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Diving deep for surprising discoveries

Some coral reefs thrive at the darkest depths of the ocean. To understand how, Assistant Professor Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino is going beyond where most divers can go.

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Overcoming the odds

While earning her UW Ph.D., Yolanda Valencia researched how recent immigrants to the U.S. thrived here despite the odds — just like she did.

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Creating Communities
that care

As an MSW candidate, Eric Agyemang, ’18, helped teach life skills to middle schoolers in southeast and central Seattle — part of a project driven by leaders from within the community.

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Teaching tomorrow's scientists

Chemistry doctoral candidate Erin Jedlicka takes time out from her research to volunteer in K–12 classrooms across the state, inspiring the scientists of tomorrow.

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The artificial intelligence system outperformed doctors in differentiating ductal carcinoma in situ (pictured) from atypia, one of the more challenging diagnoses in breast cancer cases.Elmore Lab/UCLA
Health and Medicine

AI could yield more accurate breast cancer diagnoses

Researchers at the UW and UCLA have developed an artificial intelligence system that could help pathologists read biopsies more accurately, and lead to better detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

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Nancy Allbritton

Dr. Nancy Allbritton named dean of UW’s College of Engineering

Professor Allbritton is a faculty member, researcher and chair of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.

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us revenue cutter thetis ship in 1903 photo

Arctic sea ice reconstructed with ship logbooks

A new study provides a 110-year record of the total volume of Arctic sea ice, using early U.S. ships’ voyages to verify the earlier part of the record. The longer record puts the recent loss into perspective.

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