Find Us:
We are located on-campus on the 1st floor of the Waterfront Activities Center. From the parking lot walk through the breezeway toward the lake, enter the building at the boat rental office, we are just down the hall and to the right.

Gear Garage Hours

Day of Week Times
Monday 3-7pm
Tuesday Closed **
Wednesday Closed**
Thursday 3-7pm
Friday 3-7pm
Saturday 3-7pm
Sunday 3-7pm
  • Gear rentals stop 15 minutes before close
  • Due to the length of the rental process; ski, snowboard, and bike rentals stop 1 hour before close.

** Off-hours pick up and drop off may be available. Appointments are subject to staff availability and carry a $15 convenience fee. Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance. For more information, please use the contact information below.

Important Date Changes

How Pricing Works

  • We do not charge for the day equipment is picked up and the day it’s dropped off. For example, pick-up on Friday and drop-off on Sunday is a single day rental.
  • Final cost = number of days the equipment will be in your possession x per day price + Seattle Sales Tax.
  • 10% discount on rentals 7-days and longer.
  • Student rate when renting 2+ of the same item-  When a single person is renting multiples of the same item, the student rate is applied to the first item only. Each additional item is charged at the standard rate. (example: two tents are being rented by the same student, the student rate is applied to the first tent and not the second). For more information on how the student rate works please contact us.
  • Prices subject to change.

Ski and Snowboard Reservations
Request a Reservation Here

All Other Equipment Reservations

Request a Reservation Here

Equipment and Pricing


Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
Snowshoe Package
(snowshoes & Poles)
$16.00 $10.00
Youth Snowshoe Package
(snowshoes & Poles)
$10.00 $8.00
Child Snowshoe Package
(snowshoes & Poles)
$10.00 $8.00

Skis & Snowboards

  • Ski and snowboard rentals are condition dependent. We are currently RENTING.
  • Ski and Snowboard rentals take time, please allow upwards of 45 minutes for rentals. We stop ski and snowboard rentals 1 hr prior to closing.
Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
Alpine Ski Package
(skis, boots, poles & helmet)
$30.00 $25.00
Snowboard Package
(board, boots, & helmet)
$30.00 $25.00

Backcountry Touring

Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
Avalanche Safety Package
(Beacon, shovel, probe)
$30.00 $15.00
Avalanche Beacon $20.00 $10.00
Avalanche Probe $7.00 $5.00
Ski Touring Shovel $7.00 $5.00
45L Alpine Backpack (carries skis) $9.00 $5.00

Winter Camping

Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
4-Season Expedition Tent
Ultralight Tarp Tent (2-4 person) $15.00 $12.00
Bivy Sack $7.50 $3.00
20-degree Sleeping Bag (Sizes available: Short, Regular, Long) $9.00 $7.00
Foam Sleeping Pad (Sizes Available: Regular – up to 6ft, Long- up to 6,4) $3.00 $2.50
Inflatable Sleeping Pad (Sizes Available: Regular – up to 6ft, Long- up to 6,4) $10.00 $8.00
Fast Boil Backpacking Stove (Butane Fuel Sold Separately) $7.50 $5.25
Standard Backpacking Stove (Butane Fuel Sold Separately) $7.50 $5.25
lightweight 3-Pot Set $3.00 $2.10
Multi-Day Backpack (Expands from 50L to 75L) $10.00 $8.00


Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
Plastic Mountaineering Boots $17.50 $14.00
Strap Crampon $5.50 $4.40
Semi-Auto Crampon $6.00 $4.80
Standard Ice Axe (55-75cm) $5.00 $4.00
Helmet $3.00 $2.40
4-Season Expedition Tent $25.00 $20.00
Alpine/Day Backpack (Expands to 45L) $9.00 $5.00


Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
Hardtail Mountain Bike
(Frame Size XS, S, M, L, XL)
(Includes: Helmet and Emergency Kit)
$35.00 $24.50
Gravel/Road Touring Bike
(Frame Size 47, 49, 53, 56, 59, 61)
(Includes: Front and Rear Racks, Helmet, and Emergency Kit)
$35.00 $24.50
Panniers (Pair-Front and Rear Available) $10.00 $8.00
  • Please note we stop bike rentals 1 hour before close, please plan your visit accordingly.


Item Standard Price Per Day Student Price Per Day
9′ 5wt Fly Rod and Reel (Leader and Flies not included) $13.00 $7.80
Waders and Wading Boots $20.00 $13.20

Items For Sale

Item Price
Black Diamond Astro Headlamp $19.95
Black Diamond Iota Rechargeable Headlamp $39.95
MSR Butane Canister 4oz. $4.95
MSR Butane Canister 8oz. $7.95

Please, Read Before Renting

Who May Rent?

  • Enrolled Seattle campus students with valid Husky Card. During the summer months, students must be registered for fall classes to receive the student rate.
  • Groups including RSOs, UW Departments, Fraternities, and Sororities will be charged the standard rate.
  • All UW Faculty/Staff are eligible to rent, IMA membership not required. Employment verification may be required at time of pick up, call for more details.
  • Spouses, Alumni, Bothell & Tacoma students must possess an IMA Membership to be eligible.

Reservations & Picking Up Gear

  • All renters must complete a Rental Agreement and Release of Liability Form.
  • Please bring a Husky/IMA Membership Card and a valid photo I.D.
  • A credit card is required for a security/damage deposit.
  • Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and Husky Cards. NO CASH
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for the rental process. Fitting bikes, backpacks, and other items may take up to 60 minutes. Rentals stop 30 minutes before closing.
  • Ask the attendant how to avoid late fees, cleaning charges, and repair fees.
  • Returns are NOT accepted at the IMA membership desk or the WAC boat rental window during summer hours.


  • A request for a reservation can be made through the form below or by phone.
  • Submission of a reservation request form is not a completed reservation. All request forms must be finalized verbally with a Gear Garage Staff person.
  • A credit card is required for the security deposit.
  • Reservations may not be made more than 7-days in advance.
  • Reservations must be picked up no later than 1.5 hours prior to closing.


  • Reservations canceled with less than 2 days notice = 50% refund
  • Reservations that are not picked by 6 pm on the specified day are canceled = 0% refund

Request a Reservation Here

Rental Policies, Fees, & Fines

  • Full payment is due at time of pickup.
  • A credit card security/damage deposit is required to rent equipment.
  • Renters are responsible for all damages, lost/destroyed equipment, and cleaning fees.
  • All equipment must be returned clean and dry. Items in need of cleaning and/or drying are charged a fee of $15.50 per hour.
  • Equipment returned late is charged a flat $25 penalty plus the standard daily rate for each item and day the equipment is overdue.
  • Equipment returned outside hours of operation is subject to a $15 off-hours drop fee.
  • Lost items are charged the replacement cost of the item including tax and shipping.

Off-Hours Appointments

To schedule an appointment, please contact a UWild representative below. Please email at least 7-days prior to the desired pick up date as email response times may take up to 3 days due to our operational hours. Off-hours pick up and drop off is subject to availability and may be requested no later than 7 days in advance. Off-hours pick up is subject to a convenience fee.The Gear Garage – or 206.685.6767