Sneakers commemorate Boston bombing Health and Medicine

Study tracks PTSD symptoms after Boston Marathon bombing

Researchers collaborated on a unique opportunity to study whether patterns of brain activity predict teenagers’ response to a terrorist attack.

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State capital money UW and the Community

Public finance primer teaches government officials the basics

Many newly elected or appointed officials know next to nothing about public finance, so the UW's Justin Marlowe wrote a basic guide for them.

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arctic wave sensors Climate Change

Huge waves measured for first time in Arctic Ocean

As the climate warms and sea ice retreats, the North is changing. An ice-covered expanse now has a season of increasingly open water that is predicted to extend across the whole Arctic Ocean before the middle of this century.

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Sean Sullivan Pharmacy

Sean D. Sullivan named dean of UW School of Pharmacy

“Dr. Sullivan occupies a very prominent position nationally and internationally in pharmacy practice and education,” said Provost Ana Mari Cauce.

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Reid Dale Arts & Sciences

Brilliant at any age

Reid Dale is not one to shy away from a challenge. Soon after arriving at the UW at age 15, he thrived in graduate-level courses in math and philosophy.