is majoring in biomedical engineering.

Nolan, ‘12 Scholar


Majoring in political science at McDaniel College in Maryland and hopes to become a political campaign manager for local campaigns.

Peter, ‘12 Scholar

Autism, attention deficit disorder

Graduated from the University of Washington (UW) with bachelor’s degrees in meteorology and climate and a minor in applied math. Attending graduate school for meteorology in Oklahoma, researching size distributions of ice crystals in tropical thunderstorms for my master’s thesis on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. Plans to pursue a career in applied meteorology. Hopes to alleviate the challenges climate change poses for people with disabilities. Interned for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado, volunteered for the National Weather Service in Seattle, and researched at the UW. Wrote a blog post for The Art of Autism exposing the need to merge sustainability and universal design.