Center on Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE)

The DO-IT Center is a partner in the Center on Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE). Funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the University of Washington, the CSNE is a global hub for delivering neural-inspired sensorimotor devices. It uses devices that mine the rich data in neural signals available from implantable, wearable, and interactive interfaces, to build end-to-end integrated systems. Examples include implantable neurochips that can activate paralyzed limbs by electrically stimulating muscles or nerve roots; stationary robots that extract neural signals from a user's touch to provide home-based, post-stroke therapy; neural-controlled adaptive prosthetic limbs that provide sophisticated sensory feedback; and wearable caps that control external exploration devices.

DO-IT's role in the project is to promote the accessible design of project products and materials and the involvement of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of project activities, including research and industry internships, presentations, and product development and feedback.