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February 6, 2012

UW retirees donation remembers ‘lost generation of Chinese immigrants

A retired longtime UW staff member gives a donation to UW Libraries Special Collections that helps document the experience of immigrants from China in the “second wave,” between the 1930s and 1960s.

Shifting the pharmaceutical care model in Hong Kong

One of the world’s most densely settled places, Hong Kong is restructuring pharmacy practice to meet the healthcare needs of its populace.

February 3, 2012

UW Medicine joins forces with First Lady Michelle Obama to serve America's military families

The First Lady praised academic institutions for dedicating resources and reinforcing their commitment to the health needs of veterans.

Public lectures explore the brain and behavior

The psychology departments annual public lecture series will cover the relationships between brains and behavior, exploring hearing, vision and memory.

February 2, 2012

Scientists coax shy microorganisms to stand out in a crowd

University of Washington scientists have advanced a method that allowed them to single out a marine microorganism and map its genome even though the organism made up less than 10 percent of a water sample teeming with many millions of individuals from dozens of identifiable groups of microbes.

Arts Roundup: Dance, music at Meany; photography at UW Tower — and School of Drama opens ‘Emma

Its the sort of lively week that shows off UW arts well. Theres dance, art, a variety of musical performances, cool photography at UW Tower, workshops at the Henry — and the School of Drama begins its production of Jane Austens classic novel, “Emma.”

Diet high in processed meat linked to increased diabetes risk in populations with high diabetes rate

Diabetes risk is increased in men and women who eat a diet high in processed meats, according to a study published online this week in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Processed meats include hot dogs, lunch meat, sausages and canned meats.

News digest: Foldit first from Science, register for summer youth programs

Honor: Science magazine awards Foldit a first || Registration opens for Robinson Center summer programs

February 1, 2012

UW Tacomas Joy Building receives highest green-building certification

The University of Washington Tacomas Russell T. Joy Building has earned LEED Platinum certification, the highest, most rigorous certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design system.

January 31, 2012

At Ethnic Cultural Center building site, fencing tells a story

A new system of construction fences designed by a UW group make campus building sites look neater. They also offer history of the building project and explain what’s being built.

News digest: Corbally professorship, eText pilot, slugs and snails, flags at half-staff

J. Patrick Dobel named to Corbally professorship || Additional eText info session Wednesday || World of slugs, snails on display at Miller Library || Campus flags at half-staff

January 30, 2012

Preserved habitat near national parks helps species conservation

National parks help preserve species native to a particular region, but it appears that some species preservation is more successful if a significant portion of land adjacent to a park also is left as natural habitat.

Ferroelectric switching discovered for first time in soft biological tissue

The walls of the aorta, the largest blood vessel carrying blood from the heart, exhibits a response to electric fields known to exist in inorganic and synthetic materials. The discovery could have implications for treating human heart disease.

January 27, 2012

Lost and Found Films: ‘University Parking, 1960

It’s a new round of News and Informations Lost and Found Film clips, where readers help identify historic bits of film from the UW’s Audio Visual Materials Library. This time, a 1960 film about campus parking — so then why is a referred to as a “basketball” film?


UW Bothell launches first Innovation Forum

UW Bothell launches its first Innovation Forum, Feb. 13 to 16, to encourage discourse between the university and the community

January 26, 2012

Commentary in Nature: Can economy bear what oil prices have in store?

The economic pain of a flattening oil supply will trump the environment as a reason to curb the use of fossil fuels, say two scientists, one from the University of Washington and one from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, in the Jan. 26 issue of the journal Nature.


Arts Roundup: Music, filmmaking, photography and ‘Hungry Planet opens at the Burke Museum

There will be music, film, photography and food, glorious food featured in the arts the week of Jan. 30. The Burke Museum opens an exhibit on what the world eats, UWTV resumes its series on filmmaking, guitar students play, UW Tacoma has a new art class on glass — and a blogger explains the legalities of “Downton Abbey.”

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: Environmental protection need not cost jobs

In a Town Hall meeting at the UW on Jan. 25, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson told a packed auditorium that President Barack Obamas push for green jobs and protecting the environment can also help rebuild the economy.

January 25, 2012

Injecting sulfate particles into stratosphere wont fully offset climate change

New UW research demonstrates that one suggested method of geoengineering the atmosphere to deal with climate change probably would have limited success.

