Universal Design in the News

Most of the following references come from Google Alerts. They cover news on universal design that may be of interest to visitors to The Center on Universal Design.

June 10, 2024

Supporting Students With Disabilities in Degree Attainment
Inside Higher Ed
Workshops or one-on-one training can teach professors how to make their courses accessible and promote universal design principles to support all ...

Universal Design Guide Working Towards True Inclusivity
Paralympics Australia
The Universal Design Guide for creating Inclusive Sport in Australia is aimed at promoting accessibility, inclusivity and equal opportunities within ...

June 3, 2024

Want a future-ready city? Make it accessible
The World Economic Forum
... universal design principles. Loading... In the interim, while we design and build accessible cities, there are several initiatives and apps such ...

Pairing emerging tech with sustainability and inclusivity
Tan also shared that Enabling Village, managed by SG Enable, showcased how universal design ... inclusive preschool in Singapore and the first inclusive ...

May 27, 2024

Making universal design truly universal
Universal Design is the concept that from the get-go, we design with a wide range of abilities in mind. We don't create access ...

Faculty research informs classroom design for all learners
Virginia Tech News
This study on universal design, supported by funding from Steelcase, a global design and thought leader in the world of work, is not only acting ...

May 20, 2024

Making universal design truly universal
Examples of universal design are all around us but mostly focus on helping people with physical disabilities while designers often forget about ...

Law Society publishes new guidance for improving digital accessibility for employees with disabilities
The guidance explains the importance of both inclusive design, which considers a full range of human diversity, and universal design, which aims ...

May 13, 2024

“Accessibility Champions” Help Open the Campus to Everyone
Bowdoin College
“Vyjayanthi Selinger was nominated for this award by one of her current students to commend her universal design approach to teaching. Vyjayanthi ...

Breaking barriers: Universal design for early grade learning in Nepal
New York Times
In this context, the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) emerge as a beacon of hope, offering a framework to create inclusive and ...

May 6, 2024

What if there were a better way to manage reasonable adjustments for neurodivergence?
People Management
Thinking about workspaces with a wider range of abilities in mind, rather than waiting for diagnoses, could revolutionise HR processes, argues Nancy Doyle

Paris Promised the Olympics Would Be Accessible. The Clock Is Ticking.
New York Times
The city, which put inclusivity at the center of its bid, has improved access for people with disabilities, but with the opening ceremony about 12 weeks away, obstacles remain.

April 29, 2024

‘Universal design’ builds in accessibility for disabled people on the front end
Youth Today
Universal design views everyone's needs for access as equally important, regardless of physical, social or other limitations.

How Ankit Gupta And Quizizz Are Using AI To Level The Playing Field For Every Learner
In an accessibility context, Quizizz touts itself as being accessible by adhering to Universal Design Language frameworks and supporting assistive ...

April 22, 2024

Wheels in motion: Improving mobility technologies for children
UW Mechanical Engineering News
Accessibility in the built environment, such as being able to easily get from the house to the playground, affects how long and how often children use an adapted ride-on car, according to a study. Advocating for environmental accessibility should include both the indoors and outdoors, the researchers say.

Academics with disabilities: South African universities need an overhaul to make them genuinely inclusive
The Conversation
Some universities have tried to make buildings accessible, through renovating or retrofitting old buildings. The principles of Universal Design are ...

April 15, 2024

Eclipse Experience through Tactile and Participatory Learning Models
National Park Service
Universal Design Activities. In cooperation with the Evansville Association for the Blind, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial helped people with ...

Adidas brings universal design principles to kit for Paris 2024, to optimise fit and performance for all
Adidas News
Created in close collaboration with athletes with a disability and non-disabled athletes, most of adidas' on and off field pieces for this...

April 8, 2024

Seattle schools nixing gifted program in favor of a focus on equity
NBC Right Now
... inclusive, equitable and culturally sensitive. ... “All teachers will provide teaching and learning that is delivered with Universal Design ...

Let's break down the barriers blocking neurodivergent people from higher education
Times Higher Education (THE)
We should encourage higher education institutions to adopt inclusive pedagogies and universal design for learning, along with flexible and multiple ...

April 1, 2024

How to give disabled students an equal chance to succeed?
Harvard Gazette
A tool favored by Andrew Clark, senior lecturer on music and director of choral activities at Harvard, is the Universal Design for Learning framework ...

Improving hiring processes for those with disabilities (opinion)
Inside Higher Ed
We base a lot of our recommendations on principles of Universal Design for Learning, a framework derived from architecture that applies the concepts ...

March 25, 2024

Kahoot! unveils white paper on the critical role of inclusive learning design in game-based learning
PR Newswire
With a foreword by esteemed neuropsychologist, David Rose, a pioneer in Universal Design for Learning, and insights from neurodiversity experts ...

How a GR firm played a role designing first fully accessible Starbucks store
Second Wave Media
“Most of the companies we work with believe that if they implement universal design and they create more inclusive spaces, it's going to help with ...

March 18, 2024

How inclusive design is making spaces at UNL accessible to everyone
The Daily Nebraskan
Universal design is a design process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness and social ...

ACLU Guide Urges Advocacy for People with Disabilities on Probation and Parole
American Civil Liberties Union
Adopting “universal design” accommodations that would help everyone on supervision, such as plain-language explanations of supervision rules ...

March 11, 2024

Accessibility in UM's digital spaces
UM Today - University of Manitoba
Chen continues “Universal and accessible design benefit us all right now – including providing for different preferred learning and work styles – ...

Twenty-Five Years Later, Jennifer Webb Still Believes in Design's 'Ability to Change the World'
News - University of Arkansas
She has also made contributions to the Universal Design Handbook (McGraw Hill, 2010); a textbook on inclusive design, Diversity and Design: ...

March 4, 2024

Empowering Learning for All: The Role of Accessibility in Lifelong Learning
Accessible course design goes beyond mere buzzwords; it's a fundamental principle that lays the groundwork for an inclusive education. Whether you're ...

Ohio AgrAbility Program Champions Universal Design in Farming for Enhanced Accessibility
BNN Breaking
The Ohio AgrAbility program pioneers inclusivity in farming through Universal Design, ensuring accessibility and safety for all farmers.

February 26, 2024

Unlocking Inclusivity: The power of universal design
Parametric Architecture
In this picture, universal design (which stands at its very essence), also known as “inclusive design,” aims to give all users a seamless experience ...

Report: Elements of Success in Online Education
Inside Higher Ed
Universal design for learning is one way to support all learners, and accessibility services can bridge the gap for students with additional needs.

February 19, 2024

The power of voices: Supporting inclusivity through podcasting
UCT News - University of Cape Town
A key feature of the podcast is its focus on universal design for learning (UDL), a set of principles that guide the development of inclusive teaching ...

Breaking down digital barriers: creating an inclusive learning experience
UNSW Sydney
At UNSW Business School we use a pedagogy called Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which provides flexibility for all students to promote their ...

February 12, 2024

Opinion: ‘Floating’ Bus Stops Endanger Blind Pedestrians
A design that places bike lanes between bus stops and sidewalks complicates mobility for pedestrians, especially people with vision impairments.

Disability and architecture: ADA and universal design at college campuses
Building Design + Construction
To help people with disabilities feel part of the campus community, higher education institutions and architects must strive to create settings ...

February 5, 2024

For a more inclusive Hong Kong, prioritise universal design
South China Morning Post
In October last year, the Equal Opportunities Commission published a guide on universal design for the catering sector. With various practical tips ...

Using Technology for Students in Special Education: What the Feds Want Schools to Know
Education Week
... Universal Design for Learning framework. “I think that by showing how all sorts of people use technology, you will decrease the stigma on those ...

January 29, 2024

Out of Sight: How Museums Can Harness the Blind Perspective to Enrich Visitor Experiences
American Alliance of Museums
The case studies within this article use universal design, assistive technology, and virtual reality to create more well-rounded and multi-sensory ...

From Chennai to Bengaluru on foot, architect bats for inclusive spaces
Times of India
Her walk is for the cause of universal design and accessibility, aiming to create inclusive environments with no barriers of age, ability, and ...

January 22, 2024

National Ed-Tech Plan Outlines How Schools Can Tackle 3 Big Digital Inequities
Education Week
... universal design for learning , or UDL, to all students. UDL is a strategy that encompasses a wide set of teaching techniques, allowing multiple ...

I'm An Adjunct: What Do I Need to Know About Teaching?
Faculty Focus
The principles of Universal Design for Learning recommend that educators provide students with multiple ways to engage in their courses, including ...

January 15, 2024

Advancing educational equity with UDL and generative AI
eSchool News
... inclusive education pedagogy with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and generative AI thought partners. A first step towards inclusive education ...

Opinion | What university leaders like me mean when we talk about diversity
The Salt Lake Tribune
Universal Design for Learning tries to create greater equity by considering how students access materials or the built environment of the university.

January 8, 2024

Why federal tech leadership must advance digital accessibility in 2024
Federal Times
Universal design involves creating websites that are inherently accessible to all, regardless of their abilities. Conducting regular accessibility ...

New Report Finds 70% of PK-6 Teachers Believe Edtech Does Not Meet the Needs of Early Learners
Yahoo Finance
Inclusive and Divergent Learning: Support inclusivity and accessibility: Following universal design for learning (UDL) principles, edtech should ...

January 1, 2024

DLR Group engages universal design elements to promote an inclusive, welcoming, transit ...
Global Design News
Centered around Minneapolis' identity as the land of the lakes, DLR Group's design for the EXPO 2007 development features water as a connector, ...

Letters: Make Harborplace accessible to people with disabilities
The Baltimore Banner
Universal design is a framework that promotes inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals, regardless of age, ability or disability. Everyone ...

December 25, 2023

Philadelphia Sets the Standard as the First Certified Sensory Inclusive City!
... inclusive city for all residents, visitors, and staff. The KultureCity Sensory Inclusion training embodies a universal design that is fully ...

Inclusivity should be designed into every aspect of society
The National
Universal design, according to the late product designer Ronald Mace, emphasises the creation of products, processes and complete environmental ...

December 18, 2023

Transformative grant fuels Bloomington’s new affordable housing initiative
City of Bloomington MN
New construction homes will incorporate Minnesota Housing requirements of Universal Design and accessibility, visitability (larger door openings ...

Hall: The Future of Accessibility in Utah
eSchool News
... inclusive environments that support all students as part of universal design for learning. As an occupational therapist with training in sensory ...

December 11, 2023

In the nation’s smallest national park, a big push to preserve history
McClure said they worked with an universal design group to make sure they were using as many accessibility solutions as possible. “Universal design ...

Hall: The Future of Accessibility in Utah
The Daily Utah Chronicle
By prioritizing inclusivity in the design ... Some ways of incorporating universal design principles in residential spaces include ramps, wider doorways ...

December 4, 2023

New community of practice aims to improve accessibility in higher education
Brock University
“It's a really great opportunity to make Brock even more inclusive,” says Gagné. “It's important to increase awareness about universal design for ...

Art professionals, high school students team to create logos for Utica Children's Museum
Utica Observer Dispatch
Universal Design (UD) is a process that empowers diverse populations by improving human performance, wellness, and social participation. This approach ...

