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Creating communities
that care

Across Seattle, UW School of Social Work students and community leaders are working together to encourage healthy behaviors in young people — and set them up for success.

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A week in the wild

Students and professors from the College of the Environment made a classroom out of one of the world’s most closely monitored ecosystems: Yellowstone National Park.

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The global impact of modern medicine

Augustine Ajuogu grew up in Nigeria, where diseases like malaria took lives in his community. Today, thanks to scholarships from the UW School of Medicine, he’s pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor.

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The Lunch Guy

One tray at a time, a Seattle dad helps erase school lunch debt around the state.

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Be Boundless

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Health and Medicine

Study: Using big data to help fight a deadly cancer

UW researchers — spanning medicine, computer science and engineering, and genome sciences — have built an algorithm to discern which drugs might best combat patients’ individual cases of acute myeloid leukemia.

Health Sciences

The Elwha River in Olympic National Park.

How the Elwha dam removals changed the river’s mouth

Scientists have sifted through eight years of data collected before and after the dam removal projects to analyze the impacts the resulting sediment load has had on the nearshore ecosystems.

UW News

A 7-month-old baby sits in the Magnetoencephalography machine at the UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences.
Social Science

How babies’ brains process touch builds foundations for learning

Through the use of safe, new brain imaging techniques, UW researchers provide one of the first looks inside the infant’s brain to show where the sense of touch is processed.

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Fast Facts

Peace Corps ranking

UW ranked No. 2 in Peace Corps volunteers in 2017.

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