USDOT awards $3.5 million for UW-based regional transportation center

The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a grant of $3.5 million to a multi-university, regional transportation center led by the University of Washington. The newly established Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium, or PacTrans, will focus on safe and sustainable transportation systems.

UW second in nation in Peace Corps volunteers

The University of Washington ranked second among large universities in producing volunteers for the Peace Corps in 2011.

New center to develop interventions for writing, reading disabilities

UW’s College of Education has been awarded an $8.1 million, five-year federal grant to study how best to teach writing and reading to both learning-disabled and typically achieving children.

January 24, 2012

UW leads in connecting scholarship with community

Research that gives back to the public is an emerging trend in higher education, and the UW is among the first U.S. universities to establish a path of study for it.

Discover whats on the health horizon at UW Medicine Mini-Medical School 2012

The general public and the UW community can register to attend the 2012 UW Medicine Mini-Med School. Learn the latest in research, clinical advances and physician training.

News Digest: ‘Ignite teaching/learning, faculty honor, live-shuttle tracking

Technology for teaching, learning at Wednesday event || Honor: David Harrison || Live-shuttle tracking for Health Sciences Express

January 23, 2012

Pharmacy students impress judges with clinical knowledge at New Orleans competition

Students Stephanie Friedman and Linda Lei put their pharmaceutical expertise to the test at a national competition, and won first place.

Dentistrys Tim DeRouen to lead national dental research association

Dentistry Interim Dean Tim DeRouen has been elected to a four-year term on the executive board of the American Association for Dental Research that will lead to his assumption of the AADR presidency in 2014.

Faculty roundtable on poverty first of three in 2012 for Evans School 50th

The latest census shows the highest American poverty levels since 1993. Why is that the case? Faculty from the Evans School of Public Affairs will discuss this in a discussion titled “The Changing Face of American Poverty” on Feb. 1.

‘Community Photos’ contributors capture snowy UW

Catch a dozen photos of last weeks snowfall at UW News and Informations “Community Photos.” Be sure to contribute your own photos of UW buildings, landmarks, people – snow or not – to this ever-evolving collection.

January 20, 2012

WSU center becomes part of UW Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies

Earlier this month, the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at WSU merged with the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the UW.

‘Beyond the Ivory Tower offers latest on communicating science

A panel discussion Monday on “Broader Impacts: What do Funders Really Want?” is the first of six presentations on sharing University of Washington research with the general public.

From 'American Knees' to 'Americanese'

A visit with English Professor Shawn Wong as one of his novels comes to the big screen, at SIFF, then in general release.

Hip-hop lesson plans teach Seattle students about social issues, arts – with playlist

Hip-hop music teaches middle- and high schoolers about social movements, poetry and art in a UW-coordinated project.

January 19, 2012

Homeless heavy drinkers imbibe less when housing allows alcohol

A study of a housing project that allows chronically homeless people with severe alcohol problems to drink in their apartments found that residents cut their heavy drinking by 35 percent.

Arts Roundup: Robin McCabe, Craig Sheppard, the University Symphony, mixed media meets dance at the Henry

Robin McCabe has a solo concert, the University Symphony features Craig Sheppard, the Odegaard has art, undergraduates do theater, “American Knees” hits the big screen and the Henry has a dance/mixed media piece.

January 18, 2012

New oral history of William Ruckelshaus, key figure in environmental policy, now online

An oral history of the career of William D. Ruckelshaus, the first and fifth administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, whose career parallels the growth of the environmental movement in the United States, is now available in three locations in the state of Washington.

Thanks, all — Combined Fund Drive breaks record for 2011

The UW Combined Fund Drive broke its own record and met its goal in 2011, raising $2,066,131 in donations for about 1,500 charities in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide.

January 17, 2012

Fruit flies watch the sky to stay on course — with video

New research demonstrates that fruit flies keep their bearings by using the polarization pattern of natural skylight, bolstering the belief that many, if not all, insects have that capability.

January 13, 2012

Opinion: Reflections on Dr. King and a mothers life well lived

Ed Taylor, UW vice provost and dean of undergraduate affairs, remembers the life and achievements of his mother in the context of the work of Dr. King. “At her funeral, I was profoundly aware of my responsibility to live a life that is as decent, kind, caring and humane as my mother’s.”

Election Eye 2012: David Domke and crew partner with Seattle Times for blogging from campaign trail

Domke heads to South Carolina with students, colleagues — and cartoonist David Horsey — for on-the-ground coverage of the 2012 campaign.

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