November 27, 2023

Tips for Creating Accessible Museums: Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning
American Alliance of Museums
Universal design (UD) is defined by Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler as “the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest ...

US scientists with disabilities paid significantly less
Times Higher Education (THE)
“Focusing on accessibility and universal design in STEM is critical for including more disabled scientists,” she told Times Higher Education, “but ...

November 20, 2023

Disability Accelerator Initiative Targets ‘The Next Generation Of Radically Inclusive Technology’
“The purpose is to support leaders in countries around the world who are advancing principles of inclusive and universal design to create the next ...

What can universities do to attract and support students with disabilities?
Times Higher Education (THE)
Implementing universal design principles and inclusive learning resources is integral to attracting more students with disabilities and supporting ...

November 13, 2023

Inclusion is not simply special ed — it benefits all students
Transform magazine
Where universal design tends to focus on one solution that will fit as many user groups as possible, inclusive design offers multiple solutions so ...

Older college, university students feel excluded, not valued
Inside Higher Ed
... universal design are falling short. So, what can be done in higher education to create more equitable and inclusive learning environments and spaces?

November 6, 2023

Inclusion is not simply special ed — it benefits all students
The Boston Globe
... Universal Design for Learning. Inclusion done well means all learners are provided tools to meet their needs, achieve individual academic mastery ...

First WUD SoPo ‘Mythbuster Monday’ addresses accessibility at UW-Madison
The Daily Cardinal
Another option, one of universal design, provides accommodations for all students regardless of need. This would include automatic captioning on ...

October 30, 2023

LETTER: Pedestrian safety requires more than raised crosswalks
Saanich News
An essential part of “universal design” public infrastructure is consistency to avoid confusion. Numerous infrastructure variations such as raised ...

RETAIN Kentucky, partners focus on employment opportunities for people with disabilities
UKNow - University of Kentucky
More than 250 participants learned more about the impact of work on health, return-to-work and stay-at-work strategies, and universal design.

October 23, 2023

Marianne Fidishin on Ensuring Education Access and Success for Special Needs Students
OCNJ Daily
... inclusive learning environment. Universal Design for Learning. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework that facilitates ...

GSAS Students Gain Learning Experience Design Skills Through Collaboration with Rabb
Brandeis University
She also shared information about the topics being covered in each course. “We have offered both Learning Design Thinking and Universal Design for ...

October 16, 2023

Kathleen Vermillion Explains How Disability Rights Advocates Drive Universal Design
OCNJ Daily
Kathleen Vermillion discusses the transformative impact of disability rights advocacy on the concept of universal design, reshaping environments ...

Accessing the what, how and why of universal design for learning using popular culture
Times Higher Education (THE)
Stone Meredith explains how to hit the fundamental building blocks of UDL by leveraging popular culture sources using various mediums, ...

October 9, 2023

Public Design Festival 2023 shines light on accessible design in Busan
Korea JoongAng Daily
Under the theme “Design for All,” the exhibition shows the A to Z of experiencing universal design in daily life.

People with disabilities 'dangerously neglected' in market research
Aim for universal design (UD): an environment that can be accessed, understood and used by the greatest number of people possible. Align yourself ...

October 2, 2023

USF works to increase awareness, support for students with accessibility needs
University of South Florida
SAS also serves as a resource for the broader campus community with a goal of promoting an environment where accessibility and Universal Design are ...

Universal Design and Pedagogy of Care(taking) (Roundtable)
James Madison University
...recognizes and values the individuality and the fundamental humanity of one’s students,” through Universal Design and a disability-infused pedagogy of care.

September 25, 2023

Rethinking education
The News International
For instance, the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, originally formulated by Ronald L Mace at North Carolina State University, offers ...

Advocates say it's time Sonoma County's special education students no longer excluded ...
The Press Democrat
.... universal design. With a recent roll out of an early education grant geared toward preschools, younger learners now have more access to inclusion ...

September 18, 2023

Designing for Accessibility is a Social Responsibility
Canadian Architect
Lifchez published two books about universal design based on what he learned though his teaching, Design for Independent Living: The Environment and ...

Teachers Want More Tech Support for Students With IEPs and 504 Plans
Education Week
... Universal Design for Learning framework, a teaching approach that works to accommodate the needs and abilities of all learners. Educators need ...

September 11, 2023

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Raymond Lifchez (1932–2023), pioneer of universal design
UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design
Sustainability and Universal Design are branches of the same tree.” This principle encapsulates Harsh's holistic perspective on design. “It's a social ...

OCDE partners on national initiative for inclusive education
OCDE Newsroom
The Delaware Department of Education emphasizes a whole-child Multi-Tiered System of Support with embedded Universal Design for Learning and evidence- ...

September 4, 2023

Lego releases braille bricks – here’s how five other brands could make their toys more accessible
The Conversation
A universal design (design that supports accessibility for all) approach, where accessibility is built in as standard, rather than added on, ...

To preserve public parks, use them
Deccan Herald
Several parks in the city lack wheelchair access and disability-friendly toilets. Adopting universal design principles in park development is vital ...

August 28, 2023

Universal design and access: Giving equal rights to people with disabilities
The Citizen
Universal access means that all people can access products and services, without the need for adaptation or specialised design; universal design is ...

I use a wheelchair and I want more bike lanes
The Spinoff
... code that requires accessible universal design features like lifts, ... and structural barriers like the lack of inclusive infrastructure.

August 21, 2023

'Middle School Superpowers' book helps parents negotiate the often-tough middle school years
Universal design is a framework that calls for the creation of products that benefit the widest possible range of people in the widest range of ...

Artificial intelligence can be used to design engaging and interactive public art
The Conversation
Urban spaces should incorporate universal design principles to support the development of accessible and inclusive public spaces.

August 14, 2023

Designing with Equity in Mind
Populous Senior Principal Belinda Goh said the intersection of universal design principles and designing for equity were used to deliver the ...

Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Barriers in Higher Ed for Students with Disabilities including ...
Faculty Focus
A universal design focuses on creating inclusive products and environments for ... By designing active learning experiences, students' engagement, ...

August 7, 2023

House Hunting In Hawaii Is Hard. Try Finding One That Fits A Wheelchair
Honolulu Civil Beat
Developers should adopt universal design as the need for accessible homes is expected to increase with an aging population.

Orange County prioritizes inclusivity for future parks
Department officials said universal design includes equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive use, perceptible information, tolerance ...

July 31, 2023

The Future of Design Is Designing for Disability
The Nation
In recent years, there has been a shift toward universal design, which posits that all spaces should be designed to be as useful as possible to ...

Universal Design: Creating Homes for All Ages and Abilities
Fine Magazine
Universal design goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on functionality and comfort to accommodate the diverse needs of homeowners. This article aims to ...

July 24, 2023

LETTER: Universal Design is necessary when building affordable housing
York Region
Just as sewer systems made outhouses obsolete, Universal Design can eliminate inaccessible housing by making new homes more livable. Adopting ...

The Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
State Department
Systems and structures made inclusive and accessible or built by universal design benefit everyone. On this ADA anniversary we also again pay our ...

July 17, 2023

This Mid-Century Modern Home Welcomes Accessibility...
Southern Living
At first, we thought about working with an architect certified in universal design to build a house. According to The Universal Design Project, the term refers...

CSP delegates advocate for disabled young people...
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
There is great potential for innovations in universal design and environmental additions that would benefit not just young disabled workers but many others...

July 10, 2023

Universal Design bill for more accessible homes moves forward in Prince George’s County
DC News Now
Smith is advocating for the Universal design bill to be passed to improve accessibility for everyone. Council member Jolene Ivey is the bill ...

How to Make Documents More Accessible With Color Contrast
Universal design encompasses many solutions and accommodations, and this article aims to focus on one of them: color contrast, which specifically ...

July 3, 2023

How Universal Design for Learning helps students merge onto the “learning expressway”
By using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework developed by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), teachers can create ...

The offspring of aging in place, universal design is the latest approach to home remodeling
The Bucks County Herald
Chris Egner said universal design is a concept aimed at making homes accessible to everyone. Egner is president of the National Association of the ...

June 26, 2023

Inside The University Of North Dakota’s Efforts To Make Disability Awareness And Accessible Design Commonplace On Campus
The primary focus of this endeavor revolves around Universal Design for Learning guidelines, as well as the university's accessibility solution ...

The future is disabled
MIT Technology Review
We need to take steps toward a more inclusive future—one that we all can ... and flexibility of use are basic principles of universal design.

June 19, 2023

What we can learn from the effort to implement Biden's executive orders on advancing equity
Brookings Institution
Universal design is an approach, born in the design of products and the physical environment, that emphasizes accessibility to all.

Making Workspaces Inclusive Through Design
'Inclusive design makes spaces and places healthier, safer and more convenient for everyone,' she begins, during a conversation with John Scott, a ...

June 12, 2023

How to use UDL-inspired technology to reengage students
eSchool News
UDL principles guide teachers in how to customize instruction to meet the individual needs and preferences. Universal Design for Learning ...

Apple store at Battersea Power Station prioritises sustainability and 'universal design'
The usual Apple retail design tropes and systems are present and ... Bergeron-Mirsky says the application of universal design principles has meant ...

June 5 , 2023

From strollers to wheelchairs, can Oakland build housing that’s accessible to all?
The Oaklandside
The city has set a goal of adopting a “universal design” ordinance to build apartments and houses that work for a wider range of residents.

Accessibility in teaching
University of Waterloo
Good teaching should be inclusive,” says Faculty of Mathematics teaching fellow ... Universal design sets diverse learners on the path to success.

May 29, 2023

Why Effective IT Leadership Must Have Inclusive Technology Systems
EdTech Magazine
CAST, the nonprofit educational research and development organization that created the Universal Design for Learning framework, launched the ...

A different way of thinking
Symmetry Magazine
Caudel advocates for professors to seek more understanding of neurodivergent students and to embrace an educational framework called universal design ...

May 22, 2023

Designing spaces that promote enrollment
Building Design + Construction
Maria Sanchez, Interior Designer at Gresham Smith, shares how universal design bolsters empathy and equity in healthcare facilities.

Kerry ETB launches universal design for learning
Radio Kerry
Kerry Education and Training Board (ETB) has launched a universal design for learning.It's Ireland's first cross-sectoral collaboration between ...

May 15, 2023

How to hire for neurodiversity—and make workplaces better for everyone
Quartz sat down with Anandan for an episode of Reworking Work to discuss the aim of creating a workplace that applies universal design principles ...

The Power of AI and Future of Education is Now: How Teachers and the Taught Can Create ...
Faculty Focus
By combining this knowledge of learning styles and applying the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework in teaching, educators can provide ...

May 8, 2023

ADA Compliance Slowly Makes Headway
Universal design focuses on making buildings and other spaces accessible and usable to as many demographics as possible and centers dignity for ...

How Healthcare Facility Design Can Improve Nurse Productivity
Healthcare Design Magazine
The use of universal design and having rooms that are adaptable depending on the level of a patient's acuity are also nurse-friendly design ...

