Mary-Claire King Honors and Awards

UW geneticist wins prestigious award for cancer research

Mary-Claire King is a world leader in cancer genetics and was the first to demonstrate that a genetic predisposition for breast cancer exists.

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Architecture College of Built Environments

Architecture at 100

The UW’s internationally known architecture department enters its second century with bold designs on the future.

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Ocean sensors Ocean Research

UW-built sensors to probe Antarctica’s Southern Ocean

Floating sensors built at the UW will be central to a new $21 million effort to learn how the ocean surrounding Antarctica influences climate.

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Fracking study Environment

People near 'fracking' wells report health woes

A UW researcher led a study showing that those living near natural-gas wells were more likely to report upper-respiratory and skin problems.

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Blue whales Environment

California blue whales rebound from overhunting

Their numbers have rebounded to near historical levels and, while the number of blue whales struck by ships is likely above allowable U.S. limits, such strikes do not immediately threaten that recovery.

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