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September 25, 2013

Shiny new Odegaard library greets students

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UW students are being greeted by a spiffy new version of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library following a nearly $17 million makeover, the first in the library’s 41-year history.

‘Green jobs’ loosely defined in job creation grants

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Digital applications can enable or limit, say authors of ‘The App Generation’

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There’s often “an app for that” these days, but for young people such digital shortcuts can be as limiting as they are convenient, says the University of Washington co-author of a new book titled “The App Generation.”

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September 23, 2013

News Digest: Flu clinics this fall, help with new K-12 standards, public events about Middle East

Flu clinics in October, November || UW helping with new science, engineering standards for K-12 || Jackson School to hold public events about Middle East

September 20, 2013

Myth busting: Why so many spiders in late summer?

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September 19, 2013

Cognitive rehabilitation improves brain function in cancer survivors

UW Health Sciences/ UW Medicine

A new study shows that cancer survivors who experience memory and thinking problems may benefit from cognitive rehabilitation.

Arts Roundup: Photos, lectures — and new exhibits at the Henry Art Gallery

As the new school year gears up, the arts on campus come alive with an array of exhibits, lectures and performances to enjoy.

Mantas, devil rays butchered for apothecary trade now identifiable

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Dried filters from the mouths of filter-feeding rays started appearing in apothecary shops in recent years, but there’s been no way to know which of these gentle-natured rays was being slaughtered. Now scientists have discovered enough differences to identify the giant manta and eight devil rays using the dried filters.

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September 18, 2013

Cables, instruments installed in the deep sea off Pacific Northwest coast

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In a seven-week cruise this past summer, oceanographers and students laid 14 miles of extension cable and installed about a dozen instruments for a historic deep-sea observatory.

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Documents that Changed the World: The Riot Act, 1714

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When does a gathering become a riot? According to the United Kingdom’s Riot Act of 1714, it’s when local authorities say so.

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