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Proof of Finances

U.S. immigration law requires that international students show proof of finances for the duration of their exchange program before the UW may issue immigration documents. As an exchange student, your tuition is waived, but you’ll need to show proof of non-tuition related expenses

When you request your DS-2019 through MyISSS, you’ll need to submit one or more of the following: official bank letter, copy of a bank statement, scholarship letter, or letter of familial support that shows proof of finances equivalent to the appropriate amount listed below. 

The document must be in English but can use either local currency or U.S. dollars. The verification must be funds you have immediate access to (liquid funds) and cannot be future earning statements, investments, stocks, or other funding that is locked in for a period of time. If you will have multiple funding sources, you will need to show proof of funding for each one reported. 

Total funding amount required for both undergraduate and graduate exchange students according to exchange duration for the 2023-2024 academic year*: 

  • One quarter (3 months): $7,849 
  • Two quarters (6 months): $15,698
  • Academic year (9 months): $23,547

Visit the website below for the breakdown of the non-tuition related fees. 

*Please note that amounts listed include the mandatory UPass fee and ISHIP Insurance. ISHIP rates are based on 22-23 rates.