Rights and Responsibilities

Some postsecondary institutions, including their online learning programs, have faced legal action in the form of resolutions or lawsuits related to the accessibility of their IT to students with disabilities. The following pages were developed in order to organize this information so that institutions might learn from it and apply it to our own accessibility efforts.

  • Who's Responsible for Accessibility of Online Courses?
    While the institution sponsoring a course is responsible for making it accessible to students with disabilities, this source describes the responsibilities of the instructor, the distance learning program, and disability services in making a course accessible.
  • Resolution Agreements and Lawsuits
    Review a comprehensive summary of legal cases related to technology accessibility, especially in higher education.
  • Legal Cases by Issue
    See a list of key issues that have surfaced in legal resolution agreements involving higher education institutions and technology accessibility.
  • Other Legal Resources
    Explore resources to help educators more fully understand their rights and responsibilities as well as those of students with disabilities.