A Framework for Inclusive Practices in Higher Education Worksheet

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Inclusive Campus Model Underpinned by the UDHE Framework

Reference: Burgstahler, S. (2020). Creating inclusive learning opportunities in higher education: A universal design toolkit. Harvard Education Press.

Inclusive Campus Model Underpinned by the UDHE Framework

Example of UDHE Framework for University of Washington IT

Vision: @ UW: Inclusive campus. What is the vision for your campus?
Values: @ UW: Diversity, equity, inclusion, compliance. What campus values are most relevant for moving toward your vision?
UDHE Framework: Does the UDHE (or another) framework reflect your vision & values & can it guide your work toward a more inclusive program/campus?

@UW applied to IT

  • Scope: Procurement, development & use of IT
  • Definition: “The design of IT products & environments in higher education to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design”
  • Principles: 7 UD+3 UDL+ 4 WCAG
  • Guidelines: Those built on UD, UDL, & WCAG principles
  • Practices: Practices built on UD, UDL, & WCAG guidelines
  • Process: Identify the application; define the “universe;” involve consumers; adopt guidelines/standards; apply guidelines/standards, plan for accommodations, training & support, evaluate

Assignment: Complete at least one aspect of Current/New Practices for Program or Campus

Current Practices:      

New Practices:

Stakeholder roles: