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A Spring Break
of Service

A first-generation student from a migrant farming family, Salvador Gomez is donating his spring break to the Pipeline Project, tutoring and mentoring children in rural Washington whose childhoods remind him of his own.

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A global citizen

Thanks to scholarship support, UW resident adviser Louie Vital is forging her passion for academics, leadership and study abroad — from Spain to the Philippines.

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Taking notes
from nature

A U.S. Air Force–funded center on campus is studying the navigation of winged animals to help build a better aircraft.

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Exploring Earth’s
final frontier

With the ability to explore the deepest reaches of the ocean, the UW’s Deepglider is poised to unlock the secrets of climate change in the briny deep.

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Be Boundless

On Campus

Ana Mari Cauce
Race and Equity Initiative

We the People: Diversity, Equity and Difference at the UW

Interim President Ana Mari Cauce announced a wide-ranging initiative to combat racism and inequity during a campus dialogue with students. Cauce spoke from the heart about racism and what we can do to combat it.


Deep brain stimulation research

Researchers testing advanced pacemaker for the brain

The study uses deep brain stimulation to treat people who have essential tremor, a nervous system disorder that causes a rhythmic shaking in the hands and affects millions worldwide.

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Colorblindness cards
In the News

UW scientists may have cure for colorblindness

University of Washington researchers Jay and Maureen Neitz have partnered with a biotech firm to develop a single shot in the eye that reveals the world in full color.

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Fast Facts

At a glance

The UW has three campuses that offer more than 440 degree options across 280 programs

Academic milestones

87% of 467 patent applications filed by the UW in 2014 were contributed by students262 National Science Foundation fellows in 2014