May 1, 2023

Pictograms with universal design for equity and inclusion
Do you want to create a society through design where people with and without disabilities can live together as they are?

How ableism is working against students with disabilities
University World News
Universal design, removing barriers: Moving beyond individualised accommodations, universal design refers to an environment and products that can ...

April 24, 2023

How Students Use AI to Design Solutions for Their Community
One group of students used AI in education, which helps children get personalized learning experiences such as through a Universal Design for ...

4 ways all online university courses could promote student mental health
The Conversation
My study findings suggest online learning spaces ought to be inclusive and ... 1) Use elements of universal design for learning to provide ...

April 17, 2023

Augmental Launches the MouthPad^: A Tongue-Controlled Interface that Lets People ...
Yahoo Finance
"Universal design has the power to greatly expand digital access for everyone, not just those lacking mobility. In exploring hands-busy scenarios and ...

Universal Design Seeks to Address Core Accessibility Issues at Universities
The Daily Utah Chronicle
The college has around 1,000 students and a 10-to-1 student to faculty ratio. Universal design is a part of the main pillars of their strategic plan ...

April 10, 2023

SF State starts construction for first-year residence hall to provide more affordable student housing
SF State News
The residence hall will support all aspects of universal design to ensure equity and access to all students. It will be developed using a “pod” ...

Starting with Philosophy: Examining Teaching Philosophy as a Starting Point for Improvement
Faculty Focus
I also believe in using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a framework for designing instruction that meets the diverse needs of all students.

April 3, 2023

How Sara Hendren inspires a ‘joyful approach’ to accessible design
Rapid Growth Media
The interactive workshop focused on thinking beyond universal design, which is about making places as barrier-free as possible.

Single-Staircase Buildings: A Design Solution to a Political Problem?
Although a “good idea,” for Wagner, it is simply a design change that “fixes an ... Learn the tools for implementing Universal Design in planning ...

March 27, 2023

Who, What, Why: Sarah Kane finds ways to represent data as sound
Penn Today
Having multiple sensory inputs for interpreting information also makes it more understandable, Kane says, and in the context of universal design, ...

Universal design for learning helps all students connect with course materials to become ...
Nevada Today
In simple terms, UDL is Universal Design for Learning. Universal Design is a broader concept that applies to buildings and structures, too. It may be ...

March 20, 2023

Queens College debuts virtual neurodiversity hub
Inside Higher Ed
... inclusivity and Universal Design for Learning last year. ... offers tips and prompts on designing courses for inclusivity and accessibility, ...

Pay isn't the only reason for the teacher shortage--it's time to rethink the classroom
eSchool News
Nicole Tucker-Smith is founder and CEO of Lessoncast, global expert in Universal Design for Learning, and author of Supercharge Your Professional ...

March 13, 2023

The Oscars Are Expanding Accessibility To The Red Carpet This Year
Yahoo News
Architect Ronald Mace coined the term universal design to describe an all-inclusive philosophy of barrier-free design.

Kāinga Ora admits accessibility policy is 'confusing'
Covid is being blamed for Kāinga Ora's failure to meet the targets for full universal design build homes as set out in its Accessibility Policy.

March 6, 2023

In an AI World, Let Disability Access Lead the Way
Inside Higher Ed
Many campuses are at least inclined toward universal design, where the goal is to provide an environment, programs, structures and policies in ...

At RISD, Examining the Past to Celebrate Design for All Bodies
Architect Magazine
By examining universal design through Modernism's historical context, a class at the Rhode Island School of Design is furthering "our collective ...

February 27, 2023

A universal design approach to teaching multilingual students
Times Higher Education
An explanation of how universal design for learning can improve teaching for multilingual international students and domestic students alike.

A Growing Trend - Bathroom Wet Rooms
These are consistent with Universal Design concepts. “Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, ...

February 20, 2023

Writing Skills for Instructional Design—Widely Used, Under-Acknowledged
Instructional designers are integrating principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to provide multiple means of engagement, representation, ...

Universal Design for Learning needed in schools
Eastern Mirror
... Asano Sekhose, Chairman of Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) underscored the need for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in schools.

February 13, 2023

Inclusive Design Is a Journey Worth Starting
Inclusive design considers the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age, and other forms of human ...

Accessibly In The Beauty Industry Might Finally Be Catching On – But Brands Still Have A Lot To Do
The Zoe Report
What I learned when I got to developing Guide Beauty was the process of inclusive and universal design. The beautiful thing about universal ...

February 6, 2023

Universal Design Tips for Easy, Long-Term Living at Home
The fix here, as you might have guessed, is called universal design. This is a plan that makes a home accessible and safe for anyone who lives ...

Are block teaching and universal design for learning compatible? - Times Higher Education
Times Higher Education
On the face of it, comparing the block teaching planning format with the UDL framework might seem like weighing apples against oranges.

Microsoft - An intro to Inclusive Design - YouTube
This video is part of a series that works hand-in-hand with Inclusive: A Microsoft Design Toolkit. The intent is to support designers and ...

January 30, 2023

Three years of pandemic learning response: reaching learners across the world with life ...
World Health Organization (WHO)
... in line with the universal design for learning framework. Materials are also increasingly optimized for a world in which many rely on mobile ...

Marc Harrison's House for Any Body
The New York Times
It was also a showcase for what is now known as universal design — a place where people of all ages and abilities could be comfortable.
Autonomous vehicles must be inclusive
Car Design News
... autonomous shuttle – it became clear that unlike many concepts of this nature, it actually lives up to the promise of universal accessibility.

January 23, 2023

Maximizing access for everyone: A closer look at universal design
Building Design + Construction
At its core, universal design focuses on designing a space to make everybody feel welcome, regardless of their age, size, or ability level.
Quieter classrooms: How classroom design promotes effective learning
eSchool News
Understanding the need to balance these components, we always approach education design by drafting inclusive spaces with adaptable features.

Digital Promise and CAST Announce New Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Product Certification
PR Newswire
WASHINGTON · "Inclusive design for learning is essential to meet the unique strengths and needs of learners," said ...

January 16, 2023

Five Ways to Improve Your Home's Accessibility - The Provincetown Independent
The Provincetown Independent
Ramps and other elements of universal design can be beautiful. By Abraham Storer Jan 11, 2023. Ed McPartland is a retired carpenter living in ...

How Can Landscape Architects Be Better Activists? - The Dirt (ASLA)
The Dirt (ASLA) - American Society of Landscape Architects
Landscapes that are often labeled free, inclusive, and accessible often ... In Rwanda, MASS Design Group has been planning and designing

January 9, 2023

Sony just unveiled a customizable PlayStation 5 controller to make gaming more accessible
Fast Company
Inclusive design is about more than being considerate of the fact that users have varying abilities and needs: It's also just good business sense.

New Uses and Contemporary Guidelines for Public Spaces
Urban public spaces can transform the life of neighborhoods and cities and, therefore, need to be open to the social, cultural and technological changes that occur in society.

January 2, 2023

What is Universal Design?
Universal Design is a concept that proposes the creation of spaces with democratic use, guaranteeing egalitarian conditions in terms of quality of ...

Creative, Luxurious Design for the Disabled Shouldn't Stop at the Front Door
Home Furnishings Business
From open floor concepts to roll-in showers, luxury home design can be inclusive with just a bit of forethought, say designers Alexa Vaughn, ...

2023 Could Be a Breakthrough Year for Buses
... and helping cities invest in the design and construction of new BRT systems, ... Learn the tools for implementing Universal Design in planning ...

December 26, 2022

In 2023, Brands Need To Grasp The Full Diversity Of Web Accessibility Needs
Universal design. This really gets to the heart of the matter because the fact is that designing for the disability community is never one-size-fits- ...

Yes, Luxury Home Design Can Also Be Accessible for People With Disabilities
House Beautiful
From open floor concepts to roll-in showers and indoor elevators, luxury home design can be inclusive with just a bit of forethought, ...

December 19, 2022

Inside Microsoft's quest to be the leader of inclusive design
Fast Company
Inclusive design is the process of fashioning products and platforms alongside people with disabilities. It's a technique that feeds into the ...

Insights on disability help designers design for all
Because of my personal background as a person with disabilities, universal design and accessibility are always front-of-mind when designing"...

7 Principles to Attract and Retain Older Frontline Workers
Harvard Business Review
Our findings point to seven principles for engaging older employees in essential roles. The seven also amount to universal design principles — they ...

December 12, 2022

Teaching Resources | Teaching Excellence - University of Nevada, Reno
University of Nevada, Reno
Inclusive instruction; Universal Design for Learning (UDL); Open Educational Resources (OERs) and open pedagogy; Supportive learning environments ...

December 5, 2022

Imagination has no limits: Design toys for children of all abilities
The Seattle Times
Rather, universal design opens the market to all potential users of different ages and abilities. Every child should have access to the worlds of play ...

A step in inclusive education: the innovative diploma course for people with disabilities
On the other hand, it is thought from the universal design of learning, that is, a training that encompasses and aims so that people, ...

Technology and aging: the jigsaw puzzle of design, development and distribution
Universal design refers to designing products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or ...

November 28, 2022

Technology and aging: the jigsaw puzzle of design, development and distribution
Universal design refers to designing products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or ...

Muscular Dystrophy Association Partners with Technology Driven Companies for Disability ...
PR Newswire
... focused on universal design for accommodations in the workplace. ... around disability and drive outcomes that are inclusive by design.

Inclusion for All: How to Support All Learners through Universal Design for Learning (UDL ...
EIN News
How to be better prepared to design lessons and instruction that impact learners from preschool to adulthood in ways that are innovative, inclusive, ...

November 21, 2022

How Deque Helps Telcos Design for Digital Accessibility
Simply put, the concept of universal design is ensuring that something can be “accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all ...

Why Top Brands Should Rethink Adaptive Fashion And Take It Seriously
“As fashion designers, we need to make sure we are listening to people ... the lines of inclusive clothing and universal design,” says Senior.

Inclusive product design: Toys that help visually impaired kids explore food
CNA Women speaks to Lim Jin Ying about how inclusive design can help such babies and children overcome these and other common barriers.

November 14, 2022

How accessibility for disabled university students can benefit all students
The Conversation
... accessible teaching means designing courses from the get-go with ... a colleague at Western University, helped design our research process.

Increasing Inpatient Capacity With Universal Care Units
HCD Magazine
UW Health looks across the system at lessons from pandemic care to combine with evidence-based design and Lean practices to inform an ...

Timed assignments limit student learning
Scot Scoop News
... and styles of providing a curriculum called Universal Design for Learning (UDL),” said Jason Selli, a study skills teacher at Carlmont.

November 7, 2022

How Big Brands and Younger Generations Are Embracing Boomers
Next Avenue
Incorporating Universal Design. A Markble topped ADA-compliant vanity sink. Next Avenue, adaptive furniture disabled adults. An ADA-compliant vanity ...

The importance of signage and wayfinding for persons with disabilities
The Manila Times
Christine Hemphill, founder of Open Inclusion (UK), said inclusive design is a three-part process that can empower design solutions to make them more ...

'Accessibility for all': Uxbridge Lions' universal playground wins accessibility honours
Durham Region News
The group was nominated for the award by the Uxbridge Accessibility Advisory Committee, which lauded their all-inclusive design.

