Resources on Accessible Web Design

DO-IT staff includes internationally recognized leaders in the field of web accessibility, and various DO-IT projects have worked to improve the accessibility of the web for individuals with disabilities. Through this work, DO-IT has created a variety of resources that serve aswww good starting points for anyone interested in learning more about web accessibility. This page includes links to a few of these resources.

Instructional Videos

The video that appears on this page is one of more than 40 videos that have been produced by DO-IT. The video featured on this page focuses specifically on how to make web pages accessible to people with disabilities. For additional information on this video, or to stream or download it in a variety of formats, see the World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design page on the DO-IT Video Search site.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

The DO-IT Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles, case studies, and promising practices regarding accessibility of technology, college, graduate school, and careers for individuals with disabilities. The following Knowledge Base articles are good starting points that specifically address web accessibility issues:

Accessibility Content in Web Design Curricula

The Universal Design as a Topic of Instruction web page provides links to high school web design curricula that emphasizes standards-based and accessible design and suggestions for including accessible design within other mainstream web design courses.

Web Accessibility Resources

The UW Information Technology Accessibility website provides extensive information, including resources that support development of accessible web and multimedia content and applications.