1994 Scholars

1994 Scholars


Anthony, ’94 Scholar

Cerebral palsy, learning disabilities
Works in the technical service department for the Prentke Romich Company as a remote troubleshooter in technical support. Also involved with Blue Sky Designs in Minneapolis working on various communication devices and tablets that can be mounted onto wheelchairs. Spoke about different mounting solutions at The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) in August. Received a DO-IT Trailblazer award in 2007. Assisted in writing the book Transition Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication by David McNaughton and David Beukelman. Will be traveling to a conference in Washington, DC, to meet with representatives from Apple and Microsoft to address some of these topics. Enjoys working out at the gym.

Ben, ’94 Scholar

Spinal muscular atrophy
Earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Washington and a law degree from Pepperdine School of Law. Passed the Washington State Bar exam and practiced law in Kennewick, Washington. Passed away in April 2008.

Jen, ’94 Scholar

Undiagnosed severe neuropathy
Founder and director of GimpGirl Community at www.gimpgirl.com. Is a research associate with Experiential Design and Gaming Environments (EDGE) Lab at Ryerson University. Has worked with government, educational, and community organizations to create policy focusing on women with disabilities, technology, and sexual health. Lives in Washington with partner and partner’s son.

Maria, ’94 Scholar

Works for a utility company and enjoys being a wife and mother in Vancouver, Washington.

Daniel, ’94 Scholar

Learning disability
Earned an associate’s degree from Pierce Community College. Works as the Seattle.DC supervisor for Pacific Office Automation. Married and has five children.

Travis, ’94 Scholar

Health and orthopedic impairments, dwarfism, kidney failure, retinitis pigmentosa​
Received a bachelor of science in computer science from Utah State University. Recently moved to Seattle, Washington to work at Amazon as an application engineer working on the Digital Content team.

Takuya, ’94 Scholar

Health impairment, speech impairment, nervous system dysmorphia, congenital scoliosis
Earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics with a minor in applied mathematics from the University of Washington. Works in Japan at a company that manufactures and sells insecticide and other products.

Sherri, ’94 Scholar

Visual impairment
Earned a degree in psychology from Southern Oregon University.

Shawnna, ‘94 Scholar

Muscular dystrophy
Worked at Columbia Industries in Kennewick, Washington. Died in October 2003. 

Nguyen, ’94 Scholar

Paralysis from brain injury
Participates in various volunteer positions in the community.

Sarah, ’94 Scholar

Graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Married with a child.

Carolyn, ’94 Scholar

Cerebral palsy, low vision
Studied science in college.

Kris, ’94 Scholar

Visual impairment
Earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Oregon State University, and a master of science degree in information technology from Western Governors University. Works as an associate professor of cybersecurity at Oregon Institute of Technology. Received a DO-IT Trailblazer award in 2009. Married and living in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Megan, ’94 Scholar

Chronic lyme disease
Earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Pacific Lutheran University and a master’s degree and PA-C (Physician’s Assistant with Certification) from Pacific University. Works in San Diego as a neurology hospitalist PA-C.