Career Preparation Resources for Parents and Mentors

With the tremendous impact of technology on all career fields, the options for your child have grown enormously. Transitions within the academic setting and to a work setting are exciting, yet challenging, for both you and your child.

Ways of Providing Assistance

  1. Encourage your child to participate in work-based learning programs.
  2. Explain the Social Security (SS) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) systems to your child.
  3. Involve yourself in your child's Individual Education Plan and make sure employment-preparation activities are included.
  4. Learn about available adult services.
  5. Prepare your child for the transition to independent adulthood.

Resources to Help Prepare Students for Careers

Learn and Earn: Supporting Teens
Encourage high school students with disabilities to gain work experiences.

Learn and Earn: Tips for Teens
Work-based learning opportunities for high school students with disabilities.

It's Your Career: Work-Based Learning Opportunities for Students With Disabilities
Work-based learning opportunities for college students with disabilities.

Legal Issues
Legal rights to education and employment.

Obtaining Accommodations in Higher Education
tips on where to go to get accommodations set up for higher education. 

Disability-Related Resources on the Internet
Search for resources of interest to you.