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Ways you can play Intramurals at UW

Team Sports

Open, Rainier, Olympic, Cascade

Individual & Dual

Class A, B, C

Free Agent

Individuals without a team

Summer Quarter registration begins June 17th, 2019

IM Reg

Competitive division information

It is up to the participant to choose the division that best meets their individual needs and skills. Divisions apply to men’s, women’s, co-rec (gender specific rules or player ratio requirements vary by sport), and open (no gender specific rules or player ratio requirements, recreational in nature) competition and will be offered based upon interest. The intramural staff reserves the right to place teams or individuals in the appropriate competitive division. The goal of this system is to have players seek competition at their own ability levels so that players of lesser skill can, and will, participate and enjoy some measure of success. Thus, novice players are welcomed and encouraged to participate in intramural activities. It may be necessary to combine divisions or classes in the case of limited entries.

Team Sports

Open division

In an effort to eliminate barriers and maximize access, inclusion and acceptance, several of our intramural team-based offerings promote open leagues, where there are no gender designations, requirements, or altered playing rules.  Leagues are recreational in nature, and their purpose is to promote friendly competition among all participants; not as a way for gender-designated teams to circumvent more appropriate league competition.

Rainier division

This is a recreational division and applies to all sports. It offers a less competitive environment for teams that desire to participate in a more relaxed atmosphere. Competition is open to undergraduate students only, unless an Olympic Division is not offered.

Olympic division

This is a recreational division and applies to Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball. Competition is open to graduate students and faculty/staff members only. Undergraduate students may be permitted to participate in this division with permission from the Intramural Coordinator.

Cascade division

This division is offered for teams seeking a high level of competition (ex. Former high school varsity athletes) and is offered for most sports. Faculty/staff and graduate students may participate in this division.

Individual & Dual Sports

Class A

For individuals who possess advanced skills (high school varsity), have experience in competitive play or have previously won a Class B tournament.

Class B

For individuals who possess intermediate skills, have some competitive experience or have won a Class C tournament.

Class C

For novices with no tournament experience, or with less than one year playing experience.

Free Agent

Free Agent Program Information

The free agent program assists in helping individuals to become participants on teams. If you have an interest in a particular activity, please sign up while entries are open in your specific sport. Free agents are encouraged to attend the free agent’s meeting as well for their activity. Free agents do NOT need to pay the team fee until after the free agent meetings when you have been placed on a team.

Signing up as a Free Agent

1.     Go to

2.     Register for an account using your UW email.

3.     Find League, Day and Time you want to join.

4.     Click Join as Free Agent.

5.     Accept Waiver.

6.     Post listing.

  •        If a team is interested in picking you up they will invite you to join their team.
  •        You can list yourself in as many leagues as you want but can only join the maximum number of teams per league/division for an individual.

Intramural handbook

Check out the online Intramural Sports Handbook

$40 Intramural sports membership – outdoor sports only (no IMA access)


  • You are a current UW faculty/staff member.
  • You are a UW Seattle summer student not in session (you must have been a full-time student spring quarter).

Not eligible

  • Spouses and plus one’s (full IMA membership required).
  • Bothell, tacoma students (full IMA membership required).
  • On-leave graduate student (full IMA membership available at the faculty/staff rate to those officially on leave status with the university).


Certain affiliates, visiting staff, and other specialty staff and student programs operating on and off Seattle campus may not be eligible.  If you do not see an option to purchase on our registration site, you will have to contact to determine eligibility.

Directions to Purchase

1) Go to
2) Sign in with your UWNetID
3) Click on “memberships”
4) Click on “intramural sports – outdoor participation only”
5) Checkout
6) Once the membership is purchased continue back to
8) Click on “intramurals” and “register” to continue signing up for a team
strong>***If you are having problems purchasing the membership please contact***

Intramural FAQs

How do I register an Intramural Team?

To Register go here and find the sport and time slot you want.  Only the team captain needs to register and pay the team fee by the deadline.

Once paid, you will receive an access code in the confirmation email.  You will need that access code when creating your team on IMLeagues, our team/league management site.  You can view detailed instructions here.

How many Intramural Teams can I be on?

A player may participate on only one team in any of the four divisions (Co-Rec, Men’s, Women’s, or Open) in any activity during a season.

How do I switch to a different league once I have completed payment?

Once you have paid for an intramural time slot you will need to contact the Intramural Manager ( to request a switch.  If the schedules have already been made it is unlikely a switch will be granted.  Please make sure you are signing up for a time slot your entire team can play.

How do I register as a Free Agent?

You can sign up as a Free Agent on our Team Management site  You can view detailed instructions here.

Do I need to pay to be a Free Agent?

You do not need to pay UW Recreation to sign up to be a free agent.  If you are picked up by a team, you may need to give your team your portion of the team fee. Please discuss with your team captain.

Where do I find the answers for the Intramural quizzes?

  • Every team captain that signs up a team will need to pass a captains quiz before you are allowed to check out on IMLeagues.  Answers for these questions can be found in our Intramural Handbook and in the rules for each individual sport.  It is the captain’s responsibility to provide leadership and represent the team with UW Recreation Intramural staff.

How do I complete my roster?

You can add team members once you have paid for a team through the IMLeagues online portal.  Roster changes and additions are permitted at any time before Wednesday at 5 pm the last week of the regular season. All changes to the official roster must be made online on our team management site

How do I find out if Intramural games are canceled due to inclement weather?

You can call the Intramural weather line at 206.616.3306.  If there is no current recording, then there are no cancellations.  Decisions are generally made around 3 pm if the weather has been bad all day, although as weather changes throughout the evening decisions will be made last minute.  Since most of our fields are turf, we do not cancel games due to rain. Considerations are made for lightening, snow, and ice.  If the campus is closed due to inclement weather, UW Recreation (IMA) will not be open, and games will be canceled.  We will make every effort to post this to our social media accounts and on the weather line but please refer to the University’s inclement weather policy in this instance and pay attention to the local news and the UW main webpage for campus closure information.

What is an Intramural Sports Membership?

This membership is created for Summer quarter students and Faculty/Staff that do not want to purchase an IMA Membership but want to participate in outdoor intramurals, without accessing the IMA building.  For more information on eligibility and directions go here.

I have more general questions. Where do I go now?

You can call our office at 206.543.9346 Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or email the Intramurals manager at

Questions About Accessibility?

We encourage you to participate in classes, personal training, intramurals, rec clubs, or UWild Adventures. Please contact the Programs Office, (206) 543-2571 for more information.

The University of Washington makes every effort to honor disability accommodation requests.  Requests can be responded to most effectively if received as far in advance of the event as possible, preferably at least 10 business days.

Request Disability Services Office

To request disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at:

Request Disability Resources for Students

Or the Disability Resources for Students Office at:


UW Recreation does not provide accident/medical coverage for participants. It is recommended that participants obtain their own personal coverage. Students may obtain additional information on student accident/sickness insurance by contacting:

Student Insurance Office
Room 459 Schmitz Hall
(206) 543-6202