October 31, 2022

What's Behind The Rising Demand For Universal Design?
Architect Magazine
If the concept of universal design brings to mind images of a ... prompting designers and builders to meet growing demand for accessible homes.

New Accessibility Products for Autumn 2022
Architectural Record
The newest universal, interior components—from bath fixtures to doors—are ... and residential architecture, interior design, and products.

Lytton looks to rebuild to adaptable standards
The village passed bylaws that make it the the first community in North America to require SAFERhome Universal Design Standards.

October 24, 2022

DataArt Collaborates with Intersport to Build "The Heart" – the Universal Design System
Yahoo Finance
The design phase of the UDS (Universal Design System) included tremendous UX research, which allowed the DataArt team to make decisions based on best ...

Building for neurodiversity: guidelines to address “final frontier of inclusive design” unveiled
Specification Online
PAS 6463, Design for the mind – Neurodiversity and the built environment – Guide aims to assist building designers in mitigating and eliminating these ...

CBSE organises National Conference on Inclusive Education
Scoop News
Various schools across the country presented the papers on Inclusive ... in Inclusive education, differentiated instructions, universal design for ...

October 17, 2022

UnlockedMaps provides real-time accessibility information for urban rail transit in six metro areas
UW News
University of Washington researchers developed UnlockedMaps, a web-based map that allows users to see in real time how accessible rail transit ...

Inclusive Design Is Not Niche
This demonstrates that disability inclusion within fashion is non-negotiable and will have a huge impact in how we view universal design and ...

Universal and Inclusive Design
The Good Men Project
UNIVERSAL DESIGN – This is a term that came out of architecture. Universal design is all about creating spaces that work for everyone, ...

Equitable by design
UM Today - University of Manitoba
Working to create a learning environment that is universal and inclusive ... Even if we are not consciously aware of it, we are all beneficiaries of ...

October 10, 2022

HBCU's Augment HyFlex Format Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Faculty Focus
The Hyflex model becomes more effective when accompanied by a course design that uses the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework.

Inclusive storytime at Hillsboro Library sparks PSU program
Portland Tribune
She was driven to provide a twice-monthly program designed around a program method called Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Ali can play and race with his brothers, thanks to an inclusive-design play centre
The soon-to-open non-profit centre Activate Central is a fresh example of inclusive design being used in recreational spaces in Sydney to ...

October 3, 2022

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Wellbeing Community of Practice | Wellness Collaborative
University of Waterloo
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Wellbeing Community of Practice. Feeling like another term of changes, unknowns, and stressors ahead as an ...

Good architecture leaves no one behind
Shopping Centre News
Looking back over the past decades reveals our shifting focus towards designing and building inclusive, accessible and diverse spaces.

The danger of importing bias into the Metaverse
Will it be diverse and inclusive or just serve the traditional few? ... Will designers consult frameworks like Universal Design for Learning (UDL) ...

September 26, 2022

Fort Wayne airport reveals newly renovated passenger area
Inside Indiana Business
“I love that Fort Wayne International Airport’s recent expansion project embraced the concepts of Universal Design independent of Federal mandates or state laws,”

Fully accessible housing should be a given, not a nice-to-have
Universal design is a way of designing homes so they work for everyone, regardless of age, size and ability.

Zorinsky Lake Playground project to receive $50,000
Imagine Inclusion says the park will replace a more than 30-year-old play structure and be inclusive beyond what the Americans with Disabilities Act requires.

September 19, 2022

Universal Design in D.C.’s Rock Creek Park
After being closed to cars during the pandemic, Rock Creek Park’s Beach Drive has become a haven for people with mobility impairments.

Small ways to transition your office into a more inclusive, 'Universal Design' space
While change takes time, there are some indicators that people are paying more attention to accessibility when designing spaces.

Universal design takes backseat in architecture education: Experts
The Charlatan
Advocates for people with disabilities said construction companies and the architects they work with continue to ignore the needs of the people they are supposed to serve.

September 12, 2022

How a car-free Beach Drive embodies universal design
Greater Greater Washington
A few conversations have centered on whether cars make the park more or less accessible to those with disabilities.

The nightmare of living with a disability in Nairobi
The Standard
The concept of universal design is critical in promoting accessibility, safety and affordability in transport infrastructure.

Opinion/Stead: Universal design concept should be part of plan to build more Cape housing
Cape Cod Times
These environments are meant to usable, accessible and inclusive.

September 5, 2022

Open access to research can close gaps for people with disabilities
Education and training should focus on principles of universal design

Designing for lifelong learning
Inclusivity is another parallel, in that universal design is an important part of both older adult and campus space design, intended to support everyone, regardless of their physical limitations. 

LETTER: Maple Ridge woman honoured to receive Queen’s platinum jubilee medal
Maple Ridge News
Yesterday, I was shown that someone was watching and acknowledged my 25 years of trying to create universal design for those who are sight-impaired.

August 29, 2022

Planning forward: whole system support for marginalised learners in higher education
Times Higher Education
Course design should focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

BUD speaks out about accessibility shortcomings
The Butler Collegian
Bulldogs for Universal Design “chalked” various buildings on Butler’s campus

The Last of Us Part 1 expands upon Naughty Dog's award-winning accessibility features
"To some extent, the principles behind accessibility are good universal design principles," game director Matthew Gallant says

August 22, 2022

How Federal Infrastructure Funds Can Build More Accessible Transit Systems
Route Fifty
It’s critical that policymakers and transit agencies get it right and prioritize projects that incorporate the concept of universal design to create inherently accessible transit and better serve all riders. 

Texthelp Releases U.S. Data Highlighting State of Learning for Students with Dyslexia
More inclusive approaches to learning, such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), are the future of education.

Universal Design Studio creates ocean-inspired concept space for L’Oréal
Design Week
The space aims to “communicate big ideas” while keeping the carbon footprint small.

August 15, 2022

Erie County Fair adds sensory room and hours, as part of focus on universal design
The Erie County Fair has unveiled some new accessibility features this year to bring the event closer to its goal of universal accessibility.

Faculty at UTSA find an Ally to make their courses more accessible
UTSA Today
“While the law mandates accessibility, UTSA’s Digital Accessibility team understands that accessibility is necessary for some but beneficial to all,”

When the Variability of All Learners Is Addressed
ED Surge
The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) is one such network formed to ensure equity and support for students with disabilities and learning differences across education environments.

August 8, 2022

Universal Design: Tolerance For Error
Consider these seven principles, in relation to software, tools, or services within your organization.

Sac State launches new graduate degree meant to make online learning spaces more inclusive
Sacremento State
The Master of Arts in Universal Design for eLearning, which launches in the Fall 2022 semester, comes after the ongoing pandemic further blurred the line between traditional and virtual learning spaces

Can Universal Design be the magic bullet for an accessible Chennai?
Citizen Matters
If Chennai implements Universal Design perfectly, no resident will feel any inhibition while accessing urban spaces

August 1, 2022

How to encourage teachers to embrace universal design for learning
K-12 Dive
Once committed to UDL practices, teachers need strategies to remove inequities and learning barriers.

Universal Design Strategies Foster Intergenerational Living in Multifamily Communities
Rebusiness Online
Designing a community that will house, among other populations, active elderly adults should prioritize safety

From easy-open lids to magnetic button shirts: 10 examples of inclusive design
Midland Daily News
In this field, designers seek to include as many users as possible by making small changes that affect the accessibility of items or places.

July 25, 2022

Inclusive by Design: Accelerating Digital Transformation for the Global Goals
United Nations Development Programme
Digital transformation must be intentionally inclusive if it is to contribute to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover Recognized as 2022 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion
Business Wire
Discover led an event to discuss universal design and how it addresses accessibility for Discover’s customers

Human-Nature Garden to land on Rio Grande
The Sopris Sun
The project will also come together with universal design in mind, laying an ADA accessible pad and installing benches with help from the town.

July 18, 2022

Fostering Inclusivity in the College Classroom: Looking Through a Universal Design for Learning Lens
Faculty Focus
Students can benefit academically, socially, and emotionally when inclusion is practiced and fostered.

How accessible is your living space? Here are good reasons to adopt universal design
Nancy Reid, the executive director of the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities Newfoundland and Labrador, says there's lots of personal and financial reasons to invest in accessible housing.

8 Essential Home Features for Aging in Place
Many aspects of universal design complement “aging in place”

July 11, 2022

What’s Missing in Modi Govt’s Plan to Secure ‘Accessibility’ for Persons with Disabilities
The Print
The policy also makes a distinctly progressive move by introducing ‘universal design’ as a key guiding principle towards making public spaces accessible to all.

U of A Assistant Professor Explores Arts-Based Strategies in Deaf Education
The Gateway
Joanne Weber is hoping to bring in arts-based approaches to create more opportunities for people with differences in learning.

Striving to make Easter Lake Park's north shore the most accessible park in America.
Polk County Iowa
Just three years ago it was merely a vision. Today the Athene North Shore Recreation Area is fully funded with construction crews poised to dig in.

July 5, 2022

General Recreation: The Evolution of Playground Design
Vista Today
The concept was called universal design.

Biesse India Along with IIID Bengaluru Organises a Workshop on Design Concepts
APN News
They further elaborated on key points by drawing commonalities between universal design thoughts across geography, culture and aspirations.

Major Accessibility Legislation is Coming: What You Need to Know
Creative Pro
A big piece of European Union (EU) legislation is coming and is set to have a dramatic impact on the marketplace, and even on how North American publishers operate.

June 27, 2022

CU Boulder Offers Digital Credential in Universal Design for Learning
Spot On Colorado
The credential offers an introduction to the principles of UDL.

Wilson College Students Design Adaptive Fashion for North Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association
Wilson College News
The event included a fashion show featuring clothing and accessories created with the principle of universal design.

.F.D. Bluford Library Receives a Second Round of Funding to Support Student-Led Project
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Students will receive additional training on foundational elements for universal design.

June 20, 2022

How Jackson Hole’s ‘Deepest Darkest’ Mountain Bike Trail Welcomed Adaptive Riders
Gear Junkie
Watching a group of mountain bikers and adaptive athletes race down a trail together is undeniably moving.

Selma Blair Becomes Chief Creative Officer of Ability-Inclusive Beauty Brand Guide Beauty
Guide Beauty creates universally designed tools that make makeup application more accessible for everyone.

First Transformational Change Initiative Grants To Support Four Projects
WSU Insider
This UDL-centered project involves developing an online certificate program to increase the use of UDL in WSU classrooms

June 13, 2022

What Is Universal Design for Learning in Today’s Education Environment?
Educators can use technology to support UDL, which is a new way of thinking.

Funding announced for autism friendly campus on MTU
The first phase of funding is for universal design which will be allocated to education institutions this year.

Calvert County Educators Recognized by the Maryland Council for Social Studies
The Southern Maryland Chronicle
Jayme Pieretti's work with Universal Design for Learning is among the professional learning experiences that enable him to be a great teacher.

May 30, 2022

ONESIAM skywalk features Universal Design concept to enhance convenience and accessibility
The ONESIAM elevated skywalk connecting to the Pathumwan Intersection was designed with the concept of Universal Design...

