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September 18, 2012

Center for Chemical Innovation receives NSF reauthorization of $20 million

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $20 million grant over five years in reauthorizing the Center for Enabling New Technologies Through Catalysis based at the University of Washington.

Local scientists chosen for NIH High Risk High Rewards program

The scientists were selected for their inventive ideas to transform their field of research and improve the health of the public.

Remembering David Olson, UW professor emeritus of political science

A memorial service will be held later this fall for David Olson, highly respected professor emeritus of political science, who died on Saturday, Sept. 16.

A Look Inside UW’s Board Of Regents

News Digest: Virtually explore deep-sea volcanoes, iSchool documentary airs tonight, UW community building award

Explore deep-sea volcanoes, virtually || iSchool stars in new UWTV-produced documentary || Seattle Fandango to receive UW diversity award for community building

App lets you monitor lung health using only a smartphone

Feeling wheezy? You could call the doctor. Or soon you could use your smartphone to diagnose your lung health, with a new app that uses the frequencies in the breath to determine how much and how fast you can exhale.

September 17, 2012

University of Washington adds housing with big building boom

Shrinking snow depth on Arctic sea ice threatens ringed seal habitat

Scientists found that the habitat required for ringed seals — animals under consideration for the threatened species list — to rear their young will drastically shrink this century.


September 14, 2012

Rideshare Mixer meant to help you find, create a carpool or vanpool

The first Rideshare Mixer next week – complete with free snacks, bowling and prizes in the newly renovated HUB games area – will provide tips from folks who already share their rides as well as information on how to find or create a carpool or vanpool.

Researchers come a step closer to finding HIV vaccine

Finding that the failed vaccine RV144 did offer some protection against certain HIV viruses suggests a more potent vaccine might be possible.

HUB gets a reboot for the 21st century

September 13, 2012

Documents that Changed the World podcasts: Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’

For the latest installment of  his Documents that Changed the World podcast series, Joe Janes takes a look at a small book that had a huge impact. “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung,” also known as Mao’s “Little Red Book,” was published in 1965 and became one of the most widely printed and distributed books in…

After months on portable artificial heart, Alaska man receives transplant

Christopher Marshall underwent a seven-hour heart transplant surgery yesterday, Sept. 12, a UW Medical Center.

Arts Roundup: Student theater, Native American films — and the Burke gets buggy

The last couple of weeks before fall quarter begins are like the calm before the storm. In this otherwise quiet week, UWTV starts a new series featuring Native American filmmakers, the Undergraduate Theater Society sets its 2012-13 lineup and the Burke Museum goes buggy. Also, University of Washington Press reprints a powerful 1845 slave narrative…

Alaska man with artificial heart gets transplant at UW

September 12, 2012

Groceries and more: District Market opens in Alder Hall

There’s a new grocery store on campus. The District Market, with new deli, bakery, noodle bar and café, was built to serve students, but it’s open to all.

News Digest: Volunteer Saturday at Urban Hort, webcast compares Mars rover and undersea research, book out on floating homes

Join hundreds of volunteers Saturday putting a shine on Urban Hort || Thursday webcast links Mars rover to undersea research || Architecture graduate student pens book on Seattle’s floating homes

UW celebrates opening of new Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building

The UW’s new Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building opens this fall with a series of kick-off events focused on this emerging area of research. The associated Institute will focus on research applications in medicine and clean energy.

West Seattle hum apparently not so fishy

Official U.S. poverty rate remains high, middle class incomes decline

Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau today show that, after increasing since 2008, the poverty rate for the U.S. remained stable at 15 percent between 2010 and 2011. In Washington state, the estimated poverty rate increased from 11.5 percent (774,000 residents) to 12.5 percent (854,000 residents) between 2010 and 2011.


September 11, 2012

Freshman Convocation marks opening of UW’s school year

University of Washington President Michael Young will be the featured speaker at the UW’s 29th annual Freshman Convocation, which begins at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 23 in the Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. About 4,800 people are expected to attend this event, which welcomes the entering class. Convocation officially marks the beginning of…

Open for business: The HUB is back

After a makeover lasting nearly 2½ years, the Husky Union Building opened on Monday, though it will continue in transition for the next couple of weeks.

September 10, 2012

Slayton to become chair of Pediatric Dentistry

Crows react to threats in human-like way

Crows and humans share the ability to recognize faces and associate them with negative and positive feelings. The way the brain activates during that process is something the two species also appear to share.

News Digest: Honor: Doug Parish and Ray Wilson, NASA taps UW to study the origin of life in the universe, new director of real estate studies

UWPD officers honored for lifesaving work || NASA taps UW team to study origin, distribution of life in the universe || Stephen O’Connor new director of the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies

Annoying Seattle sound may be fish mating call

September 7, 2012

Piecing together Patagonia’s ancient vegetation

September 6, 2012

Arts Roundup: Films, records, art — and the School of Drama’s new season

The arts calendar is filling with cool events, from record appreciation at the Henry Art Gallery to moth appreciation at the Burke Museum.

Hospitals that make longer attempts at resuscitation have higher survival rates

Findings challenge the assumption that, if a pulse is not restored soon, continuing resuscitation efforts is futile.

September 5, 2012

Dinosaur die out might have been second of two closely timed extinctions

New UW research indicates that shortly before an asteroid impact spelled doom for the dinosaurs, a separate extinction triggered by volcanic eruptions killed life on the ocean floor.

Encyclopedia of DNA elements compiled; UW a key force in Project ENCODE

An international team of researchers has made headway toward a comprehensive listing of all the working parts of the human genome. More than 30 scientific papers appear today, include major work by UW researchers. The London Museum of Science celebrates with ceiling banners and aerial dancers.

Millions of DNA switches that power human genome’s operating system are discovered

Scientists created comprehensive maps of elusive gene-controlling DNA and a dictionary of the human genome’s programming language

Researchers unlock disease information hidden in genome’s control circuitry

Most genetic changes linked to more than 400 common diseases affect regions of DNA that dictate when genes are switched on or off. Many of these changes affect circuits active during early human development.

UW’s brave (and bright!) new molecular engineering lab

September 4, 2012

Rocket science coming to the Yakama Nation

Middle school and high school students from the Yakama Nation will have a chance this weekend to peer into space or learn the basics of rocket flight during a daylong festival with scientists from UW and other institutions.

Gardener’s delight offers glimpse into the evolution of flowering plants

Double flowers – though beautiful – are mutants. UW biologists have found the class of genes responsible in a plant lineage more ancient than the one previously studied, offering a glimpse even further back into the evolutionary development of flowers.

September 2, 2012

Revamped Huskies defense holds off SDSU

August 31, 2012

‘Mobile Moms’ to boost health of women in Timor-Leste

To improve the odds for mothers and their newborns in the new nation of Timor-Leste, a non-profit affiliated with the UW School of Public Health has launched a first-ever mobile phone project.


Lost and Found Films: Taking a survey in 1956

Can you help identify this old bit of film from the library archives?

August 30, 2012

Official Notice: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

GIM-10 and GIM-7 are now revised to ensure compliance with the new Public Health Service financial conflict of interest regulations. Investigators are expected to be in full compliance of the revised GIM-10 as of Aug. 24. Implementation systems and processes, such as the financial interest disclosure system and financial conflict of interest training, can be…

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