1995 DO-IT Summer Study Schedule


August 6, 1995 - August 19, 1995


University of Washington


DO-IT Summer session is a chance for all the DOIT Scholars to get together. The 1st year Scholars will receive extensive online training and will get a chance to see College life first hand while staying at McMahon Residence Hall. They'll attend sessions on a variety of topics such as

  • Biology (replacing a sheep's heart value)
  • Computer Science (Discover how math really can be useful for finding information in digital images and creating special effects)
  • Chemistry and Environmental Studies (Participate in lab experiments to determine what's in Lake Washington water and how the water quality has an impact on environmental issues).

Phase II Scholars will receive computer training on more advanced topics such as

  • WWW page design
  • Creating Camp Courage Homepage

For more information about the Summer Session see the current edition of the Newsletter (September 1995, coming to HTML soon).

As a Phase II Project, some of the DO-IT Scholars will be designing and creating the Camp Courage WebPage. As soon as the project starts we will have a link to the CC Page.

In the meantime, here are some links the DO-IT Scholars can use to learn a little bit about HTML.

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