Canadians want architects to help create more inclusive and accessible communities
Canadian Architect
National AccessAbility Week is upon us – with it, comes an opportunity to reflect on our responsibility to design communities that are inclusive...

Kenya’s digital products for PwDs
Techpoint Africa
“To accommodate all people in the society, inclusive design and universal design principles should be integrated into digital products and services.”

May 23, 2022

New 'digit' design to help people who have lost fingers | Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports
Post Bulletin
Brand Sampson and Marty Frana of Rochester-based Limb Lab recently received a patent for the design of a new "universal digit" prosthetic.

How to structure your diversity statement for your academic job search 
University Affairs
One option is the open-access Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Inclusion, ... How do you ensure your lab is an inclusive environment?

When Education Is Designed for All Learners
Propping up her vigorous routine are the poles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the perfect blend of education technology, ensuring that ...

May 16, 2022

How Cambridge's first universal design playground created accessible and artful fun
The Boston Globe
This wooden tower structure at Louis A. DePasquale Universal Design Playground can be accessed by walking across an elevated bridge, climbing up a ...

Urban Villages for People with Disabilities
Applying universal design principles ensures that pedestrian facilities accommodate all users including PWD, parents with strollers, workers with ...

How can we design more accessible musical instruments?
Design Week
Design Partners researcher Anusia Grennell shares insight into the world of musical instrument design and tips on establishing a more inclusive ...

May 9, 2022

During housing crisis, need for accessibility draws little attention
James Madison University
“We need more functional homes in the housing stock for people to choose from,” says Sarah Pruett, an occupational therapy instructor at James Madison ...

Inclusion and Accessibility in the Digital Space
Inclusive design: Inclusive design takes into account the full range of human experiences, including, but not limited to: ability, language, culture, ...

How Universal Design Can Inform Inclusive Fashion
NC State News - NC State University
That request ultimately led her to study “universal design,” a term that describes the practice of designing products and spaces that are accessible ...

May 2, 2022

What did you say? Abby Walker and collaborator receive funding to explore dialects 
VTx | Virginia Tech
Shuler has been designing an original research project that will supplement the larger project. According to Walker, Shuler is leading a ...

Enable all abilities at work; Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPwD) Act to be implemented by June
The Economic Times
While designing a product, do you adopt universal design principles? It is for leaders and policymakers to create workplaces that are future-ready ...

Dreaming of a fully inclusive society: From rugby to parenting to CEO in a wheelchair 
Dan Buckingham experiences first-hand the difference an inclusive world ... while also embracing a key principle of universal design – design for ...

April 25, 2022

A Complete Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in Education
The West News
What is Universal Design for Learning, and how to get started with it? Thewestnews has the answer! Read a complete guide by an expert writer Phil ...

Inclusive strategies in CTE courses improve student engagement
K-12 Dive
Using universal design for learning approaches in career-prep courses allows student choice for studying and demonstrating knowledge, CTE experts ...

5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive for What Is Now the Largest Minority Population
Inc. Magazine
Understand the process of Universal Design. Are your deck fonts accessible to people with visual impairments? Do your staff meeting videos have open ...

April 18, 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive for What Is Now the Largest Minority Population
Inc. Magazine
Understand the process of Universal Design. Are your deck fonts accessible to people with visual impairments? Do your staff meeting videos have open ...

How the Shelby County Sheriff's Office helped children who are visually-impaired have a great Easter
We also hope this will start a dialogue about accessibility, inclusion, and universal design,” said Stephanie Jones, Communication Skills ...

Universal design making sailing on the river possible for all through the work of Hansa ...
Batemans Bay Post
Hansa Sailing continues its fantastic reputation as it exists as one of the world leaders in 'Universal Design', ...

April 11, 2022

Universal design walk-in showers bring comfort and safety to the entire family
Warwick Beacon
Basic principles of universal design focus on functionality, and in the bathroom that might mean adding strategic lighting, slip-resistant flooring ...

Bulldogs for Universal Design tackle curb issues on campus
The Butler Collegian
A key part of universal design is that it works to benefit both disabled and able-bodied students. Sophomore elementary education major Gracie Moore ...

Associate Professor Jessica Hunt Shares Benefits of Inclusive, Game-Based Learning ...
NC State College of Education - NC State University
Our project is working to produce empirical evidence demonstrating how the design principles in the game and wraparound curriculum help teachers to ...

April 4, 2022

Fostering accessibility through universal design
VTx | Virginia Tech
... ergonomics and technology while learning about universal design — design that allows differently abled people to use a space equally.

Designing with Inclusivity in Mind
San Antonio Magazine
A UTSA professor is teaching universal design in hopes of creating a generation of architects who will craft spaces for every age and ability.

'All the small things' blocking access for people with disabilities
Irish Examiner
Universal design is a philosophy of design, which envisages that design of a building, product, or service from the outset and throughout should ...

March 28, 2022

'All the small things' blocking access for people with disabilities
Irish Examiner
Universal design is a philosophy of design, which envisages that design of a building, product, or service from the outset and throughout should ...

Japanese jam jar lids close on their own, as if by magic
Either way, the low physical effort involved in closing the jar makes it a fantastic example of universal design, and one we hope other ...

Local Opinion: Designing a world for everyone to use
Arizona Daily Star
Her creative work has been widely published. Tags. Kristen Hoggatt-abader · Paralympic Winter Games · Universal Design. Respond: Write a letter to ...

March 21, 2022

Dwarfism, disability and why universal design matters
Media Nation
It's on the importance of universal design and focuses on the work of Angela Van Etten, a longtime activist with Little People of America and the ...

Disability and Accessibility
Houghton STAR
Firstly, the mention of handicap door openings. This is something that falls under the term Universal Design (UD). I first learned about UD in my ...

Not Built For Me: Disabled people stuck in inaccessible state housing
Universal design is the gold standard for accessibility. With features including wider doorways, step-free access and slip-resistant flooring, it ...

March 14, 2022

Accessibility Insights makes code more accessible
Microsoft has made inclusive design a key platform in its own products, using a “solve for one, extend to many” model that aims to understand ...

Inclusion: How can schools give every learner a fair chance?
The Standard
There are four important strategies for educators to consider when designing an inclusive classroom. Use universal design principles. Universal Design ...

Democratic assessment: why, what, and how
Times Higher Education (THE)
Is your assessment inclusive and culturally sensitive as well as ... Approach your assessments with a universal design for learning lens to make ...

March 7, 2022

Mentoring and teaching women with disabilities in universities
Times Higher Education (THE)
Inclusive teaching and mentoring practices that support women with ... Resources on Universal Design Learning, pedagogy, and classroom activities ...

Using technology innovation for greater inclusivity
The Peninsula Qatar
Inclusive design - also referred to as universal design and design for all - is a call towards more inclusivity in product design and development ...

Seoul moves forward with sweeping barriers off the way
Travel Daily News Asia
SEOUL, KOREA- Seoul Tourism Organization won the grand prize at the first Seoul Universal Design Awards for its barrier-free environment creation ...

February 28, 2022

The case for using universal design for learning at your institution
Times Higher Education
Two experts on equity and inclusion discuss the role that universal design for learning can play in improving university students' academic ...

Bringing an inclusive mindset to the design of our world
The Globe and Mail
“Inclusive design is an approach to design and business,” says Donna Saccutelli, also a professor in the Graphic Design program. “A starting point is ...

Designing Accessible Products For Users With Disabilities
Women Fitness Magazine
Companies and designers need to consider universal design to simplify life for everyone. This is possible with the creation of the right products, ...

February 21, 2022

USAID Announces Commitments at the Global Disability Summit
US Agency for International Development
... promote the Universal Design for Learning approach in all new education programs, and increase disability-inclusive initiatives at all levels ...

Building accessible brands: the missing link of D&I
The Drum
If accessibility is treated as post-design translation for specific needs, ... approach to embrace a universal culture of inclusive design.

Accessibility Isn't Easy: What 'Easy Mode' Debates Miss About Bringing Games to Everyone
And through inclusive design ideas like this, difficulty modes wouldn't be a necessity. And in general, the argument comes back to that - the actual ...

February 14, 2022

Molly Burke on What Needs to Happen Next for a More Accessible Beauty Industry
"I think what's going to happen with accessible design or universal design is the exact thing that happened a few years ago with shade ranges. The ...

Small changes can make college teaching more inclusive
Inside Higher Ed
Small Changes to Adopt Inclusive Pedagogical Practices ... a specific class session to try applying universal design for learning approaches, ...

Maintaining Accessibility in Banking Channels
BBG Architecture Life
Miranda Capra, director of inclusive design at financial services ... FIs have multiple sources for guidance on designing digital channels for ...

February 7, 2022

Evolving Tools and Emerging Tech Heighten Benefits of Accessible Design
StateTech Magazine
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation calls on governments to serve as early adopters of inclusive augmented reality and virtual ...

Rethinking Tech Design with an Accessibility-First Approach
More and more, companies are realizing (either willingly, or painfully via lawsuit) that they need to start designing their applications and websites accessibility-first.

Engineering Accessible Experiences from the Ground Up
We are excited that we now have an opportunity as we build our next-gen entertainment platform, to integrate accessibility as a core component throughout the tech stack.

January 31, 2022

Fashion for people with disabilities celebrated at Australian Fashion Week
BBG Architecture Life
AAFW has focused on becoming more diverse and inclusive recently and this year, Indigenous designers will make a return to the event in a wider ...

8 best adaptable clothing brands for people with disabilities 
New York Post
Fast forward to the present day and Billy has created a brand that focuses on universal design. Advertisement. Many of the shoe styles feature velcro, ...

Digital accessibility: the billion-customer opportunity for brands 
BBG Architecture Life
Designing for ability-based differences is core to a solid DEI strategy, ... Apply Microsoft's inclusive design principles and tools to prioritize ...

January 24, 2022

Webex's New Features Aim To Create 'A More Inclusive Collaboration Experience' 
“Understanding how assistive technologies are used is important to develop products and features that work for everyone. At Webex, our design, ...

Top 10 Accessibility and Inclusive Design Highlights of 2021
Newz Hook
As we bid adieu to 2021, lets have a look at the top accessibility and inclusive design highlights of the year. 

January 17, 2022

Universal Design and Artificial Intelligence
Mind Matters
Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by ...

At-Home Coronavirus Tests Are Inaccessible to Blind People
The New York Times
With visual cues and complex steps, at-home coronavirus tests are often inaccessible to blind people. But some low- and high-tech workarounds could help.

Adaptive clothing: How it makes life easier for people living with a disability
The South African
This shoe is an example of Universal Design – a principle that proposes products should be designed in such a way that anybody can use them.

January 10, 2022

Academic Minute | Universal Design for Learning Techniques in Virtual Formats
Inside Higher Ed
We have many ways to present information for students in today's world. In today's Academic Minute, Empire State College's Melissa Wells discusses ...

Disruptive innovation in the classroom: making higher education more accessible to a large ...
Times Higher Education (THE)
Universal Design for Learning guides educators to provide “multiple means of expression and action” – give students opportunities to show what they ...

