Student Stories: Neurodiverse Learners and STEM Education

This website features stories from students who identify as “neurodiverse” and are pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and careers. We hope you enjoy learning about these students and their experiences, and in the process learn more about promoting the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in STEM careers.

“The thing I appreciate most about my own thinking is the creativity involved. There’s this web of connection in my brain, and I think that leads to novel ways of putting things together.” - Anjelika, student

  • Alexis, who is pursuing animation at a technical institute, shares her thoughts on the intersection of art and STEM.
  • Amanda talks about computer science and the experience of blindness in addition to her identity as a neurodiverse learner.
  • Anjelika was the first person in her family to go to college in the United States. She believes diversity among information technology professionals leads to better products for everyone.
  • Benjamin shares thoughts on navigating standardized testing, asking for what is needed, and how big wins in research can make the setbacks worthwhile.
  • Brianna shares her love of research, and how she’s using it to help meet the needs of groups who are traditionally under-served or misunderstood.
  • Dan explains the danger of getting caught up in first impressions. He goes on to share how the field of computing can help bring his ideas to life.
  • Matthew, who has dyslexia, was told by a teacher that he would never be able to read or write. He learned that he likes proving people wrong and has excelled in his pursuits.
  • Nicole asked herself one day, “What if I could start building things and making it possible for other people to have more access?”
  • Tiara, who is pursuing neuroscience and public health, reflects on navigating the public school system as a “twice exceptional” student.

This collection was edited by Scott Bellman and Ben Raker. Copyright 2023.