The experiences, needs and barriers of people with impairments related to usability and ...
DocWire News
By applying universal design as a strategy and including people with different ... developers can design solutions with better accessibility.

January 3, 2022

Behind the Effort to Make Sidewalks Accessible
Many sidewalks are inaccessible to people who use a walker or wheelchair, or those with baby carriages. But there are efforts to change that. Jon Froehlich, associate professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is interviewed.

How to make a bathroom beautiful and accessible
Oregon Live
Good design is universal. Consider iPhones, a good example of how the more user-friendly and simpler a design gets, the more accessible it becomes ...

Top 10 Accessibility and Inclusive Design Highlights of 2021 
BBG Architecture Life
Top 10 Accessibility and Inclusive Design Highlights of 2021 · McDonald's India Unveils New EATQUAL Packaging Design · Innovation Challenge to encourage ...

5 “W”s of an Accessible Website | Legal Internet Solutions Inc. 
JD Supra
Universal design—design intended to work for everyone—benefits cascade into the broader community. Consider the curb cut—there's even something ...

December 27, 2021

Designing for disability
It integrates universal design principles — including assistive technologies spread throughout the space — designed to aid users with a variety of ...

Minister Harris launches report on education inclusion for learners with intellectual disabilities
... for Universal Design for Learning in Further Education and Training. ... Inclusive further and higher education is everybody's business, ...

Paraplegic real estate agent tackles housing accessibility 
The Washington Post
A universal design incorporates standard building products or design features — such as wider doors, stepless entrances or lower countertops — so ...

December 20, 2021

Taskar Center launches first mobile version of AccessMap pedestrian trip planning tool for Android and iOS
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering
Rather than this one-size-fits-all approach, AccessMap empowers people by giving them the ability to tailor a route that suits them as individuals. 

The universal symbol system making beauty products accessible to blind consumers ...
Packaging Europe
According to Watts: “Universal Design is based on the belief that by designing products for special needs first, those products work better for ...

Inclusive services that put a stop to digital inequality
Open Access Government
To design inclusively you need to work with a diverse range of people to understand needs, strengths, behaviours and opportunities. Prior to our work ...

Next stop: a transport system accessible for all
Horizon Magazine Blog
They have created a toolbox featuring universal design principles that include accessibility standards for transport services, plus cybersecurity ...

December 13, 2021

Universal design for learning: an introduction and getting started
Times Higher Education (THE)
So how can we as educators best meet the needs of our disparate cohorts of learners? The universal design for learning (UDL) framework provides a very ...

Inclusive services that put a stop to digital inequality
Open Access Government
To design inclusively you need to work with a diverse range of people to understand needs, strengths, behaviours and opportunities. Prior to our work ...

How edtech startup Continual Engine is making e-learning accessible with AI
BBG Architecture Life
In addition, inclusive design is making products effective, efficient and satisfying, keeping user experience in mind for not just physically ...

December 6, 2021

Partnering with Persons with Disabilities for an Accessible and Sustainable Post-COVID World
SDG Knowledge Hub - International Institute for Sustainable Development
Governments should mainstream universal design principles into national development plans, not only in disability-specific laws and policies.

Designing universal access to ocean pools
The University of Sydney
School of Architecture, Design and Planning postgraduate students met a design brief to provide universal access to Australia's ocean pools, ...

Integrating disability inclusion in disaster risk management: the whys and hows
Universal Design illustrates how disability-inclusive DRM programs improve the lives of many, in addition to persons with disabilities.

November 29, 2021

Remodel with Universal Design in Mind
Pasadena Now
Universal design, on the other hand, does more than make living spaces more accessible for those with disabilities. It expands on regulations to ...

‘Inclusive design’ has become so widely used that it’s meaningless. That has to change
Fast Company
Despite its good intentions, inclusive design often fails to treat disabled people as equals.

Designing an inclusive workplace, one space at a time
Benefits Pro
Inclusive office design is all about accommodating your employees, giving them choices and flexibility.

November 22, 2021

Accessibility: A roadmap for creating an equitable experience
The pandemic has driven every organization to depend on digital, making it critical that online services are accessible to everyone...

Gerontechnology: Removing the barriers between digital tools and aging generations
Gerontechnology is presented as a type of assistive technology and universal design...

The Inside Outside Guys: Universal design helps people age at home
Detroit News
This type of design can be done one time for the same money an elder might spend for a single year or two of care in a facility.

November 15, 2021

Universally designed play park fundraising close to $600 K
It aims to include the seven points of Universal Design, used as a guide for projects such as this. Universal Design is the design and composition ...

The experience of performing arts for students with disabilities
The Daily UW
Generally, UW tries to follow the principle of universal design, which means that products and spaces are intended to be accessible for as many people as possible...

Mastercard Introduces Accessible Card Design for Blind Users
The Wall Street Jounral
The new Touch Card will use distinct notches to help distinguish between a debit, credit or prepaid card...

November 8, 2021

Houston METRO: The future of transit is an inclusive one
Mass Transit
Houston METRO's newly remodeled Northwest Transit Center exemplifies universal design. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Houston ...

'Universal Design' could allow seniors to stay in their home as they get older
CBS 58 Newsroom
"Universal Design" is a design school of thought built around these situations...

Universal Design for Learning: 5 Strategies That Benefit Neurodiverse Students
Universal Design for Learning is a teaching approach that aims to support and encourage all types of students, including those with ADHD and learning differences...

November 1, 2021

Digital learning must be accessible to all in today's inclusive classrooms - The Irish Times
The Irish Times
So, what exactly is Universal Design for Learning, or UDL? When designing learning materials, especially digital learning materials, we need to ...

Lesson of the Day: 'A Future for People With Disabilities in Outer Space Takes Flight' - The ...
The New York Times
Then, you will think about accessibility and universal design in your community. Warm-Up. Do you want to travel to space? When we asked students this ...

Disabili-tea: The inaccessibility of higher education - The Williams Record
The Williams Record
Universal design is the final stage, an engineering of campus spaces to be genuinely inclusive and anticipate diversity rather than react to it.

October 25, 2021

Accessible Access That Exceeds Expectations - Campus Safety Magazine
Campus Safety Magazine
Universal design is an approach to designing that meets the needs of every student—regardless of their abilities—so they can all have the same ...

India must build, re-build its courts for disabled. Judicial infra key to justice delivery - ThePrint
The Rules, based on principles of universal design, made it mandatory for all public buildings to conform to the “harmonised guidelines for built ...

Nery Recognized For Work Supporting Students With Disabilities | Palm Desert, CA Patch
... supporting faculty to ensure all instructional materials are accessible and advocating for Universal Design for Learning, a framework for ...

October 18, 2021

Battery pack | Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
Universal Design features. By introducing perforations and writing on the packaging, this product is unchanged although this packaging design ...

Gather knowledge of learners and context - TKI - Inclusive Education
TKI - Inclusive Education - Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI)
Suggestion for implementing the strategy How to plan using UDL within the Guide to Universal Design for Learning.

Supporting Information | Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
Contents · Web accessibility techniques · Universal Design for ICT · Web and mobile app accessibility · Research: Measures to Improve Accessibility of ...

October 11, 2021

CILT Project Aims to Build a More Inclusive Learning Environment | UCT News
University of Cape Town News
Intentional design will focus on creating a variety of learning materials and activities to cater for diverse student contexts, different learning needs ...

Creating Opportunities For People With Disabilities In STEM Careers - Forbes
For example, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an appropriate framework to implement STEM education for students with disabilities.

Beyond Vision to Move from Milwaukee to Larger Facility in West Allis
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The new space will also reflect a universal design concept, which includes audio smart phone interface navigation systems, textured flooring for blind ...

October 4, 2021

Universal Design: Is Your Campus Inclusive?
Campus Rec Magazine
Universal design is imperative in your facility. And here's why. Jenna Allen was on her way to class on her first day of college.

NCPEDP Mphasis Universal Design Awards: Creating a disabled-friendly India - EastMojo
NCPEDP Mphasis Universal Design awards: Creating a disabled-friendly India. A total of 12 winners were announced during the ceremony held virtually this year ...

Educational Equity for Students with Disabilities | Higher Ed Gamma
Inside Higher Ed
An outgrowth of “universal design” in architecture, an effort to make physical environments universally accessible, universal design for learning is rooted ...

September 20, 2021

Access Center broadens its scope with eye towards inclusion and awareness
A steady stream of smiling children came through the doors at SENSES gym in Shelbyville on a recent Tuesday morning, and it wasn’t hard to see why ...

How companies can make their remote working inclusive for the deaf and blind
As remote working takes a greater hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, a wealth of opportunities can open up for people that may not have existed before ...

Fully accessible guide to smart home tech for the disabled and elderly
ZD Net
Smart home devices and technology can be a huge help to the elderly and those with disabilities ...

September 13, 2021

Bringing Theories to Practice: Universal Design Principles and the Use of Social Annotation to Support Neurodiverse Students
There are three core principles of UDL outlined by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) ...

Are Japan's taxis really becoming wheelchair-friendly? One model's experience suggests not
The Manichi
A Tokyo resident who uses a wheelchair was trying to use a taxi on the day before the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic opening ceremony when the driver suddenly shouted at her in a way that made her feel like she was being told to get out ...

These Smart Home Devices Can Enhance Independence for People With Disabilities and Mobility Needs
The New York Times
Smart-home devices can sometimes feel almost magical ...

September 6, 2021

Access Center broadens its scope with eye towards inclusion and awareness
WSU Insider
The Washington State University Access Center has broadened its primary mission of providing accommodations to students with disabilities to include promoting awareness of disability issues, networking with faculty, advising event planners ...

Accessibility in gaming: there’s more work to be done
Accessibility in gaming has come a long way, but gaming’s still not near as progressive as it needs to be ...

Do we need equity or equality to make things ‘fair’? Actually, we need both
The Campus
Fair, to some people, means everyone getting the same thing. But that’s only fair if everyone begins at the same place and needs the same things to succeed, says Todd Zakrajsek ...

More Companies Are Looking to Hire Accessibility Specialists
The Wall Street Journal
Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, lawsuits, and diversity and inclusion efforts explain the increase in accessibility job postings, advocates and executives say ...

August 30, 2021

Hoodies and zippers make life harder for people with disabilities. Social Surge’s adaptive, gender-neutral clothing looks to ‘flip the script’.
Chicago Tribune
You may think nothing about putting on a hoodie when you need or want to, but for some people its design may still prove difficult to manage ...

Get on board with accessible design or lose sales, warns expert
KBB Review
Accessible kitchen design expert Adam Thomas has encouraged KBB retailers to get to grips with inclusive and universal design or risk losing sales ...

Grocers grapple with digital accessibility as e-commerce grows
Grocery Dive
When Save-On-Foods updated its app in January to better accommodate shoppers during the pandemic, it ended up inadvertently introducing barriers for visually impaired consumers ...

Ideal Homes communities now offer options for aging in place
The Norman Transcript
A Norman-headquartered home builder is now constructing houses designed to make life easier for those with mobility limitations in Norman, Moore and Stillwater ...

August 23, 2021

Creating More Accessible, Inclusive Buildings
As the U.S. debates where to invest in infrastructure, architects and disability advocates say the principles of universal design will benefit everyone ...

How Martin McKay And Texthelp Is Making Literacy More Accessible In The Classroom And In The Workplace
... Texthelp currently has 40 million users, adding that they want to be looked at as the “go-to” for dyslexic people and be champions of that community ...

Google adds facial expression recognition to Android Accessibility Suite beta version
Tech Xplore
A team at XDA Developers has discovered that Google has added facial expression recognition to the beta version of the Android Accessibility Suite ...

Carnegie Learning and CAST Awarded $2 Million from US Department of Education to Develop Support for Reading in Mathematics
Yahoo Finance
Carnegie Learning, a leader in artificial intelligence for education and formative assessment, is proud to announce a new project to develop a Math and Reading Acquisition Co-Adaptive System ...

August 16, 2021

Intergenerational Initiative Will Offer Toys with a Purpose in Hazard
University of Kentucky News
... Toys with a Purpose, a new intergenerational initiative ... will establish a lending library to support child development and promote learning through play by improving access to free adapted toys in Eastern Kentucky ...

10 Tips for Engaging Students With Learning Disabilities
Digital Journal
Over the years, countries across the world have been making more efforts towards inclusion, making way for students with learning disabilities to study in regular schools ...

Universal design and forward thinking in retail centres
Shopping Centre News
Experience is everything in retail, and delivering the best possible shopping experience means keeping people and goods flowing ...

Twitter’s web redesign isn’t as accessible as it should be, experts say
Tech Crunch
After teasing its new font in January, Twitter made some major changes to its website and app design this week. But while Twitter framed these updates as making the platform “more accessible,” some accessibility experts say that these changes missed the mark ...

Don’t adjust your screen: Twitter has a new font for improved accessibility
The Next Web
Yes, you’re not the only one. All of us logging into Twitter last night had a little shock when we saw a new set of fonts and design changes across the platform ...

August 9, 2021

Disability Stylist Stephanie Thomas Is Done Asking the Fashion Industry For Favors
... Stephanie herself is a woman with a disability, and she's spent nearly 14 years as a stylist, dressing people with disabilities and consulting with brands, like Nike and Kohl's, on their adaptive clothing lines ...

Make educational institutions disability friendly
Graphic Online
... According to the Children’s Act, 1998, children with disabilities have the right to be educated with their non-disabled counterparts ...

Paralympic Swimmer Mallory Weggemann Opens Her Accessible Minnesota Home to AD
Architectural Digest
... As a wheelchair user who’s paralyzed from the waist down, Weggemann is like millions of Americans who’ve struggled to find an accessible home ...

Who Will Serve Me? Looking at Customer Experience Differently
Customer Think
What many don’t realise is that life for older folk has become increasingly difficult ... The digital barriers are now too high – the tech advantage that we take for granted is making their lives difficult ...

RIT students take on accessibility and medical care challenges by design
The two College of Art and Design students played integral roles in this summer’s Studio930 design consultancy, an interdisciplinary studio that focuses on the development of assistive healthcare solutions ...

August 2, 2021

The hidden way the Tokyo Olympics could forever change the city itself
Fast Company
Japan National Stadium in Tokyo was meant to be the enduring icon of the 2020 Summer Olympics ...

Creating customer value through inclusive design
Forbes India
Inclusive Design of products, services or experiences, embraces the core idea that when product offerings are designed to meet the needs of underserved consumers ...

Education of Children with Disabilities during Covid-19 pandemic
Daily Excelsior
... Because of covid-19 restrictions, online learning was the only solution globally but children with disabilities have special needs ...

'A modest amount of consideration:' Winnipeg man raising accessibility concerns to city
CTV News
A Winnipeg man is raising concerns about accessibility in Winnipeg after one intersection in the city had the wrong auditory signals being used ...

July 26, 2021

Applying Universal Design for Learning in Remote Classrooms
The Tech Edvocate
Now that education has changed so drastically due to COVID-19, bringing on the use of remote classrooms, some teachers find using UDL a bit trickier ...

A path to fully inclusive community hubs
The Remi Network
As the pandemic exacerbates social distance and long-standing inequalities, the idea of creating inclusive community hubs ... is gaining significant momentum ...

An industry grows around helping people stay in their homes as they grow older.
Montery County Weekly
Tregenza’s interest in becoming a certified specialist grew out of learning about the concept of universal design, a foundation of aging in place ...

 The New U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum In Colorado Springs
Montery County Weekly
... the team consulted a committee of Paralympic athletes and persons with disabilities to ensure that, from entrance to exit, all visitors with or without disabilities could tour the USOPM facility together ...

July 19, 2021

Seoul city adopts discrimination-free design for public restrooms
The Korea Times
Seoul Metropolitan Government and the affiliated Seoul Universal Design Center (Seoul UDC) have selected the restrooms at three community service centers ... for remodeling as part of the city's efforts to bring inclusive design to urban civic spaces ...

JCPenney Unveils Clothing Aimed At Kids With Disabilities
Disability Scoop
A major department store is rolling out a new line of children’s clothes with adaptive features and will also be selling a host of accessories for adults and kids with disabilities ...

How Infrastructure Decides Who Enjoys Dignity And Health
... In Urban Planning, universal design means making urban spaces equally accessible to everyone. It’s not what happens in most cities ...

Create multiple ways for learners to express what they know – UDL and Moodle
Universal Design for Learning involves using a variety of teaching methods or pedagogical approaches that provide learners with a range of ways to access learning material, engage with it and exhibit the knowledge that they have acquired ...

Design Meets Function: Geberit Imagines An Easier and More Enjoyable Life at Singapore Interior Design Festival 2021
Markets Insider
Titled "Design Meets Function", Wong highlighted four trends in home design, including smaller, better-designed homes, universal design and accessibility features, a healthy living environment, and technology incorporated into homes ...

July 12, 2021

Rethinking public transport through the lens of universal accessibility
Elets News Network
... The role of any public transport system in essence is not just to enable mobility, but to also augment economic opportunities, and improve access to education, employment, health, and overall quality of life ...

Nafisa Baboo on Making Our Educational Spaces Disability-Inclusive
The Wire
As schools move towards more inclusive models of education, we speak to Nafisa Baboo about her journey as a disability-inclusive educator ...

Mahima Bhalla on Why We Need to Shift from 'Special' to Inclusive Education
The Wire
Belongg speaks to Mahima Bhalla, a learning support teacher at the American Embassy School, New Delhi, about the difference between the two approaches and how inclusive schools can be made sustainable for all stakeholders ...

A dream made possible aboard a 58-foot catamaran
Shelter Island Reporter
... Impossible Dream was conceptualized by Mike Brown, a paraplegic with dreams of sailing in a vessel that could be fully operated by a person in a wheelchair ...

How to Prepare for the Next Phase of Hybrid Teaching
Come fall, will college students be bustling through campus hallways, taking their seats in classrooms large and small? ...

July 5, 2021

Beauty blind spot: People with disabilities
Vogue Business
While the beauty industry has become more inclusive in some areas, it remains a realm exclusively designed for the able-bodied, critics say ...

Education Technology Must Be Accessible For All Students
The Journal
... Aside from the overarching challenges of learning from home, the nation’s nearly 7 million students with disabilities had additional obstacles to overcome during the pandemic ...

US agencies tasked with annual diversity reporting in new Biden order
Global Government Forum
President Biden has signed a new executive order aimed at removing the multiple workplace barriers faced by US federal employees from disadvantaged communities ...

Changing the equation on LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion
... Masure believes that all organizations should design their technology with everyone in mind and focus on developing code designed for the least-privileged groups ...

June 28, 2021

Grant helps provide a place for everyone to play at Evergreen Community Charter School
ABC News
Students at Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville are enjoying the world around them. And now...the outdoor spaces will be even more inclusive for children with special needs ...

City of Miami Beach votes on $2.5 million deal to build nation’s first adaptive fitness center for people with disabilities
7 News WSVN
An organization is building a pathway to fitness for those with disabilities ...

An Inclusive Design Process for Breakthrough Research
Lab Manager
The scientific research community is among the most diverse that institutional and corporate organizations serve. Shouldn’t laboratory planning, architecture, and design reflect that diversity ...

June 21, 2021

New Universal Design for Learning guidance published
The Anglo-Celt
The Further Education and Training (FET) sector in Ireland should be aiming to reduce the barriers to learning for all learners in Cavan and across the entire further education and training sector, rather than mitigating against them ...

How The eLearning Space Has Changed In The Last Year
The eLearning space has been forever changed by the events of the last year ...

Inclusivity, Access and Resilience: Much More than Meeting ADA
The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) released exciting news on the development of two important initiatives ...

June 14, 2021

Carolina Panthers announce donation to new park for special needs athletes
WCNC Charlotte
Miracle Park is an inclusive place in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where people with all different abilities can compete in a full range of sports ...

From Face-to-Face to Online UDeL Camps: Supporting Staff at Higher Education Institutions in Developing Universal Design for eLearning (UDeL)
National Library of Medicine
The TINEL Project is running a series of camps for staff at higher education institution to support them in developing inclusive eLearning ...

Verbit eyes public offering as it reaches $1 billion valuation
Verbit, a transcription technology company, will look to go public after announcing its most recent round of $157 million in funding on Tuesday, according to a news release ...

Using Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Promote Greater Success Among Minority Students
Faculty Focus
Making learning accessible through an inclusive learning community is crucial for all students to feel seen, valued, and to maximize their potential by implementing a safe space ...

June 7, 2021

Accessibility Planning for Higher Education Campuses in India: A Contextual Approach to Universal Design
National Library of Medicine
Accessibility in higher education campuses of India paves way for inclusion ...

Global learning technology leader D2L is continuing to help make online learning more accessible for learners of all abilities ...

Universal design in public transport ticketing systems: A case study in Oslo and Amsterdam
... when we are striving to adopt universal design solution with built-in adaptability, affinity and capability to accommodate people with diverse capabilities; it is essential to know that whether we are close to achieving this goal of ‘design for all’ ...

May 31, 2021

Learning Without Limits: Increasing Tech Accessibility in the K–12 Classroom
EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
When it comes to finding the most beneficial AT to help both students and teachers, Horowitz points to the Universal Design for Learning. This model ...

11 resources to avoid the summer slide
eSchool News
Built on Universal Design for Learning principles, EquatIO supports a wide range of learning styles and preferences meaning that it enables students ...

Flexibility is key if we want students to connect with their studies
Times Higher Education (THE)
Universal design for learning (UDL) is not only built on the premise that all learners differ, it values that variability and sees those differences as a ...

Agencies ramp up inclusion efforts for the disabled community
PR Week
... but that content is accessible for all with universal design principles,” Friedman said. “It's not enough to bolt accessibility onto a website, content, ...

Landmark agreement catapults Para-sport research to next level
UQ News
“Considering the role of universal design in research can solve problems that may not only improve the performances of our athletes, but spark ...

May 24, 2021

How Do We Know the Needs of the Students?
Faculty Focus
I was recently presenting a workshop on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and I was discussing learner variability, interests, and preferences as a ...

Home Front: Designs that can withstand the test of time
Conway Daily Sun
Universal design addresses the needs of anyone regardless of their age, size, ability, mobility or disability. Common features of a universally designed ...

May 17, 2021

Putting safety first
Bangkok Post
Universal Design Academy is hoping to inspire architects and designers to make buildings more accessible and secure...

Blackboard 'Ally' tool aids course design for students with disabilities
Blackboard's lessons derived from the Ally data address accessibility and universal design, promoting flexible course formats and making accessible ...

Young Tastemakers Include Wellness Design Products In Their 30s Choice Awards
Voice control is one of them, making it easier for someone with vision or mobility limitations to cook, (an accessibility benefit)...

May 10, 2021

Designed for Everyone: How COVID-19 conversations could change higher education for the better
Oregon Daily Emerald
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) takes this and applies it to the classroom. The goal of UDL is to design teaching to be flexible so as to remove as ...

Library programming for autistic children and teens
... and best practices in the library rooted in the principles of Universal Design;; step-by-step programs from librarians across the country, adaptable for ...

Rethinking the Race
Inside Higher Ed
Guidelines for universal design for learning offer one framework; liberatory design thinking can also be applied to higher education. As the Association ...

May 3, 2021

Universal Design for Learning
NSW Department of Education
Universal Design for Learning is a planning framework that supports teachers to enable every student in every classroom to access the curriculum...

If You Build Automated Vehicles, Will Older Adults Come?
The lesson of universal design – that making products work for some can improve them for all – can be applied to AVs. A lesson from conventional cars: ...

April 26, 2021

Affordable And Adaptable Houses For First-Time Homeowners
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Solar Decathlon 2020 entry, focused on a growing market of young professional homeowners seeking an affordable home that can adapt to...

Intelligence++ Competition Winners Announced
Syracuse University News
... with principles of universal design accessible to everyone. “MeetCute is a safe and inclusive app for everyone looking to meet compatible people for ...

April 19, 2021

Why COVID-19 Has Made Universal Design More Important for Seniors, Home-Based Care Providers
Home Health Care News
“Universal design emphasizes equitable use and low physical effort,” Rosemarie Rossetti, president of Rossetti Enterprises, told Home Health Care ...

Oakland University increases web accessibility effort
Universal design for learning is an approach to designing class activities that allow students to have more choice in how they engage with the material. “ ...

Ascending into an Open Future
American Libraries
Access and universal design learning. Academic libraries are responsible for providing accessible collection materials to patrons with disabilities, but ...

Accessibility isn’t an add-on when it comes to awards
Planning, BIM & Construction Today
But the existence of dedicated awards that reward universal design doesn't take away from the fact that all buildings should be accessible and ...

April 12, 2021

How to Incorporate Universal Design Features Into Your Home
The Laconia Daily Sun
COVID-19 has led many homeowners to rethink the way that their homes live and operate, as telecommuting to work and school has increased significantly in the past...

Suffolk Celebrates Opening of New Inclusive Playground with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Inclusive play incorporates universal design to create a space so children who have different abilities can interact and play together. The design also ...

April 5, 2021

Museum of Surrey Receives $66,987 for Universal Design Upgrade to Facility
The two grants provide funding to upgrade all staff and public washrooms to universal design standards including automatic flushing mechanisms, ...

New Research Connects Vehicle and Infrastructure Design for Barrier-Free Mobility
Understanding how Universal Design language could impact automated vehicles. Building vehicles and infrastructure that meet the needs of 85 percent ...

March 29, 2021

Berkeley Talks transcript: Bess Williamson on the history of disability and design
UC Berkeley
The universal design is sort of gaining traction just at the same time as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1990 is ...

ETSU ranks sixth among Most Affordable Online Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities
Johnson City Press
“Tutors receive training in how to best support students with learning disabilities, universal design principles and best practices in online tutoring.

How to Structure Your Online Class for Inclusion: Two Principles for Fostering Engagement, Part 2
Faculty Focus
... is becoming increasingly popular for supporting engagement within and among diverse student audiences is Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

New tool offers students an easier way to read material on Canvas
American River Current
“Audio, which is a Universal Design for Learning, is at its best since many of us learn better by listening and students can take the recording and listen ...

March 22, 2021

Spotlight on Universal Design: Q&A with Stanis Smith
Canadian Architect
The term 'Universal Design' was coined by architect Ronald Mace to describe the concept of designing products and the built environment to be ...

Neurodiversity Alliance to advocate for and support neurodiverse Wolf Pack community
Nevada Today
Newly formed alliance to focus on Universal Design Learning, breaking down institutional barriers and creating, supporting University neurodiverse ...

Inaugural International Women’s Day Award for Inclusive Practices awarded
Nevada Today
“We're trying to show how universal design for learning can help everyone in school—not just people with disabilities, but everyone.” The need for the ...

Neurodiversity Alliance
Nevada Today
We advocate Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an approach to learning that recognizes variation in human cognition and neurological conditions ...

Neurodiversity and the University
Nevada Today
The NA advocates Universal Design for Learning, an approach to learning that recognizes variation in human cognition and neurological conditions ...

March 15, 2021

Embracing Universal Design for Learning with Moodle
At its core, universal design for learning involves using a variety of teaching methods or pedagogical approaches that provide learners with a range of ...

Improving Accessibility for Students and Faculty with Disabilities
EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
A year later, many higher education institutions are still struggling to achieve universal design. A growing share of online coursework now contains ...

I Shouldn’t Have to Dehumanize My Son to Get Him Support
The Nation
Universal design is a core concept in the disability world. Initially developed in the 1970s with the goal of designing objects and spaces to maximize ...

March 8, 2021

Don’t Limit Your Learners’ Experience
Universal design is all around us. Whether it be the products we buy, architecture and interior furnishings, or the websites we log on to, universal design ...

Designing spaces with marginalized people in mind makes them better for everyone
Popular Science
Those suggested tweaks come thanks to research by the DeafSpace Project, a universal design effort from architect Hansel Bauman and Gallaudet ...

Residents learn more about plans for Ballinger Park accessible playground
MLT News
He provided a definition of universal design that calls for a “process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human ...

March 1, 2021

Universal design for learning in computing | Hello World #15
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for considering how tools and resources can be used to reduce barriers and support all learners.

Mobility Matters conference models accessible remote learning with virtual national park field trip
Portland State University
“Universal design is a design philosophy that embraces inclusion. It challenges us to consider the many ways that information can be presented and ...

Why Accessible Design Is Essential for Creating a More Inclusive World
Yahoo Lifestyle
As opposed to universal design, Schaffer believes accessible design is all about creating barrier-free environments. While this is primarily thought of ...

February 22, 2021

Guest Column: Universal Design helps everyone, so why is Closed Captioning a luxury?
Central Michigan Life
As a hearing-impaired student on campus, the idea of universal design really struck a chord with me while writing this legislation. I believe, in an ideal ...

Older Adults, New Mobility, and Automated Vehicles: A Framework for Harnessing Emerging Technology for Individual and Societal Benefit
... and new mobility more generally, with a focus on the needs of the harder-to-serve older adult and the benefits of the “universal design” approach.

Achieving inclusion in higher education by design
University World News
Universal design for learning ... that more conversations need to take place around a “universal design for learning”, which, perhaps counterintuitively, ...

What Nike’s First Hands-Free Shoe Means for the Disability Community
Verywell Health
One of the goals of universal design is to improve accessibility for everyone, including the disability community. There have been criticisms, however, ...

February 15, 2021

AGM/Ascension Awards $5,000 to CAPLA Architecture Students in Inaugural Universal Design Prize
University of Arizona CAPLA
Cervantas’s studio project Emerge—which was awarded the AGM Universal Design Honor Award and $2,000 from her semester-long work in Design Studio III: Integrating Place...

Mathewson Park Playground Now Open With Universal Access
Coronado Times Newspaper
Another aspect of universal design is accessible parking. The newly designated accessible parking spot has been moved to a level space on Pomona ...

February 8, 2021

Nike’s new Flyease Go shoes snap right onto your feet
Fast Company
The Go is an example of universal design (or what some might call inclusive design) at its finest. While I'm able to tie my own shoes, this innovation, ...

Team will develop tech to help people with cognitive impairments use automated driving systems
KU Today
“We're looking at this more in terms of the universal design and how science is for everyone to be able to use more effectively.” The research team ...

February 1, 2021

Molly Burke on the Best and Worst Beauty Packaging for Blind People
Allure Magazine
In a new video, the beauty influencer explains how universal design and tactile packaging elements improve accessibility.

Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics
This book showcases the critical role design plays in promoting universal design through personal stories and long-form essays. From DIY inventions ...

RespectAbility Sets Accessibility and Inclusion Lab Conversation Series at Sundance
Hollywood Reporter
... Austen, producer of Give Me Liberty, about what it takes to run a set that welcomes and ensures universal design for crew members with disabilities.

January 25, 2021

Accessibility Services and Moving Towards Universal Design
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
The university isn't listening to disabled students if it thinks access comes through closely guarded accommodation rather than universal design.

Thammasat Uni Champions Universal Design for Students with Disabilities
Many places don't think about the universal design at all. To illustrate, Braille Blocks on footpaths are impractical, if not make things worse, since they ...

Disability rights groups say disability studies university promotes segregation
Hindustan Times
These also need to have on-line alternatives for delivery of courses based on Universal Design of Learning and Reasonable Accommodation as per ...

January 18, 2021

Universal Design for Learning After COVID-19
Inside Higher Ed
The institutional window to support universal design for learning will be most open when faculty are making the transition away from remote and towards ...

Privacy Considerations for Designing All-Inclusive Restrooms
... inclusivity, the results will make restrooms better for everyone to use and inch these facilities closer to the ideal standard of truly universal design.”

What Biden's Pick for Ed. Secretary Discussed With Disability Rights Advocates
Education Week
That discussion included topics like financial aid and universal design for students with disabilities. Evie Blad. Follow Unfollow. Staff Writer , Education ...

Be kinder with deadlines’: What teachers learned from remote teaching last time
The Irish Times
“If I am setting an assignment, I am going to use a more universal design for learning,” says Devenney. “I will ask the students to give it back to me in ...

January 11, 2021

What 2020 Taught Us
Inside Higher Ed
Universal design seeks to make a course accessible to all students, whether or not they have a documented disability, while frequent formative ...

Seeing them smile, and talk: HCC literary specialist creates masks with clear-mouth windows to help hearing impaired
Royal said Aliengena's masks are a “great reflection of universal design principles” — an accommodation beneficial for deaf and hearing people alike.

Industrial Design: Why Is It Still a Man's World?
Universal Design promotes making objects as inclusive as possible. But when 95% of the designers are male they naturally bring their own experiences ...

January 4, 2021

Seat Made By Bengaluru Startup Helps Disabled People Get In And Out Of Car Easily
India Times
Moreover, since it's based on a universal design, it can be easily removed and replaced in a different car, should such a need arise. The creators state ...

Govt proposes to set up University of Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Sciences
Outlook India
... language pathology; special education; psychology; nursing; orthotics and prosthetics and assistive technology; and inclusive and universal design.